Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas from Vegas! - December 18 - 27, 2016

On the 18th, we said our goodbyes to Karen & Cliff, and paid our electric bill. $72.24 for the 26 days we were there. Not too bad considering we were using electric space heaters because of the cold nights.

We headed north to Quartzsite and filled the RV tanks with fuel and propane. We were going to spend the night there, but we shook the jello and just stopped at Hi Jolly BLM land, north of Q, and unhooked the Jeep. We headed into Blythe and dropped off Christmas gifts for Donna's 2 grandkids, Brock & Mia.

We got back to the RV and re-connected the Jeep. Then we were off to the Avi Casino in Laughlin, NV.

There were many RVs there, more than we have seen there before. We did 2 nights there and were glad we didn't stop for the night in Q. The wind howled all the next day.

Then the next day, the 20th, we continued north and checked into the Thousand Trails in Las Vegas.

They really pack them in here, but you know what they say ... location, location, location. And our daughter Kim was flying in to spend Christmas and New Years with us. We will be here 2 weeks.

On the 22nd, we picked up Kim at McCarran airport. Then back home, we decorated the RV for Christmas.

This is the latest we have decorated, but they did a good job, and we are ready!

We have been quite busy here in Vegas. We went to Sam's Town Casino. It was close to us and they had a really nice Christmas display and water/light show.

We donated a little $$$ to the casino via the slots. And on Christmas day, we all went to the buffet there. Kim left there with an additional $100.00. Merry Christmas Kim!

We spent some time down on the strip. Pretty cool Christmas display at the Bellagio, and the fountain show. We wandered through Ceasar's Palace and watched the free show there too.

We cruised the strip and headed downtown to the Fremont area. Lots going on here.

They had a good sized tree.

A busy place. Even people zip lining along the ceiling.

Two bands playing there, including Elvis!

Kim getting her giant 'Vegas' drink.

We had some visitors while here. Nancy & Steve came to visit us. They were visiting some relatives in town. We all went out to eat at The Omelet Shop, a 50's Diner. Just a small little place to eat, but it was great. Good food, prices, atmosphere, and service.

One day we took a road trip. We drove around Lake Mead, through Boulder City, and south to Laughlin. We stopped in the Colorado Belle at Pints Brewery for a drink.

After cruising through Laughlin, we headed to Oatman.

Route 66!

And burros!!

We grabbed a bite to eat at In-N-Out and headed home. A fun and long day.

Still much to do and see before the New Years crazy weekend. Kim leaves the 2nd, we head to Q on the 3rd.

Stay tuned ....

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Finishing Our Time in Tacna, AZ - December 17, 2016

Tomorrow is moving day. We will be heading north toward Las Vegas for Christmas. We will have spent 26 days here at the Copper Mountain RV Park in Tacna, AZ. It has been a good stay. Spent lots of time with my sister, checking out the Yuma area, and getting our Christmas shopping done and in the mail.

This last week, I hiked up Telegraph Pass. This hike was a little over 4 miles with an almost 1300 feet of elevation gain, all in the last half mile. Man! It was steep!

The destination in the distance.

It started off up a rocky valley.

A ... what chu mu call it.

Lots of trails to explore.

Just about to start the steep part. Anyone need to lighten their load?

This is a concrete type road for the service vehicles.

Up, up, up.

This was one steep road!

Yuma, way down there.

Great views at the top.

And lots of cell towers.

A box with a log book inside.

A selfie, with the 'I Made It!' book.

What a climb.

Pretty neat up here. I used to do the service work on this stuff.

Heading down. Looking back at the peak.

On another day, Donna and I explored the old historic part of Yuma, old town.

Besides the quaint little shops, I was surprised to see so many pubs.

It was a kinda neat place to visit.

On the 16th of December, we finished a thing that we had started back on January 1st. We finished reading all the way through the Bible together. This most popular book through-out the ages, that everyone is familiar with, how many people have read it's entirety? I think this is my 6th time through. I had a late start in the faith. We have a copy of the audio Bible on a couple of DVDs and play it as we follow along, stopping whenever we want to discuss something. We tried to read 6 chapters a day, but couldn't really stick to that. But, we finished! A good feeling.

Time to pack it all up and prepare to move along.

I guess I had better wake up the cats.....

Merry Christmas!