Thursday, July 31, 2014

A New State - Montana July 30-31, 2014

Along Highway 2 we went. A 185 mile move from Sagle, ID to Kalispell, Montana. Highway 2 is a great way to make this trip. The elevation is gradual so you don't need to work the truck too much. A good way to cross the Rockies. And beautiful mountain views, very foresty.

We did hit several areas of construction where we got to shut the truck off for maybe 10 minutes at a shot. One place where they had the road stripped down to a dirt road. Man! Is our rig dirty .. or what? Yes!!!

We arrived in Kalispell and had planned to possibly stay at the Flathead County Fairgrounds. After driving through the totally empty RV area and noticing the electrical peds were just 15 amp breakers, hmmmm. Too hot, need AC. Plan B

We went to the Kalispell Elks Lodge # 725 and got the last spot. Cool. 30 Amps, water and $20.00 a night. We are good!

And it was time to add a new state to our States Visited map.

Thursday, we took a drive up the road. After seeing giant eagles in Libby,

we headed toward Glacier National Park.

We parked at the Apgar Visitor center, checked out the place, got our passport stamped, and waited for the 'Going To The Sun Road' shuttle bus.

Glad we didn't drive up. The road is NARROW! The views are incredible. Photos just can't do it justice, but here they are:

The first of 3 stops in Montana.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On The Road Again - Into Idaho July 28-29, 2014

We are on the move again!

After almost 4 full months back in our old home state of Washington, the time had come to move on. We have had a blast visiting all of our family, two daughters, one son, 4 grandsons, and one great grandson. It was sooo good to catch up. The little ones are growing up so fast. We wish we could have spent a bit more time visiting with more of our extended family and friends, but 'hitch itch' was setting in and it was time to move on to new places.

We left the Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA around 9 AM on Monday, July 28th. We drove South on I-5 to I-405, then on to I-90 for our 208 mile trip. There was a little construction on Snoqualmie Pass, and the temps reached 96 by the time we got to Pier 4 RV Resort in Moses Lake. We stopped here because Idaho was just a little to far to go in one day, and it was an RPI park... $10.00 per night.

We got parked and fired up the AC. We had a nice relaxing evening.

In the cool of the morning, about 8 AM, we were off. Heading to Idaho. We have to spend the night in our RV in each state to claim it as a 'State Visited'. Driving East on I-90, listening to Sirius radio in the truck, and just plain enjoying the drive, we found Idaho.

Just where we left it.

We took a little road (Highway 41) north a few miles to Highway 2. This will eventually get us to Glacier National Park. We are traveling without any advance reservations so our plans and stopping points are set in jello.

We were hoping to stay at a Corp of Engineers in either Priest Rapids or Riley Creek. As we got close, we called the 800 number and the recording said Riley was full and Priest Rapids had one spot. So into the Priest Rapids Recreation Area COE Park we go.

Dang!!! Look at the size of these trees in here. Man! Look how tight this road is! Honey, do we still have our awning?

We found no spots available there. Oh well, they didn't have electric hookups and the temp was 90 degrees already. We will go on.

Using Allstays app on the Ipad, and RV Parky on our smart phones, we headed for Sagle. ID just south of Sandpoint. We found Travel America Plaza.

WE got checked in. A 212 mile drive today. And parked in spot G6.

The park is right along Highway 95. There is a cafe and gas station/convience store and the park is behind the place. You have to go in the store to register for a spot. I even gassed up there. Diesel was $3.89. First time I have used the high velocity fuel!

This park has full hookups, good wifi, and only $24.00 per night. We set out our new chairs for the first time. Fergizmo is enjoying them.

We are truly moving again, and it feels good. Just me and my gal...and the good ole US of A.

Life is so good.

Enjoying a glass of Trutina, from Dunham Cellars. Shannon (Daughter-In-Law) gave us this after we watched the grandkids while they took an anniversary trip to Las Vegas. It is 57% Merlot, 37% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 6% Syrah.  In is great!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Last Days at Crescent Bar Resort & Goodbyes, Quincy, WA - July 24 - 27, 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd, our daughter Candy cme up from Vancouver for one more visit. Our grandsons Chase and Erik, and Oli, also came to the park. We enjoyed one final get together before we head on down the road.

It was a tight fit with all 6 of us spending the night in the RV. Doable and enjoyable too!

A great visit. We all said our goodbyes till next year, or earlier if we fly up for the holidays in November.

Our next move was to the Tulalip Casino for some boondocking.

A 202 mile trip. We took I-90 because Highway 2 was closed due to the forest fires still burning.
We are going to watch Rome and Ryker while Tim and Shannon go to a wedding. Shannon is in the wedding. We will be at their house Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoying our 2 grandsons.