Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We were invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with Donna's brother's family. Donna made a couple of pumpkin pies and we went over to Gene & Cyndi's house just 1 mile away from our RV park. Cyndi's brother, Mitch, and his son Josh were visiting as well.

Gene and Cyndi have full timed for 14 years and have finally settled down in Fort Mohave, AZ. They bought a nice place.

Here is Donna in her 'chair'.

Here is Cyndi and Josh.

And, of course, I had to get into the picture.

Gene and Mitch slaved in the kitchen. They made a great Thanksgiving dinner.

We all ate too much of course...

And later, Gene and Cyndi got to put up their Christmas tree. First tree in a 'sticks & bricks' home in quit a while.

A wonderful first Thanksgiving for us since we have started full timing.

We have much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our New Social Cards And A Patio Sale

After trying to make some social cards (personal buisness cards) on our printer, I gave up and made then online at It went pretty smooth and I was able to pick them up at the local Staples in Bullhead City the next day. Not bad.

We like them. Reasonably priced too.

Donna likes to sew, knit, and crochet. She had made lots of aprons, purses, pot holders, place mats, shawls, booties, mittens, and who knows what else. She just finished baby blankets, hats, and a sock monkey for our grandsons.

Here at the RAT (Riverside Adventure Trails RV Park), one of the social events they put on is a craft and patio sale. There is lots of activities that go on here, but this one is one that Donna can do pretty easily at our site, and stay in her wheel chair. I helped her set her goodies out.

All set up and ready to go.

She is in her element now.

She likes to show off her 'goods'.

Lots of purses to choose from.

She used our laundry tree to show off all her aprons and ... more purses.

Ready and waiting for the shoppers and browsers.

We had lots of people come by and look. Lots of sewing talk. She sold a bunch of stuff too. The cool part of all this, is that we met so many people here. This place has 250 spaces and many of the snowbirds are here. This activity was a good way to socialize and connect with other RVers.

We heard (and told) lots of 'broken leg' stories.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Enjoying Some Down Time

Donna is doing quite a bit of crocheting lately. She is making some goodies for our new grandson Ryker. I'll post some pictures next time.

It has been 1 week in the new purple cast. We visit the doctor on Dec 2nd again. Hopefully, the cast can come off and we can start some good physical therapy...slowly.

I have been planning some future trips. We want to try the boondocking thing at Quartzite. We belong to 2 BOFs through Escapees. A BOF is a group of like minded members who share outings together and such. The groups we belong to is the Christian Fellowship BOF and the Boomers BOF. Both groups have boondocking outings planned in Q around the 'big event'. We may be boondocking the entire month of January!

We plan on heading North, starting in February, and be back in Washington state by the end of April. We are planning to attend a couple of Washington State Good Sam outings, and visit friends and family. AND our planned wedding May 24th in East Wenatchee, WA. Then we are heading to Niagara Falls! Cool! Cool!

Since we have gotten a wheel chair for Donna, we have only left the RV to go to church services and visit Gene & Cyndi & friends, and maybe Wal-Mart a couple of times. We spend most time on our patio enjoying the good weather.

Have you ever had some 'Hitch Itch' that was un-scratchable?

Killing time....Enjoying each other.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I guess we are snowbirds. We will be here till mid January. Then we will go experience Quartzite and start our trip back up to Washington. Our neighbors on one side are here till March. On the other side, they are here till April. We sure have met some neat people here.

We should have been on a flight back to Washington last Monday. We were flying back to be there for the birth of our Grandson Ryker. On that very day, Shannon's water broke and she gave birth to a most beautiful little guy.

Welcome Ryker Nash Ferguson to the world.

Here is my son's wife Shannon, and our other grandson Roman, with Ryker.

Is this a happy family or what!

 We really wanted to be there. But we are there in spirit.

Donna got her temp splint off and a permanent cast put on yesterday. She had 7 staples in one side and 13 in the other side. Wasn't fun having them removed, but we made it. She now has a purple cast.

I took some pictures of her foot/leg when they had the temp splint cast off. It kinda reminded me of Darth Vader's head when they took off his helmet.

If you really want to see the 'gross pictures' of her foot, go here -

Here is a shot of her in her 'new' wheel chair'.

The weather is nice here, and we can sit out on our patio.

 Just waiting to get to the point that we can take off again.

We did get the hospital bill. All I can say is...thank God for insurance. The hospital bill is $54,574.18 and the only part we have to pay is $3, far.

It is all GOOD!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life On The Arizona Coast

We are staying at the RAT here on the Arizona West coast. Weather is around 80 during the day with good sleeping weather at night. I just paid our $345.00 for the next month. A great rate really. The snow birds are starting to come in now. Lots of new folks to meet.

Our neighbors, Cal & Noreen, contacted some friends at their church and they brought over a wheel chair for Donna to use. What great people we have met here. As soon as the pain subsides, we may get out and do some traveling. We still want to visit fellow dreamers that may be here in Arizona.
We did get out this morning to the church service here at the park. The wheel chair is working great.

Donna has her first Dr appointment after getting released from the hospital last Sunday. It is tomorrow. She will get a bandage change and we will see how she is doing.

I am taking care of Donna and am loving it. It feels good to be helpful. I do the laundry, dishes, cleaning and cooking. Not to mention helping her get up and down the stairs when it is bathroom time. After almost 40 years of marriage, this just brings us closer together.

We are looking forward to visiting Quartzite in January. I am sure she will be pretty good by then. I read the blogs of all our friends, and can't wait to get back on the road and see some new sights. In the mean time. .... We are here.

Loving every minute of it....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Together Again.....Back Home

Sunday, Nov 3rd, 2013

Donna got released from the hospital at noon today. We got her into our truck (whew!) and met her brother, Gene, at our RV. Gene is letting us borrow his walker for awhile. With his help, we got her up the 4 steps into the rig. We put on a great show for the neighbors, I'm sure. But we made it.

After getting her settled in her recliner with lots of pillows under her leg, I was off to fill her prescription. I went to Safeway, CVS Pharmacy, and Smith's. No one carries oxycodone. I'm bummed. I called the hospital and they got the doctor to change it to some kind of vicadin and called it in to Safeway. I was able to pick it up and now we are good to go.

Donna spent 4 nights in the Western Arizona Regional Medical Center. Before I left there, I paid our medical deductible ($1000.00) and will wait for the bills to start flowing. We have to pay 20 percent, with a yearly max of $5000.00. Thank God for insurance. Yesterday, I checked our insurance online, and they are raising our rate by $130.00 a month in 2014. OK, lets see what Obomacare will do for us!

Last Friday, I had to go pack up/hook up the rig and move it by myself. Usually Donna does the inside, and I do the outside. I now have much more appreciation for all the moving prep she usually does.

I got us moved back to the RAT (Riverside Adventure Trails) in Ft Mohave, AZ. A short 13 mile trip. I have a great rate here. Only $348.00 for a month. We may have to be here 3 months.

We will get through this. I actually enjoy taking care of her. After all, she is my other half.

Monday, Tuesday,

Donna is feeling better everyday. She hobbles around the RV using a walker.

She has to put no weight on her right leg, She uses the walker and hops on her left foot. I am right there incase she loses her balance.

Backing down the stairs.

Her recliner is only 12 hops away....

Her 'resting & healing' spot.

Check out the bruises on her leg.

They must have had her in a vise during surgery.

I am in the process of trying to find a wheel chair. Then when the pain is gone and before she can put weight on it, we can get out and do things. Maybe not do any geocaching for a while though.
We may not be traveling along like we thought we would, but we have each other and that is what matters.
At least there is no snow here.....Life is still Good!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

RVing With The Good And The Bad.

Earlier this week, Donna and I did the Riverwalk along the Colorado River and all the casinos.

Wonderful weather, and a pretty long trek too.

The Colorado Belle casino is shaped like an old riverboat.

It is nice and deluxe all the casinos here, or in Vegas.

Here is a strange statue we came upon along the trail.

We stopped at 4 casinos and signed up for their players club cards.

The Golden Nugget was our last stop.

Donna got a nice coffee mug there, and I got 5 bucks to play free in the slots.

I turned that into $26.00! Will wonders ever cease?

It was a good day.....

Then on Wednesday, we went geocaching and we found our third cache. It was called 'The Guiding Light', and it was on a hilltop fairly close to the airport here in Bullhead City.

Donna found it and were having a good day. We were happy and enjoying each other and this lifestyle, heading down the hill towards the truck..

Then Donna slipped on some of the loose desert rocks, twisted her right foot, and down she went. She heard and felt the pop that you really do not want to hear. She broke her Fibia, Tibula, and the bone that they attatch to. Her foot was 'free floating'.

Thank God there was a couple of Good Samaritans passing by and stopped. I had help getting her into the truck and to the hospital.

Pain meds, xrays, and a splint. We spent the evening in the ER. She got admitted to a room at 9:30PM.

In the ER.

Her right foot. Looks not right.

 These shots really look bad!

Finally got into the OR at 1145 PM Thursday. Finished surgery about 1 AM Friday. They put plates and screws into her broken bones on both sides of her foot.

Time to heal now. She is on good pain meds and is drowsy most of the time.

Saw the Physical Therapy folks today and walked a little using a walker. Can put no weight on the foot for 4 or 5 weeks.

Hope to go home tomorrow.

OK. I just added the xrays.

Before surgery.

And after the surgery.

Metal woman!

Just another 'life experience'

Life is still GOOD!