Sunday, September 10, 2017

Elks Lodge #849, Provo, UT - September 10, 2017

While we were at this place, we took the opportunity to scope out where we could gas the RV up and where we could dump our tanks. Just down the street a couple of miles was a Sam's Club. We saw that we could get in and out pretty easily and that they were the cheapest in town, $2.60 a gallon. We also found a city park, the South Tourist Park, that had a free sewer dump station. It was 8:30 when we lifted jacks and pulled out. We gassed up and dumped tanks and jumped on Interstate 15 South.
We watched the landscape change as we headed south through Idaho,

and into Utah.

It was getting hot out as we cruised through Salt Lake City.

The Elks Lodge in Provo that we are headed towards is first-come-first-served and we are really looking forward to some air conditioning.

We pulled into the Elks at 1:30 PM.

they have 5 RV spots with full hook ups ......and they were all taken!

We were a little bummed. It was 97 degrees out and we had just driven 258 miles. Oh well, we are here.
I parked in the overflow section and went in to pay and see if one of the 5 might be leaving soon.

It was $5.00 a night to boondock. I paid for 4 nights. The bartender who was on duty and signed us in, couldn't tell us if any of the rigs were scheduled to leave anytime soon. So we just got setup, turned on the generator, and our 2 air conditoners. We will make this work.

Turns out that it started clouding up. There was a thunderstorm brewing. We only had the generator running about 30 minutes, and it was cool enough to shut everything off. Then the thunder & lightning and rain started. It cooled right down. I checked our indoor/outdoor thermometer and if had dropped to 77 degrees. Cool!

The next morning, I watched to see if anybody was starting to pack up, Nope... Another day of boondocking. Thankfully, the weather was only going to be around 82 today. We really just kicked back all day. A hull hookup spot is $20.00 and boondocking is $5.00. Looks like we will save a few bucks here.

We have been having a little trouble with one of the windows in our bedroom. It is the 'emergency exit' window. All of the windows in our rig all slide sideways to open, and this one has a knob that you turn to crank the window open. The problem we were having is that it wouldn't completely close. There was a little gap at the bottom, like the glass had slipped a bit. Well.... we don't have a problem with it anymore....or a window. It's gone! (sound familiar, Jim & Barb?)

We discovered this at night when we went to close it. I was thinking it must have fell out while we were driving here. The next morning, I found it. Apparently, it just decided to drop out right on the ground while we were parked here. Did it break? Only into a gazillion pieces.

The next morning, while watching the Florida hurricane news on TV, I heard a RV start up. Wahoo! Time to pack it up and move to a FHU spot. It turns out that out of the 5 RV's here, 4 left that morning.

We now have a nice 50 amp, water and sewer.

We turned on the Ac, and Donna started a load of laundry, and I took off on a walk. It wasn't long that I got a message from Donna...'We have a leak".

I boogied back to see a lake had appeared under our rig. It seems that our white water hose had burst.

That's ok. It was over 5 years old, and I carry 3 of them. Better to have a burst outside the rig than have it happen to the pipes inside. I had our water pressure regulator hooked up on the RV side of the hose and so our water filter and all of the white hose was subjected to the high pressure at the spicket. Lesson learned, the regulator will always go on the spicket from now on.

Two more days here, then continue south to Moab. Can't wait to explore the National Parks.

Watching the Seahawks vs Packers game right now.

Go Hawks!!


Fergs .... out!

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