Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review - Crescent Bar RV Resort - Quincy, WA - May 15 - May 31, 2017

This Thousand Trails park is located just off Highway 28, between East Wenatchee and Quincy. 23 miles from East Wenatchee, and 7 miles from Quincy, the park is located on Crescent Bar, along the Columbia River.

Crescent Bar Road is the turn off from Highway 28. It winds down a pretty steep hill towards the river. Great views here.

As you level out at the bottom of the hill, the entrance is just pass some condos and accross the street from a little golf course. It is a right turn.

The Welcome Center, where you check in at.

As you pass by the Welcome Center, immediately left is two roads in the upper area with camping spots.

Only three 50 amp spots in this area. There are 100 RV sites in the park. All spots in the park are full hookup except 2 without sewer, and 5 tent spots.

Continuing straight from the Welcome Center, you pass the pool area, where toads can unhook.

The pool.

There are some cabins on your right.

Going towards the river, there is Park Road and River Road. River Road is right along the river. Between the two roads is the Hot Tub, rest rooms, laundry and sports courts.

The turn onto Park Road.

The restrooms/hot tub area.

At the bottom of the entrance road, and and just before you turn on to River Road, is the Lodge, with patio and gazebo.

From the lodge area and all along River Road, there are great views of the Columbia River.

Along River Road, there are 20 spaces with 50 amp hookups. There are several annual leased sites here, but many available for the public too.

The tent sites are along here also.

More shots. Several annuals here.

Park Road.

This area is the upper area. This area overlooks a playground and the pool area.
A few spots along Crescent Bar Road are the shortest and noisest, no shade either. These aren't taken very often.

Our spot.

There is good Verizon service here. This is one of the best parks around. Good location, sunny, with the water nearby. Our favorite park.

Friday, May 19, 2017

At Home, Crescent Bar RV Resort - Quincy, WA - May 19, 2017

Just before we left the Thunderbird, Donna felt like she was coming down with a cold. Yep... a doosy too! After a night of cough, cough, cough, like a trooper she is, she helped get all packed up for our move over the mountains into central washington.

Just 130 miles later, we arrived back in Crescent Bar Thousand Trails RV Resort, the one we work kamped all last summer. We even got set up in the same parking spot we were in last year.

It was real nice to see our old bosses, Bev & Tim. And co workers from last year Kerry & David too! They made us feel right at home. Even tho Donna was still not feeling too good and we had to cut our visiting into short visits. We met the new workers here also. A great bunch of workers this year. And no, we are not working this year.

I did take Donna to a walk in clinic in East Wenatchee. Her lungs looked good and they said she was on the mend. She did get some codeine type cough syrup because she still coughs a lot, especially at night.

I have been doing a lot of walking here, getting my 10K steps per day. I do my road walking,

and soon will be doing the new walking/biking path they are building here on the Bar. There is a lot of construction happening on the Bar as the PUD is building a new campground and park (with the new trail system) along the Columbia River.

We will be here through Memorial Day. Hoping Donna gets well soon so she can get out there with me and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we have been having.

Fergs .... out!

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Few More Days at Thunderbird - Monroe, WA - May 15, 2017

After the Good Sam rally at Lynden, and after a brief stop in Mount Vernon, we came back to the Thunderbird Thousand Trails park in Monroe. There was only 1 spot open in the FHU section and we got it.

While back here, we have been visiting with Tim & Shannon and our grandsons Roman & Ryker. We went to another one of Roman's T Ball games, and it wasn't raining this time!

Another day, we visited the Reptile Zoo that is located along Highway 2 between Monroe and Sultan. We have drivin by this place a million times, and now we stopped to see the place.

They had a great selection of cool reptiles. Lots of snakes, turtles, tarantulas, and more. Roman & Ryker really liked the albino alligator, giant crocadile, and the two headed turtle.

We had visitors yesterday here in the park. Bill Joyce & Diane are here in the park and we got together. Had a great visit catching up on our travels. We both still use RVillage and our paths seem to always cross here in Washington. It was good to meet up again and we will get together again next month too.

Today, we are heading over the mountains to central Washington and some dry, sunny, and warmer weather .... we hope!

Fergs .... out!