Sunday, July 28, 2013

Walking, Watching, and Waiting

While staying here at Crescent Bar, Donna and I have settled into an exercise routine. We get out early (kinda) in the morning and go for a walk together. The temps here have gotten into the high 90s during the day, and only down to 70 or so at night. We get out around 7:30 am and begin our walk.

There is a pretty good hill from the campground here by the Columbia River, and it goes 2 miles up the winding road to meet up with Highway 28. It is a good uphill walk.

We take water to drink and a spray bottle to cool us off. Temps are close to 80 when we start, with no shade. There are quite a few walkers and runners we meet on our outing.

 Nice view along the way too. At times we can see an elk herd down by the river on the other side.

We also got to watch our Grandson Rome while his Dad, Tim, had foot surgery. Rome got to spend a couple of nights in 'Papa's RV'. We had a great time.

Ipad puzzle master!

We walked down the road to the beach and Rome got to play in the sand.

He also helped clean up the beach by getting rid of a lot of big rocks.

And right across from the beach was a big playground.

Time to play!

It was hot out and they had a gi-normus sprinkler going. Man, could that thing put out the water.

We got cooled off real good.

A nice cool fun day in the park.

We then drove up to the top of Stevens Pass on Highway 2, to meet Tim and Shannon. There is a large ski area there and a mountain bike park as well as sight-seeing rides up the chair lifts. We watched them while waiting for Mom & Dad to arrive.

A beautiful day in the mountains. Pretty cool too.

Here is Rome doing some 'weed control'.

Mom & Dad arrived and Rome told them about his adventures with us in 'Papa's RV'.

And we have now moved back to East Wenatchee to house sit for our friends Bruce & Carol while they take their motorhome on a trip to Alaska. We are watching their house and I take care of their apricot orchard (watering and mowing) till they return in early September.

We have the rig shoe-horned in their RV garage.

We have a few things to take care of around here, then when they return.....we are free to take off!

Walking, Watching, and Waiting.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My 'Stash' and Power Issues

We are here at Crescent Bar in site 23.

It's been pretty hot here. All week in the mid to upper 90s. A good test for our refrigerator. We have a 30 amp site and are using the handy dandy 50 to 30 amp pigtail adapter. We also have a Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C 50 Amp Surge Protector w/ Voltage Protection & Remote Display.

We had this one on our Cameo 5'er also. Well, it saved the day again. It must have been a loose connection at the power ped or something. Our EMS showed we had 107-114 volts ever since we have been here. The most we have used at one time was 27 amps. We only run the living room AC and if we use the microwave, we switch the AC to Fan only. Our EMS shut power off to the rig because the voltage dropped to 102 volts. When it came back on, during the 'power wait timeout', the voltage was moving between 105 and 103 with nothing on yet. As soon as the 2 1/2 minute delay passed and power came back on, it tripped off again. We were using only 4 amps at that time (the charger, etc). We approached the Manager and requested to move to a new site. There was 1 50 amp site left. He was kinda rude and (of course) said no one else has problems, it must be our rig.

I don't think so...

We did move into the available 50 amp site. Even if it is next to the dumpster!

Now all is good. We have the living room AC on and Donna is washing clothes. L1 is 114 volts at 14 amps, L2 is 120 volts at 5 amps. Cool, Cool, Cool.

We also got a call from our good friends Bruce and Carol. They plan on heading to Alaska in their MH probably this coming Thursday. Then we will move over to their house and do some house-sitting and I'll water and mow the apricot orchard till they return. They expect to get back around the first week in September. Then we will take off . Freedom is on the horizon!!

Another big event that I got accomplished, was a bit of a haircut.  Actually quite a bit.



Now I can eat ice cream without looking like a goofball!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cots Are Done, Crescent Bar, Sailing.

We finished the apricot harvest season on Wednesday. The trees are empty and the fruit is packed and at the warehouse. It was hard work, but we are happy that we were able to help our friends with their harvest. Here is the packed fruit in the cold storage.

We moved from our moochdocking spot back out to Crescent Bar RV Resort. Thanks to Erik and Jeanette for having us at their house. A short 22 milr drive and we are set up at the Thousand Trails preserve at Crescent Bar near Quincy, WA.

Friday, Donna and I decided to try out our Sea Eagle SE 370 Sport kayak along the cliffs at the Crescent Bar inlet on the Columbia River. We have never even had it inflated as of now.

I think we cross-threaded one of the valves on the side of the rig and had a slow leak. But I wanted to try it out anyway. We quickly got it in the water and paddled around a bit. We had a great time (even though Donna fell in while trying to get in). With a leaking side, the stability was a bit shaky, but we did cruise along the shore line foe a while.

We decided to get one of these after following Howard and Linda's blog at We got the boat out and cleaned up and can't wait till we have time to do it again.

Here is my wet wife.

And me.

I fixed the cross-thread problem and am ready to go paddling again..

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Apricots and Rome.

Here we are in the 9th day of the grand Apricot harvest. We get up around 5 AM (OMG) and are at the orchard around 6 to 7 AM. Some days we pick, then pack, some days we just pick or pack. The weather is smoking hot and so any cots left that we didn't get packed, gets taken to one of the local packing sheds and put in cold storage.

Here is Donna cleaning a tree off.

We did take Friday and Saturday off and drove to Bothell. It was Tim and Shannon's 5th wedding anniversary. Donna and I spent the night at their house while they went out for an evening.

We got to watch and play with our grandson Rome. He is 2 and a half now and is quite fun.

Here is Donna and Rome playing with Lincoln Logs.

We watched lots of movies. Bubble Guppies Rule!!

Rome and I went out and played in the back yard and had a blast. Rome wanted to get me with the hose and I captured this killer photo.

It's a water snake!

Is that cool or what?

We did enjoy some 'us' time too.

Then back to work bright and early Sunday morning.