Saturday, February 23, 2013

Two Digit Midgets

Today we have only 99 days till I retire from Frontier Communications. Just like when I was in the Army, we are Short Timers.
It sure is a great feeling to get to this step in our lives. Not only is retirement going to be great, but the full timing lifestyle we will be living....awesome!

Our plan is; I will retire June 3rd. Then we will head over to Cheney, WA where we will attend our daughter Kim's graduation from Eastern Washington University on June 15th. Then we will help with the apricot harvest in our good friends orchard in East Wenatchee during July. After the harvest, Bruce and Carol will take off to Alaska in their motorhome and we will again house-sit for them till they return. They will return home just before Labor Day. Then, we head out. Heading south and ending up in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas for the winter. Woot Woot.

Another thing that just happened a few weeks ago, I have been approved for Social Security Disability.

Pretty cool huh? That starts June 10th. I am still working at the present time even though I can only lift up to 35 pounds and no more ladder work. I can do 'light duty' for 99 more days. This shouldn't affect our RV lives too much. This is the hand the Good Lord has dealt us, and it's all good!

In the mean time, here is a few photos of what I do at work. I install this equipment at various Central Office switching Centers. From the bays and all the iron work....

Fiber Transport systems.

Notice how we 'sew' all the wiring .

And there is lots of wiring.

Big batteries, big wire. Much-o amps.

Since I am 'light duty', I get to clean up the shop.

And it really needs it.

But, I got time.....99 days!