Monday, February 23, 2015

Organ Pipe National Monument - Febuary 18 - 23, 2015

We met up with the Escapees Christian Fellowship group in the group RV parking area just down from the road from the Visitor Center.

The Organ Pipe NM is a magical place. Just plain beautiful.

There are a total of 14 rigs here with the group. We are really parked close in here. But we are all good friends so no biggie.

Yup, squeezed right in.

We got all set up for our 5 days here.

Then the good times started!

We had early (7:15 AM) hikes in the mornings. Devotionals at 9:30. And I think we had potlucks every evening. We had movie nights, campfire (in a can), and just an incredible time.

Now for the pictures of the desert beauty.

That's our RVs down there!

Finally it was moving day. We will meet up with them again at Kartchner Caverns. We have a Good Sam rally to do first.

108 miles later, we were parked in the Buckeye Hills Rec Area.

This will do fine till tomorrow.

Mister Long Legs...signing off.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Goodbye Quartzsite - Febuary 18, 2015

Our friends Dave & Dee, from Washington, are in Arizona for the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix in a few days. They stopped by and decided to park beside us here at La Posa South.

That night, Red & Pam invited us over for one more happy hour at their place. We brought Dave & Dee with us. The other RV Dreamers were there.

One more get together.

Sue, Les, & Steve

Pam, Dianne, Sue, & Les

Dave, Red, Pam, & Dianne

Dianne, Sue, Les, & Steve

Dee & Donna

All of us

Dianne, Sue, Les, & Steve


Dave & Red

And our last sunset in the Quartzsite desert.

Then Wednesday morning, Dave & Dee packed up and headed out. We will see them at the Good Sam Rally soon.

We packed up and hit the dump station and headed out too. An easy 215 miles, and we pulled into the group camping area at the Organ Pipe National Monument.

We are meeting up with the SKP Christian Fellowship BOF group to take part in a Rolling Rally. The group will enjoy some fellowship together here at Organ Pipe NM and then spend a week in Stanfield to do some work projects at a church there. Then off to Kartchner Caverns for some more fellowship and fun. Then together we will all caravan on to the Escapade in Tucson.

We will miss the middle week with them and go to the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix.

The next blog entry will be about the 5 days in the Organ Pipe National Monument.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Few More Days at Quartzsite, AZ - Febuary 15, 2015

We went back out geocaching a couple of more times. We now have 106 finds! Donna was the lucky one. She found the 100th one. It was close though. She spotted it a second before I did.

Here is one of the neat Saguaro Cacti.

And here is one of the dead giants.

What a shame. This must have been one old fellow. They say that a Saguaro doesn't grow an arm until it is at least 75 years old. The circle of life here in the desert.

On the way back to La Posa South, I drove just past our parking spot and entered the 'Golden Circle' area.

It is a clothing optional area for RVers to park. Lots of signage ... so folks won't freak out too much if they catch one out and about.

On one day, we had a visit from our good friends we met at the Christian Fellowship rally last month. We sat around with Mark and Terry and enjoyed the day.

On Saturday, we drove to Parker to get our mail, and decided to head on up the road to visit the Desert Bar. This place is famous for being a solar powered bar in the middle of the desert. They are only open weekends. They always have a live band playing there too.

On this day, there was some sort of event going on. The place was packed. There were lots of bicycles there and I guess this was the finish line for some race or rally. Cyclists and runners were everywhere. And they were giving out prizes for all the contestants and winners.

It was a happening place to be sure.

Four and a half miles in on a bumpy dirt road.

Look at all the solar panels on the roof.

It's us!

What a neat place!

And, of course, another gorgeous sunset here in the desert.

Only a few more days here, and then we are off again.