Saturday, June 4, 2016

Workamping at Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - June 4, 2016

Time for an update, even though there is not much to tell. We both are working at this Thousand Trails resort, and made it through Memorial Day weekend. It was pretty crazy but no real problems.

This park is right on the Columbia River and is a hot spot for 'parties on the river'.

The place was full, lots of RVs and tenters. There were many ski boats, party barges, personal water crafts, and people enjoying the sun. We worked all weekend and Donna even got involved in some activities.

Here are some pictures of our park.

Here is one of the 13 Annual sites we have rented here.

Boats and tents everywhere.

Our Clubouse.

The Columbia River.

A marshmallow roasting campfire.

Lou & Tim.

Kay, Bev, and Donna.

A potluck.

The staff.




Karen and Cliff.


I am still tearing our old carpet out of the rig. Just a little around the driver's seat and the bedroom to do. Man! There sure are a lot of staples. We'll be glad when the project is complete.

Rumble Bunny checking out the slide floor.

It is getting there.

We made our shortest move ever. We moved from space #2, clear over to space #1. All of 25 feet.

We have better shade and now the sprinklers won't water down the side of my rig. The water is so hard, there are ugly water spots along one side on our rig. I'll be cleaning with vinagar or other solvent, then waxing.