Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tulalip Casino to La Conner, WA - June 17 - June 24, 2015

We were boondocking at the Tulalip Casino for 5 nights. During the Fathers Day weekend, Tim & Shannon went up to Whistler, BC. Tim competed in the Tough Mudder with his Marine buddies while Donna and I watched our Grandsons, Romam & Ryker.

Donna crocheted lots of things for the kids. She has now made a big bunny, 2 dragons, a monster, kitty cat, rocket ship, gnome, a car, truck and plane, She is having a good time.
Here is her Hello Kitty.

On Monday the 22nd, we lifted jacks and headed a little North to the La Conner area.
As we entered the La Conner area, we missed a turn and entered the little touristy town of La Conner. Yes....little! And narrow!
I saw this sign and thought it must point to RV and bus parking.

As I turned the corner, the road got tight and I saw this sign.

I guess big rigs shouldn't be on this street. Crap!!

I immediately saw an opportunity to get turned around in a little parking lot. Yep, I turned around in there...barely!

We made it out of a messy situation.

We back-tracked and got on the right street that bypassed the downtown area and found the park.

The place was pretty wooded.

We found a nice space in the loop that had full hookups.

It is a beautiful place, but very poor Verizon cell service and internet.

The next day, I thought I was feeling a cold coming on. We'll se... Later, we drove around the area. We headed to Anacortes. Down by the docks, we found a ship yard where big ships get dry docked and worked on. I thought this was pretty cool.

We traveled through the historic district with all the touristy shops, to a park. From the Cap Sante Lookout,

we took some pics of the beautiful views of Anacortes and the San Juan Islands.

We then headed over the Deception Pass bridge.

And on to Deception Pass State Park.

We had stayed there in a tent many, many years ago. It was fun to see the area again.

On the way back to the RV park, we went back through La Conner. It was less stressful without the RV. Classic cars were gathering at Nasty Jacks Antique shop.

Pretty neat little town. We ended up at the La Conner Brewery for lunch.

Yep, I have a cold. It is amazing how we take for granted our health when we are not sick. I hope this passes fast. I the mean time, Nyquil, Mucinex, and lots of liquid and rest.
I think I'll take a nap now.....:(

Thursday, June 18, 2015

We Be Towing! - June 16 - June 18, 2015

First thing in the morning, we headed to Fred Meyer to gas up both rigs. I paid $2.89 a gallon. The motorhome is getting 7.xx mpg while the Jeep is at 22mpg.

Then we arrived at A's RV in East Wenatchee. These folks come highly recommended, are a great christian family, and are distantly related through my Uncle Dale Ferry.

It was going to be another hot one, so we arrived around 10 AM for what I thought was an hour and a half job. They were going to install the wiring in the Jeep so the lights and signals will work when towing. On the 23rd, we would come back to have the tow plate installed.

We sat in the RV, in the parking lot waiting.

They wanted the RV there so they could test the lights. We had to fire up the generator and AC a couple of times because it got up to 90 degrees inside the rig. I went in to inquire about the status just after lunch.

They were in the middle of it. The tow plate came in so they were doing all the work. OK, I don't mind waiting now. We will be towing today.

They finished just after 5 PM. They took the time to show me how to hook up my Roadmaster towbar, and made sure everything worked as it should.

We be towing!

Our first tow, we headed 50 miles west, through Leavenworth, to the Thousand Trails park there. Everything towed great. Just the day before, I pulled into a (closed) weigh station and weighed the rigs. The motorhome weighed in at 21,600 pounds and the Jeep is at 4,260. I am legal!

We did a couple of days in the cooler wooded TT park.

Wednesday morning, we moved out and made the trip on Highway 2 over Stevens Pass. At just over 4,000 feet in elevation, it was a good test to see how the motorhome reacts to pulling an extra 4K up hills.
You could tell there was more weight there, but really wasn't bad at all. I also liked the way that the Jeep's odometer doesn't record miles while being towed.

Our destination was the good ole Tulalip Casino. This is our quick, easy and free place to stay for just a few days while in this area. And, fellow RV Dreamers Ruth and Dale were here.

We parked right across from them.

It was good to catch up with our friends.

We all went out to Applebees for dinner.

They left first thing Thursday morning to set up for the Edmonds Art & Craft Fair where Dale gets to show and sell his wares. He is an artist who creates wonderful jewelry. (

Life is good!