Monday, March 31, 2014

Seaside, OR - March 31, 2014

Sunday the 30th, the rain we were expecting held off untill we got packed up and on our way. We hit the dump station on our way out and were on the road by 9:30. Then it did drizzle a bit.

We got back on Highway 101 for today's 76 mile move to Seaside. OR. We stoppd off at the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook just as the rain began to stop. WE have been here several times, but always enjoy the stop.

It is fascinating to watch them crank out the cheese.

And then the best part..... samples!

We only went through the sample line once, but I really did sample each variety...twice! Good cheese!

We bought some cheese and peperoni sticks and then had breakfast in their café. When we left, the rain was over.

On up to Seaside Resort. This is the 4th Thousand Trails park we have stayed in while traveling up Hwy 101 this trip. We are getting our money's worth out of our Thousand Trails membership. This 3 day stay will make 182 times we have stayed in their parks since we have purchased our membership.

When counting the purchase price, transfer fees, and yearly maint. dues, we are averaging $22.66 per night. Pretty good! And that number will only keep getting smaller and smaller.

Like they say... It is only worth it if you use it.

We arrived at the park just after noon.

We got checked in.

And headed into one of the sections to pick out a site.

No hills or giant trees here like the last park.

We chose a site and got all set up.

Monday, Donna started some laundry and I rode my bike around the park and into town.

Here is a few shots of the park.

Large indoor pool and hot tub area.

The clubhouse has good internet. I updated RVillage as to where we are now, and made a few changes to I worked on some end of month stats and financials. And of course updated our blog. 

For the month of March, our average cost of our camping spots came out to $3.41 per night. Not too shabby!

Tomorrow we explore!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

An Unexpected Visit

On Friday, Donna and I went up to the lodge to use the internet there. This is the first park we have been to where we have no cell service, internet, TV, or even radio stations at out campsite. Actually, it is kinda peaceful.

When we were leaving the lodge, a truck beeped it's horn and when we looked, it was Terry and Carol Gere. We have known them for years back in Wenatchee. We had met them at church and I have served on the Board od Directors with Terry and Donna has been in several small groups with Carol.

Small world.

They are staying in one of the Getaway cabins here at Pacific City RV Park.

Pretty nice cabins too.

On Saturday, we all went into Pacific City and had lunch at the Pelican Pub and Brewery.

They had real good food. A very nice looking place too. Good atmosphere.

Donna and Carol having a good time.

While having lunch, we sat by the window overlooking the beach and sand dunes. There were jet skiers out jumping the waves and people climbing the giant sand mountain. Even though the wind was blowing pretty good, we went out to watch and take some pictures.

Donna and Carol in the wind.

Big sand dune.

Little people climbing.

Blue skies, sunny, just a bit windy.

Me and my sweetie.

The jet skiers were doing all sorts of tricks.

Then we headed over to the Grateful Bread Restaurant and Bakery. We had heard a lot about this place, so we passed on desert at the Pelican in order to partake in some 'Breadhead' goodies.

From the outside, it appeared just like a nice little house on the corner. Inside we drooled over a big selection of pies, cookies, scones, cakes, and breads. The breakfast menu looked pretty good too. I passed on these cool shirts.
Us guys had some killer carrot cake, and the girls had blueberry scones.

A great day with our unexpected visitors.

It rained later in the day. Back to the rig. Donna started doing a puzzle.

I couldn't really get into her puzzle. So I found one that I could do..

Ha Ha! Texas! The last piece!

I win!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pacific City RV Resort, Cloverdale, OR - March 25, 2014

Wednesday, Mar 26th, we got packed up for our 58 mile trip northward on Hwy 101. It really rained last night, but the rain stopped while we worked on the move, and all during our trip and set up at Pacific Trails.

Pacific City RV Resort is a Thousand Trails Preserve.

We are right along the ocean pretty close to Pacific City, a neat little tourist town.

After checking in, we found out that it is pretty wooded and there are lots of hills. Good thing we didn't meet another RV heading out.

We found a good spot just before the hills got too crazy. Some of these hills, I wouldn't want to be pulling the rig.

Our spot

Looking out our back window, is the 'jungle', and you can just make out the ocean.

There is a little trail to the beach. It is about an 1/8 mile and opens out to a rugged coastline.

You can see sand dunes in the distance, and Haystack Rock (not the one by Cannon Beach).

While hiking back up. I saw where a person could drive their vehicle down onto the beach.

So I did.

Here are some more shots of Pacific City RV Resort
Mini Golf and playground.

Donna at her computer. Internet is only at the clubhouse.

An observation deck at one end of the clubhouse. It is whale watching time...haven't seen any yet though.

The clubhouse is really nice even through it is way up on top of a hill... steep, narrow hill.

And a little store with all sorts of goodies.

Indoor swimming pool and hot tub.

Donna at work.

Me at work.

Down the road at Pacific City, cool beaches, sand dunes, Haystack Rock.

And the Pelican Brewery.

Looks like a nice place to  We will see...