Thursday, July 5, 2018

35 Days Without Posting The Blog - Fall City, WA - July 5, 2018

Yep. May 30 till today, July 5th. I bet you thought we fell off the face of the Earth. Nope! Still here.

From the Thunderbird RV Park in Monroe, WA, after 20 days there, we headed East into Central Washington, to Crescent Bar RV Park near Quincy, WA.

We stayed there for 21 days while waiting for our daughter Kimberley's baby to be born. We made several trips to their house in Yakima. We attended her baby shower at her In Laws house there.

Here Donna and I pose with Kim and Candy.

All this baby waiting makes my beard grow.

Oh, and a new addition to the household.

On June 21, we were going to move over to Leavenworth Thousand Trail and keep commuting to Yakima till the baby came, but Kim's husband Chris, said that his parents were heading off on a trip to Sweden and said we cound stay at their house while thet were gone and watch the place and water their plants. Cool!!!

They live up on a hill overlooking the Yakima valley. We even get full hookups too.

Great location. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Baby time!  June 25th, Kim went into the hospital to get her labor induced.

Baby Allison Rey was stubborn though. The next day, Kim was dialated to a 9 and getting close, when the baby's heart beat dropped and things got a little scary. They rushed her in for an emergency C section .... and Allison Rey Reider was born and everyone is doing good. Another miracle.

Tim & Roman came over to meet Allison Rey.

Pretty cool times. Except that Donna's brother, Roy, had a heart attack the day Tim came over. We all went to the hosptial to see him.

He's doing much better now after 3 stents, and they let him go home.

Then after 13 days moochdocking in Yakima, I took the RV back accross the mountains to Tall Chief RV Park in Fall City. Donna is still staying with Kim helping out with the new baby. We will be here for a week.

And that's what's happening with us this last month or so.

Fergs .... out!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

20 Days at Thunderbird RV Park - Monroe, WA - May 30, 2018

It has been a fast 20 day stay here at the Thunderbird Thousand Trails RV Park in Monroe, WA. Most of our time has been spent with Tim & Shannon and the boys. Lots of baseball games and practices.

We really enjoy watching Rome & Ryker play ball. They seem to be improving with each game.

On Memorial Day weekend, we went with them to Remlinger Farms for the day. The kids had a blast... and we did too!

Donna and I drove to Yakima twice while we were here and visited Kim and Chris. She only has a couple of weeks till Allison Rey Reider is born. It's gonna be pretty exciting! We finally got to meet Chase, Chris's son.

Both times we were in Yakima with them, we cruized all over town playing Pokemon Go! While there, Kim went to Verizon and got herself a new Samsung Galaxy S9. So we decided it was time to get new phones too. Well, just me. I got a new Samsung Galaxy S9 from Verizon too, and Kim gave Donna her S7. We are happy now!

One day, Donna and I met Sara & Preston in Tacoma and picked up Oli, our Great-Grandson. We got to keep him overnight! We all went to his cousin's (Roman & Ryker) ball game. Then we went to their house while Tim & Shannon had a night out. The kids had a blast. Then took the Ferry over to Kingston the next day to meet up with Sara & Preston. We had fun with Oli and look forward to doing it again.

At the park, the ball game, at Tim's, and the ferry.

A cool tree at the park.

Donna crocheted some Pokemon Go balls for Roman, Ryker, Oli and Chase. She loves to make things for the kids


We also got to get together with Bill Joyce & Diane Melde, our RV Dreams and fellow RVillage friends. We chatted for quite awhile and went out to dimmer at a nice Mediterranean restaurant in Monroe. Pretty good food, and great company too!

Moving day tomorrow! Back to Crescent Bar for awhile. The warmer side of the mountains!
Fergs .... out!