Monday, December 18, 2017

Somerton Tamale Festival and Our New Home Base, Yuma, AZ - December 18, 2017

Bev headed back to Washington early, so Tim and us went to the Tamale Festival in nearby Somerton. The event is every year and it is a good place to sample all the varieties of tamales. There were 2 music stages set up, lots of craft vendors, and 44 tamale booths.

We sampled the beef, pork, and chicken tamales. They were pretty good too.
We watched the tamale eating contest. There were 7 participants who were to try and eat as many tamales as they could in 3 minutes.

The winner ate 10 of them.

On December 8, we recieved permission to park our RV on the property. Which we did, and also switched the power and water into our name. we were to close on the place sometime on or before the 12th. The place was fully furnished, except for most of the living room furniture and a TV. We ordered 2 chairs and a couch and the sellers also let us put those in the house early.

Then we just waited for the closing to happen. On the 11th, we were called in to sign a million papers and we officially closed the deal on the 12th.

We now own a winter home base in Yuma!

We then bought a nice TV cabinate with a built in fireplace. Then a nice 55 inch Samsung UHD TV, with sound bar to put on it.

Our place came with a ton of nice things in it. A fairly new washer & dryer, a great bed, lots of end tables, lamps, and tools. In the kitchen was nice pots & pans, loads of dishes and silverware. Everything you could think of.

The first thing we did was to primer and paint the living room and hallway. We will finish the rest after the holidays. While I set up the TV, Donna put the Christmas tree up and decorated the house.

And now for the pictures:

Our property is fenced with Mexican brick and black iron gates.

RV parking with 50 amp FHU

front yard (no grass to mow!)

front door, sitting area, and our plam tree.

this is my shop

it was full of tools and stuff

this has a toilet in the closet, a bbq, and kitchen sink

this is the storage building with lots of insulation, a full size refrigerator, a chest deep freezer, and an air conditioner. Lots of extra chairs and cushions too.

our RV hookups

back door and patio area

Now for the inside:
living room


an extra bedroom


and a big shower, something we have not had in over 4 years

our bedroom, with the washer & dryer in the hallway

We have only been in it for a few days, but it is shaping up nicely.

Merry Christmas from the Fergs!

We will be heading out to Quartzsite around January 11 for a few weeks.

Fergs .... out!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Winter Homebase in our Future? Yuma, AZ - December 7, 2017

Time for an update. It is hard to believe that a month has passed since I posted last. We are still moochdocking at Tim & Bev's house in the Yuma Foothills. Boy, do we appreiciate their hospitality!

We have been helping them on their home improvements. From re-doing the Arizona room, to painting the whole house and cassita.

It really isn't work though, it is fun to help out and it passes time (till we get a house?).

Thankgiving came and went. We drove out to Tacna, where my sister works at Copper Mountain RV Park, and visited with them. Then we had Thanksgiving here at Tim & Bev's. They invited a few others and we really pigged out. We have had many blessings this year and have much to be thankful for.

The pics.

I heard about the Pecan Cheesecake that Linda Payne, from had made. So I tries to do one in my Instant Pot too. It didn't look as pretty ... but was pretty tasty!

We have been walking a lot these days. This is my latest hike up towards Telegraph Pass. I love the desert.

Finally got our health insurance for next year figured out. I signed up for the AARP United Healthcare Medicare Supplement insurance, with a prescription plan through Humana. I think that is a good choice for me. For Donna, we signed up for a catastrophic cost sharing, faith based plan through Aliera Healthcare. We will pay out of pocket for doctor visits and prescriptions. At least she is covered if something big happens. We couldn't go through 'Obamacare' this year. We won't qualify for any healthcare government subsidy this year due to an up coming IRA distribution (for a house?). Through, the cheapest insurance for her would be $1200.00 a month, and only good in Texas. Health insurance sucks!

Oh, and we found a house to buy. It is also in the Yuma Foothills. It is a fenced area with a 14 x 65 mobilehome, 3 outbuildings, with RV parking with hookups. Pretty cool. We made an offer and it looks like it may close on Dcember 12th. Now we will have a nice place to stay each winter. Looking forward to living in a little bigger place, even if it is for just 4 months of the year. We haven't had a 'sticks & bricks' since July 2012. Pictures coming in next post.

Fergs .... out!