Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Working, Family, Jello, Crescent Bar TT - Quincy, WA - June 21, 2017

Donna has been working here as a Ranger. She has been working 4 or 5 days a week. They just hired another Ranger, so her hours will be decreasing. And that's a good thing.

Tim & Shannon met us at George, WA

and we took the grandsons, Roman & Ryker for the night while they had a date night.
We all enjoyed the beach and pool.

The next day, we all hit the pool again. The kids love to swim and the weather was great here.

The construction here at Crescent Bar is almost over. The new RV park will open in 2 days. Donna and I have talked about getting new bikes so we could do their new trail.
Almost opening time..

Our youngest daughter, Kim and her new hubby Chris, came to Crescent Bar and spent a night in one of the cabins. We celebrated Kim's 36th birthday.

In the evenings, we have spent quite a bit of time with my sister Karen & Cliff, and with Wayne & Sharon.

But the jello is shaking again.

Donna's brother Gene, who recently moved to Florence, OR, got pretty sick and had to be put in the hospital in Eugene. Donna told him that she would come down there if he needed her. Now he is in a rehab facility trying to get back to normal. He called Donna and asked if she might still be able to come down there. It seems the rehab place won't release him right now if he dosen't have someone at home to care for him and help him re-coop. This RV lifestyle we live allows us to up and change our plans at the drop of the hat  -  Jello. Of course we will come on down and help him out. I'm ready to go, and Donna says maybe we will be back .... we will see..

So this Friday, we will head out and move over to the Tulalip Casino where we will say goodbye to Tim and family, then head to Oregon.

Summer is heating up here and we are looking forward to some milder central coastal Oregon weather.

Fergs .... out!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good Sam Rally, Grant County Fairgrounds - Moses Lake, WA - June 4, 2017

On the 31st, we moved just about 45 miles up the road to the Grant County Fairgrounds at Moses Lake, for the Washington State Good Sam Rally. This is our 5th or 6th time we have made this rally. My brother Jim & Eileen were there as well.

We got set up next to them, with 30 amp and water hookups.

There were quite a few rigs there.

This is Jim & Eileen with us as we went out to see the local brewpubs.

One of the events this year, was the cow pie toss. Yep, a nice big chunk of cow pie. Jim & Eileen and I all 'played'. I had a good toss, 68 feet. But the winner had a 109 foot toss. It rolled!

Donna set up a table and sewed patches on people's vests. She made $140.00 that she donated to the Fisher House, a program that is similar to the Ronald McDonald House, except it is for veterans.

My brother Jim and I.

Here is one of the morning 'coffee & donuts' get together.

And while we were there, June 1st, our daughter, Kim, was in Las Vegas with her boyfriend Chris. We got a text message from her saying.... we just got married!

Wow! What a shock!

But he is a really great guy and they are happy. That's all that really matters.

Kim & Chris

Sunday, we headed back to Crescent Bar where Donna will be working around 36 hours a week. Ranger Donna .. again this year.

And just accross from us we recognized a couple of RVs.

My sister Karen & Cliff, along with Cliff's brother Wayne & Sharon are here.


Let the season begin!

Fergs .... out!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Shakin' the Jello, Crescent Bar RV Resort - Quincy, WA - May 30, 2017

Donna is finaly getting over the cold she has been dealing with for the last two weeks. I've taken her to the doctor in East wenatchee twice now to get some good meds. It was an upper respiratory infection, but a nasty one. Glad it is behind us.

Our daughter, Kim, and her boyfriend Chris came to visit us here in Crescent Bar. This is the first time we have met him.

He is a great guy. Kim is happy... and so are we.

Memorial Day came and went. This place got a little crazy. The park was packed. The weather was great too. Besides the RVs, there were lots of boats, jet skis, and other water toys all over the park.

On the Friday of the big weekend, one of the working couples at the park up and quit! That's not good! So Donna volunteered to step up and help out. She was greeting the folks coming in and checking RVs in.

She said she kinda misses the work......hmmmm...

Crescent Bar renovation is coming along pretty good too. The new boat launch was open for the holidays, and next month, the new campground and walking/biking trail should be done. Here is some of the pictures I took of the progress.

The new trail goes right through the golf course.

It is almost all paved now.

The new campground.

Besides the great weather we have been having here, in the evening, the sun turns the mountainside in front of us golden!

These basalt cliffs that run along the Columbia River are reportably the 2nd largest edge of a lava flow in the world. The largest being the entire tip of India. They sure light up.

Now the Jello part.

As everyone knows, an RVers plans are set in Jello because just a little shakin' will cause things to change.
I guess we will be here for a while. Donna is working here again.

The managers here, Bev & Tim, are the greatest and I am proud that Donna is helping them out this season. I am not working this year (whew...) and will help her out when ever she needs it. We still plan on heading south around August 21st.

Looking forward to our trip south this year. Lots of National Parks, and the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta are in our future.

Fergs .... out!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review - Crescent Bar RV Resort - Quincy, WA - May 15 - May 31, 2017

This Thousand Trails park is located just off Highway 28, between East Wenatchee and Quincy. 23 miles from East Wenatchee, and 7 miles from Quincy, the park is located on Crescent Bar, along the Columbia River.

Crescent Bar Road is the turn off from Highway 28. It winds down a pretty steep hill towards the river. Great views here.

As you level out at the bottom of the hill, the entrance is just pass some condos and accross the street from a little golf course. It is a right turn.

The Welcome Center, where you check in at.

As you pass by the Welcome Center, immediately left is two roads in the upper area with camping spots.

Only three 50 amp spots in this area. There are 100 RV sites in the park. All spots in the park are full hookup except 2 without sewer, and 5 tent spots.

Continuing straight from the Welcome Center, you pass the pool area, where toads can unhook.

The pool.

There are some cabins on your right.

Going towards the river, there is Park Road and River Road. River Road is right along the river. Between the two roads is the Hot Tub, rest rooms, laundry and sports courts.

The turn onto Park Road.

The restrooms/hot tub area.

At the bottom of the entrance road, and and just before you turn on to River Road, is the Lodge, with patio and gazebo.

From the lodge area and all along River Road, there are great views of the Columbia River.

Along River Road, there are 20 spaces with 50 amp hookups. There are several annual leased sites here, but many available for the public too.

The tent sites are along here also.

More shots. Several annuals here.

Park Road.

This area is the upper area. This area overlooks a playground and the pool area.
A few spots along Crescent Bar Road are the shortest and noisest, no shade either. These aren't taken very often.

Our spot.

There is good Verizon service here. This is one of the best parks around. Good location, sunny, with the water nearby. Our favorite park.