Monday, January 16, 2017

Escapees Christian Fellowship BoF Rally - Quartzsite, AZ - January 16, 2017

On the 11th, we decided to go dump our tanks and fill up with fresh water. Since we were moving the rig, might as well head over to Plomosa Road a little early for our Escapees Christian Fellowship Rally.

We got to our usual rally spot, along milepost 2.3 on Plomosa Road, and got all set up.

There was one other of our members there already. Here we are, 3 days early, and by the end of the day, there would be 5 more of our group here.

Just before the rally started, we met up with Ruth & Dale, fellow RV Dreamers, and went out to dinner with them.

Had a great time. Then the next day, we happened to run into them at the Hi Jolly Cemetery here in Q.

Hi Jolly's grave

Well, looky who's here!

Welcome Autumn, the newest member of the Ferguson household.

We all like here!

We had a little rain, and some cool weather here.

But we are all set up in the desert, and our rally has just started. The next post will re-cap our rally week.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Quartzsite!! - January 8, 2017

It was a nice un-eventful drive south to Laughlin. We parked in the Avi Casino for a couple of nights.

On the 5th, our 43rd anniversary, we hit the Avi breakfast buffet to start the day. It was a 2-fer-one day. And a good start of our 'special' day.

Then we gassed up at Smiths for $2.00 a gallon and headed to Quartzsite. Of course, we changed plans again. We decided to purchace the extended stay permit. We can stay here till mid April if we want. $180.00, not too shabby.

We are here.

The entrance

Register here

Then, find your spot

Some folks stake off their area with rocks

Two dump stations

Trash dumpsters

Four fresh water stations

Here is our driveway

We are home!

We parked with our friends Nancy & Steve. We will be here till the 12th or so when we move over to Plomosa Road and our Christian Fellowship rally. They made smoked chicken dinner for our anniversary then played games that night with them.

And cake

Since there are several RV Dreamer friends here already, we had our first happy hour with the group last night. It sure is good to catch up. We love the friends we get to meet. What a lifestyle!

Present were: Steve & Dianne, Ruth & Dale, Les & Sue, Guy & Susan, Jim & Barb, Ray & Deb, us, and our friends Nancy & Steve.

Love this time in the desert!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Final Days in Vegas! - January 3, 2017

Today is moving day. We head southward today. After two weeks in Las Vegas, we are ready to go.

It was great to have our daughter Kim with us for the holidays. And we have seen more of Las Vegas than we have ever done. One of our Christmas gifts was a trip to the MGM and see the Cirque du Soleil show Ka.

It was awesome!

And we explored more of the Strip.

The girls liked the Hershey's store and the M&M store.

Kim and I tried a new recipe in the Instant Pot. We made a cheesecake.

It turned out better than it looked, but after one piece, I was done.

For New Years Eve, we went to the Boulder Station casino, parked on the top floor of the parking garage, and at midnight, we got to watch the whole strip erupt in fireworks.

Needless to say, the picture kinda sucked. It was a great display. We also DVD'ed it back home.

We are heading now to the Avi in Laughlin, spend a couple of days there, then on to Q. Looking forward to some quiet time.

Two weeks in Vegas is enough!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas from Vegas! - December 18 - 27, 2016

On the 18th, we said our goodbyes to Karen & Cliff, and paid our electric bill. $72.24 for the 26 days we were there. Not too bad considering we were using electric space heaters because of the cold nights.

We headed north to Quartzsite and filled the RV tanks with fuel and propane. We were going to spend the night there, but we shook the jello and just stopped at Hi Jolly BLM land, north of Q, and unhooked the Jeep. We headed into Blythe and dropped off Christmas gifts for Donna's 2 grandkids, Brock & Mia.

We got back to the RV and re-connected the Jeep. Then we were off to the Avi Casino in Laughlin, NV.

There were many RVs there, more than we have seen there before. We did 2 nights there and were glad we didn't stop for the night in Q. The wind howled all the next day.

Then the next day, the 20th, we continued north and checked into the Thousand Trails in Las Vegas.

They really pack them in here, but you know what they say ... location, location, location. And our daughter Kim was flying in to spend Christmas and New Years with us. We will be here 2 weeks.

On the 22nd, we picked up Kim at McCarran airport. Then back home, we decorated the RV for Christmas.

This is the latest we have decorated, but they did a good job, and we are ready!

We have been quite busy here in Vegas. We went to Sam's Town Casino. It was close to us and they had a really nice Christmas display and water/light show.

We donated a little $$$ to the casino via the slots. And on Christmas day, we all went to the buffet there. Kim left there with an additional $100.00. Merry Christmas Kim!

We spent some time down on the strip. Pretty cool Christmas display at the Bellagio, and the fountain show. We wandered through Ceasar's Palace and watched the free show there too.

We cruised the strip and headed downtown to the Fremont area. Lots going on here.

They had a good sized tree.

A busy place. Even people zip lining along the ceiling.

Two bands playing there, including Elvis!

Kim getting her giant 'Vegas' drink.

We had some visitors while here. Nancy & Steve came to visit us. They were visiting some relatives in town. We all went out to eat at The Omelet Shop, a 50's Diner. Just a small little place to eat, but it was great. Good food, prices, atmosphere, and service.

One day we took a road trip. We drove around Lake Mead, through Boulder City, and south to Laughlin. We stopped in the Colorado Belle at Pints Brewery for a drink.

After cruising through Laughlin, we headed to Oatman.

Route 66!

And burros!!

We grabbed a bite to eat at In-N-Out and headed home. A fun and long day.

Still much to do and see before the New Years crazy weekend. Kim leaves the 2nd, we head to Q on the 3rd.

Stay tuned ....