Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Still Here ..... at Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - August 9, 2016

Time for an update. It has been a month and a few days since the last one. That's a record. Work, work, work, that's what we seem to be doing as of late.

I do keep a nice clean hot tub and pool, if I don't say so myself.

Donna works in the welcome center, checking folks in and out, and cleaning the lodge, bathrooms, cabins and just about everything else.

The park has now lost 4 people since we have been here, and hired 1. Yep, we are working lots of hours. Can't wait till the park closes September 28th.

Our future travel plans are always changing it seems. As of right now, we will leave here October 1st and head for the Thunderbird TT park in Monroe, WA and be there for our son's 40th birthday.

Then it will be straight south on Interstate 5 to .... Disneyland!!! Yep! We sure are!

Since we have been parked here, all of our kids have came to visit us. Tim brought Roman & Ryker over, Kim has been here, and Candy & Erik brought Oli over too.

Ryker & Roman

Roman & I

Roman at the river

Playing with Grampa's toys.

Rome and I went and took some cool pictures of the Columbia River here.

Erik & Oli

Our Escapees Christian Fellowship group put together a Rolling Rally and came and visited us here. We had 6 RVs with 10 of us. Great fellowship.

Donna and Nancy

We enjoyed the river and cliffs, then went out to Rocky Reach Dam just north of Wenatchee. They have fish ladder viewing windows.

and a nice museum too.

Finished up at the Riverside Pub.

Donna and I have tried a new eating plan. It's called the Whole 30.

No sugar, processed foods, dairy, canned or box mixes. Just lots of meat, fruits, and veggies. And after 30 days, not only do we feel better, I lost 27 pounds and 20 for Donna. We now 'splurge' once in a while, but this is a good eating lifestyle.

And our RV remodel is about done. Wood floors and tile installed and just a little trim to complete it all.

Looks pretty good.

And that's about it from Crescent Bar.....

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Family, Re-modeling, and Workamping at Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - July 5, 2016

Time for an update. It has been a month and a day since the last one. That's the longest I have gone without an update. It has been all work, work, work here at the park. We lost one of our work-kamping couples (medical problems) and we all have been getting lots of hours. We just finished with the big 4th of July weekend. A little stressful, but we all made it through it.

During this last month, we did have some excitement one day. A fire! It has been pretty hot lately, into the high 90s. Everything is drying out. The hills are turning brown like they usually do during the summer. Then a brush fire broke out here at Crescent Bar behind the condos. Luckily it was moving uphill and away from the populated area.

We had a front row seat watching the helicopters dropping buckets of water on it. They got it out just before the wind picked up. It could have been bad though.

One day, our Son Tim came over along with Roman & Ryker. On the way, he picked up Oli (our Great Grandson) in Wenatchee and they all spent the day and night with us.

It was a nice surprise visit.

Our place was all topsy turvy because of all the remodeling going on.

Tim greased up the boys so we could all head over to the pool.

Donna finally got off work and joined us on this hot day.

Fun, fun!

Roman & Oli watching a movie.

We had a great time with the boys.

The Re-model...

We tore out the booth sytle dining area and continued to strip and prep the floor.

We started with the big living room slide.

I glued the first row in place.

After the first row, it went pretty fast.

Slide is done. Except for some edging along the slide edge and some quarter-round baseboard. We will do all the detail work when all flooring is down.

Another day, our daughter Kim came over to visit and spend the night. It was her birthday. She was heading up a 'Run for the Cure' rally in Moses Lake and could only visit for one day. It was a short but good visit. Guess who forgot to take pictures.....me.

And on another day, our daughter Candy, and her Son Erik, and his Son Oli, all came to spend a couple of nights with us.

Another hot weeknd. A good time to head to the river.

We even found a beach monster skeleton!

I wanted to get a picture of them with Donna. It would have been a 4 Generation picture. Guess who forgot..... me.

The dining area in our rig was next up. On the new floor, we purchesed some cherry wood cabinets.

And a desktop to match our other kitchen countertop.

A new storage/desk/eating area!!

Then came the time to start on the main floor. I made sure the new flooring would clear the moving slides, then proceeded to glue the first row again. Lots of crazy cuts to make on this side of the rig. I picked up a rotary saw from Harbor Frieght and had access to a table saw and jigsaw from the park shop.

It went pretty fast then, until I ran out of planks. I still have 3 more rows to do. We will pick up another 2 boxes of planks from Costco as soon as they come in. Then we can get this finished.

But I think it looks pretty good so far....

We really like our new 'dining 'area.

Just 3 more rows to go.

Then on to the bathroom area.

And the cockpit area.

So far, so good!

That about sums up the last month. The next update should be the done deal.