Monday, November 23, 2020

The Update - Our Home Base, Yuma, AZ - November 23, 2020

 In our last update, we posted that we had just bought a Class C motorhome. 

Well, that sure is old news. Covid hit the country, and the world really changed.

Our daughter, Kim and her husband Chris, along with little Ally, moved in with us during these crazy times, and Kim gave birth to our newest grand-daughter Jessie in July. 

By August, they found an apartment in the Phoenix area and moved there. 

Around the same time, my sister Karen, and her husband Cliff, sold their place here in Yuma and moved back up to Washington. And our best friends Bev & Tim, also sold their place and moved back to their other place in Washington too. 

Around this time, we decided to down-size once again. We sold our Class C motorhome (with all my solar gear on it), and traded our Nissan Sentra in and bought a 2014 Nissan Titan pickup truck.

Then we looked for a small travel trailer and found a 2010 Dutchman Sport 26 foot model. 

Then I was called to go to work in California to a fire camp. I worked at the Red Salmon Complex fire camp for 23 days. During this time, Donna was called out to a fire camp at Loyalton, CA. She was out for 6 days. 

Once we both got back, we set off on our summer trip north to Washington in our little travel trailer.

We had a great time visiting our kids 

and got back to Yuma in mid October. 

The trailer was way too small for us, and we made a decision to sell our rig and trailer.... and house... and get back on the road full-time. 

In November, we sold our little travel trailer and traded our Nissan Titan in for a Silverado 1 ton dually truck. 

We are currently looking for a big 5th wheel to buy. Then we will put our house up for sale here in Yuma. I am also selling my 1972 VW Beetle. I think we will end up with a small mini-storage here when we finally take off.

We also just took a quick trip to South Dakota to get our drivers licenses. We are claiming South Dakota as our domicile again. 

I have new solar panels, batteries, and inverter to install in the new rig as soon as we get it. 

I guess this is the beginning of 'RVing with the Fergs V2.0'.

The Fergs out .......

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Things Sure Have Changed!! - Our Home Base, Yuma, AZ - March 25, 2020

An update. After 7 months. Bout time huh? And yes, lots of things have changed in these last few months.

We did it again....changed RVs. In November, we sold our Silverado and Arctic Fox 5th wheel, and found us a Class C. We have not had this type of RV before. It is a Fleetwood Tioga 31W. Love it!!

I put all my solar/inverter/batteries in it. They have now been installed and removed from 6 different RVs. This is our last one. (I seem to say that a lot.)

We have taken our new RV to Southern CA, Quartzsite, and Apache Junction. While in Apache Junction, I did manage to climb Flatiron. Kinda proud about that!

Donna and I both worked at Fire Camp in September and again in November. Had fun and made a couple of $$ too.

We had Thanksgiving with Karen & Cliff, and some friends at their house. And Christmas at our house with them and Kim & Chris too.

Our Daughter Kim, and her husband Chris, along with little 1 year old Ally, were living in El Cajon, CA and Chris decided to change jobs and he accepted a position at Desert Diamond Casino in Glendale, AZ. Kim and Ally were going to stay with us here in Yuma while Chris got ahead enough to get a place for his family in the Phoenix area. Well, the world crashed.

We did move Kim and Ally in with us and were able to store most of their household items into Donna's new She-Shed.

Chris worked 2 days before the casino shut down. And Kim is expecting another Grand Daughter for us. Jessie is coming in late July. Times are a changing! We are doing our best to flatten the curve though.

Can't wait till things get back to (or closer to) normal.

Our plans to head north to Washington are definitely on hold. I have my 50th high school reunion in August. So far it hasn't been cancelled. We will see.

So here we sit, along with the rest of the world. Waiting this thing out. God is Good!

Stay safe and healthy folks.

That's it for now.

The Fergs out .......

Monday, August 26, 2019

Away From the Yuma Heat - Pio Pico TT Park, Jamul, CA - August 26, 2019

After over a month and a half, it is time for an update. What have we been up to? Well, enduring the heat for one.

Thank goodness for a good AC in the car. 118!

Our Arizona room temp. But it is a dry heat... 121!

We keep the house AC temp to around 80 during the day, a single room window AC in the bedroom at night. It takes a little while, but we are pretty well getting used to it now.

Kim & Chris came over one weekend and we all went to the swim park. Had a cold one while floating down the lazy river. It was nice.

Early one morning, the only time I could stand to be on the RV roof, I replaced the motor in our rooftop air conditioner. And by golly... it works great now. Here are some on the pictures I took during the job.

In the last month and a half, we traveled over to El Cajon to visit Kim & Chris. And they have come to Yuma to see us too. It sure is great to see Ally this often. She is growing up so fast. Here she is in our house watching her favorite video - Baby Shark.

Health insurance for pre-medicare RVers has been one of our issues since we have hit the road back in 2012. (Obamacare) has been out of the question since the last 2 years we have had to repay the healthcare subsidy because I tapped into my retirement dollars. This year, we opted for a catastrophic policy for Donna for $217.00 a month. Pretty much good for nothing unless she gets hit by a truck. But you have to have some kind of insurance. I have medicare, which is great for me. Next March, Donna gets medicare and then all will be good.

About a year ago, the Social Security Administration determined they granted my disability when they should not have, so they adjusted my eligibility date back 6 months. Yes it was a bummer that our SS paycheck decreased horribly, but the good that came out of it was our income now meets the level needed to get Donna some medical insurance help. She now pays $33.00 co-pay for a doctor visit. It is all good. Can't wait till next April when everything gets back to normal.

We decided to pack up the RV and get out of the Yuma heat for awhile. August 8th, we headed to Jamal, CA, just outside San Diego to the Pio Pico Thousand Trails RV Park for 2 weeks. The first 2 nights, we were in the North side of the park where we had only W & E.

The second night, our EMS shut down power because it dropped to 91 volts AC. So we moved over to the South side where full hookups are.

And because this park is famous for no cell or internet service, I picked up a booster from Amazon.

So far, we can make and receive cell calls and barely get an internet signal. I need to do some more tweaking, but we can be called if needed. Still waiting for a call out to a wildfire.

That's it for now.

The Fergs out .......

Monday, July 8, 2019

Summertime in Yuma - July 8, 2019

We arrived back at our house in Yuma on June 2oth. I got the RV parked and turned the house AC on.

Triple digit heat everyday now. They turned our water on the day before and I ordered garbage service and internet. We are not doing Centurylink this time. We are going with Spectrum. So begins our summer.

We made another trip to El Cajon, CA. We took advantage of free tickets to Sea World. We got 4 free passes because I was a veteran. Cool! We went with Kim & Chris. It was fun to take Ally. One year old now.

A week later, They came to Yuma for the 4th of July. We all went to a big 4th of July community event. Good beer, fireworks, and fun. Chris won a watermelon eating contest too.

We checked out the local water park here. It looks pretty refreshing and fun. We will be doing this soon.

One day, Donna and I took a little drive up to Lake Havasu City. We visited the thrift shops in town, the London Bridge area, and finished with lunch at Mudshark Brewery. A nice little get away day.

Our RV air conditioner died on the way south this year. It seemed the fan motor was bad. I tore it apart and found just that. We just ordered one through Amazon for $114.00. Should have it going again by next week.

That's about it. Will do another update when we do something special.

The Fergs out .......