Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 23 to August 26, 2012 - Eagle Valley Campground, Cle Elum, WA

Our Chapter of the Good Sam Club decided to make a trip to the Eagle Valley Campground in Cle Elun, WA. We have 1 outing a month (except winter months) and it was Rick Reams turn to choose. He is a member of the local Eagles Organization here, so he got us in the Eagles campground.
It is a 144 mile round-trip from Wenatchee. We convoyed with 8 other rigs. The campground is located close to I90, but the traffic noise really wasn't that bad. We checked in at the office and we all got setup together.

We did a lot of socializing with the other members. Some of us went fishing at nearby Cooper Lake. We all got to enjoy a great potluck.

Donna and I, along with Jim & Eileen and their grand daughters, played a round of mini-golf.

And we had time to straighten up our house. Here is some good pics of our new recliners and desk. These recliners are much more comfortable that the ones that came with our Cameo. The desk replaced the table and chairs.

When we got back home, I washed our rig before parking back in our temp home. Next trip is next month to Oregon for the RV Dreams Rally.

Friday, August 17, 2012

August 16 to November ?, 2012 - House-Sitting, East Wenatchee, WA

We are now back in the ole 'Sticks & Bricks'. We are house-sitting. Bruce & Carol, two really good friends from our church are takeing off on a RV trip in their motorhome. They asked us if we would like to house-sit for them and we (of course) were delighted to. They will be gone till mid November or so. They have an apricot orchard where we can safely park and set up our RV. This will work out great for all of us.
Here we are parked next to their RV.

We will park under the cover after they leave.

Bruce and Carole will travel East across the northern states to Massachusetts, stopping at such places as Yellowstone and Niagara Falls. They also will be checking out various Civil War sites back east.

 What fun! There goes Bruce.

The start of a 2 month trip.

Carole getting the toad ready to hook-up.

There is my new parking spot.

After they left, we hooked up and moved her into the parking spot.

So here we are ..... hiding in the apricot orchard.

Things inside are a bit un-organized since we are heading out on a Good Sam Chapter outing this thursday. Then we will be able to get parked for a while till our trip to OR for the RV Dreams Rally.