Thursday, April 28, 2016

Visiting Dreamers at Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - April 28, 2016

Donna just finished up her 1st couple of weeks on the job here at the park. The park opened up for the season and RVers are coming in everyday.

Ranger Donna..

I am still an RV husband at the present time.

We did have some visitors come by to see us. Fellow RV Dreamers ( Tom & Cheryl. We met them a couple of years ago in Quartzsite. They have been Dreamers since attending a rally in 2011 at Hershey, PA. They parked right beside us.

Tom & Cheryl enjoying the nice weather here at Crescent Bar Resort.

Here is Tom hob-knobbing with Wayne & Cliff.

We all went out one day to Rocky Reach Dam, on the Columbia River. We were going to check out the fish viewing windows under the dam where we can watch the salmon swimming up river. But they were closed for the day already... rats! So we went out to dinner at the local Applebees.

After a great meal, we had to head to one of my favorite photo op spots.

We all got our pics taken with Dino.

We had a great visit with them. Then it was time to say our good-bys. They are off toward Minnesota.

It is so good to catch up with fellow RVers on the road.

If you are in the neighborhood.... come visit us.

We'll keep the light on for you.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Workamping at Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - April 21, 2016

Crescent Bar Resort,

We have been here many times before. This place is just 25 miles away from our hometown of Wenatchee, WA. This time however, we are going to work here.

We are here before the season starts. The park isn't open to the public yet and there are a few folks who have purchaced 'Personal' spaces, and us workampers.

The place is pretty empty right now.

Karen & Cliff

Our rig.


Donna started Monday, the 18th, and has worked 23 hours so far during her first 4 days on the job. She has been working with my sister, Karen, and another workamper, Tammy. They have cleaned the cabins and now have them ready to rent.

Cleaned up the activity center and kitchen.

Now they are working on the restrooms and laundry room.


I am being a house-husband right now. I will be taking care of the pool and hot tub areas later.

There are some professionals coming in May to work on the pool and hot tub. They will re-line the pool and install a second drain, and fix one of the jets in the hot tub.

Meanwhile, I have been taking care of some honey-do list stuff. I sanitized our fresh water tank, filling it with water and a cup of bleach. After a day, I drained it and re-filled it two more times. I also removed our inline water filter from it's old location in the electronics bay. I feel better that it is now an external water filter outside. Easier to change the filter now too.

I got some new hiking boots the other day. A good pair of Keens.

I totally wore out the last pair I had. I walk up the Crescent Bar hill every morning. It is a popular walking/jogging path along the roadway. It is 4.25 miles round trip and probably a 1000 ft. elevation gain to the top. I have about 25 miles on the boots so far and they feel great.

On the 19th, Donna and I took my sister Karen & Cliff out for dinner at Tijuana's Restaurant in Quincy. It was her birthday. They are also workamping here. It was a good mexican food, large helpings too.

That's what's been happening lately. The weather has been great. Highs in the upper 80s. The park opens in 5 days. My updates will probably become once a week for the next few months.

Life is good!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - April 17, 2016

We left Thunderbird TT Resort on Monday, the 11th. We headed south on Interstate 405 through Bellevue and on to Interstate 5. It wasn't a bad drive at all. We timed it right. Once on I-5, we drove through Tacoma and Olympia, right on down to Vancouver. Once again we stayed at the Elks lodge there.

We stayed two nights there. Candy and Erik came and spent the nights with us. We watched movies and Candy BBQed us a nice salmon dinner. We will see them again when they visit us in Crescent Bar.

We were off again, traveling down the Columbia River Gorge to Pasco. We decided to do another Walmart wallydocking stop there. Our second overnight in a Walmart. We were just going to do one night here and we headed over to Kim's house. We had dinner with her and then headed back to Wally World.

Here is a picture of KC (Kitty Cat), that we have had in our family forever. She's getting old, but is a wonderful family member.

Bright and early in the morning we headed out for our last leg of our journey. Just a hundered miles later, we were pulling into Crescent Bar Resort where we will be work Kamping for the next 6 months.

There is nobody there, except for some private leased sites. We open to the public on April 26th. We parked in space # 2, a good spot.

Karen & Cliff (my sister) are just across from us.

So far since we have been here, I have washed the Jeep and the motorhome. I have even changed the oil & filter in the Jeep. I have a pretty good 'honey-do' list of things to get done while we are here.

Sunday, we headed into town to visit our 'home' church, the Eastmont Community Church. It was sooo good to see all of our church family again.

Monday, Donna starts working here. Looks like I will be doing the pool and hot tub each morning. We'll find out more tomorrow.

Hey! We are working stiffs again.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thunderbird TT Resort - Monroe, WA - April 10, 2016

It has been 10 days since I last blogged. What's up with that? Now that we are here in WA, time goes by pretty fast. And we really haven't been doing that much either.

On Sunday, the 3rd, we moved back to the Thunderbird TT, back to the same spot we were just in, too.

We were going to do another 8 days here. It rained for a couple of days, and we just kinda dinked around inside. After the rain, I did wash both the Jeep and motorhome.

We visited Tim & Shannon several times and even did an overnight to watch Roman & Ryker while they had a little getaway.

A bunch of little super heroes and 2 big ones.

A little T ball practice.

Ya gotta have a batter's box.

And a little golf too.

Break time!

Our two new cats.

And the big event for the week ... paid our income taxes. Boooo!!

Soon, it will be time to backtrack and re-visit our daughters on the way to Crescent Bar and our work camping gig.

Enjoying the Pacific Northwest again.