Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26 to August 16, 2012 - Crescent Bar Resort, Quincy, WA

We are back at Crescent Bar Resort again. We will be here 3 weeks this time. It was a quick 34 mile trip. This time we are in site number 97.
Kim and her friend Cody came to visit us for a weekend. They set up a tent while Fergizmo (our Travel Gnome) watched.

A few days later, Our Daughter Candy came to visit with Chase and we also got to watch Rome for the weekend. It was pretty hot all weekend, so we spent a lot of time in the pool We had a great time.

We took a quick trip to Burlington on the 5th and visited Camping World. We spent a couple of bucks and brought home a new Sleep Number bed, A combo washer/dryer, telescopic ladder, water pressure regulator, and a few misc. items. The bed is great. The washer will be. It was a royal pain to install.

Sunday night, the 6th, the wind was blowing pretty hard all night and our power kept going off and on. I got up to monitor our shore power voltages and saw that one leg of our 30 Amp power was dropping to 60 volts and bounceing all over. I quickly went out and flipped the breaker on the power ped. I sure was glad to have a good surge protector. See what I found in the morning.

Kim came back to stay with us till school (Eastern WA University) starts next month. It is a little crowded, but we are doing just fine. On Saturday mornings, they serve all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast in the lodge. Yum. Yum.

Randi is loaning me a motercycle to use to commute back and forth to work for a while. It is a Lifan 250 dirt bike (street legal). I quickly realized that it isn't a road bike as the top speed is only 60 mph and that is downhill. It will be great to use when we start house-sitting in East Wenatchee later this month.

We have been living in our RV now for over a month. And we are still slowly getting organized and finding a place for all out stuff. Today we have only 321 days till retirement and we take off. This lifestyle is not bad. Not bad at all .

Life is good .

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22 to July 26, 2012 - Wenatchee River County Park - Monitor, WA

We left Soap Lake around 1030 AM for our 66 mile trip to the Wenatchee River County Park in Monitor, WA. On the way, we stopped at a DOT weigh station that was currently closed. I weighed the truck and 5th wheel, then unhooked and weighed the truck again. I still have to examine the numbers, but it all looks good.

Arrived at Wenatchee River County Park and set up in site 33 of the D loop.
This park is very clean and neat. Lots of trees for shade and pretty green grass with paved sites.

We are located by the Wenatchee River. I thought about getting my fishing pole out...but didn't. There were a few mosquitos here though.

We let our cats (BooBoo and KC) for a bit. They enjoyed it.

Here is a cool wood carving we found right beside the nice and clean restrooms/shower house.

Here is Fergizmo (our Travel Gnome) watching over our site.

This was a very nice clean park to stay in while visiting the area. I had a nice short drive to work these last 4 days.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19 to July 22, 2012 - Soap Lake Resort - An RPI Park, Soap Lake, WA

A nice easy 36 mile trip from Crescent Bar to the Resort in soap Lake. We met the other 4 RVs at the Trinidad Rest Area and together we convoyed to Soap Lake Resort and setup in site 117.

Hot weather, then a pretty good thunderstorm, then some great clear blue sky weather. Our Chapter of the Good Sam Club, The Appleland Sams, have a total of 6 RVs here. We were lined up on the top tier.

Here is the office, pool, and mini-golf.

We all had some great fellowship.

Having a good time with the Chapter.

Additional note about the park: When checking in, you were given a wristband with your campsite number on it. This was done because of all the non-paying 'visitors'. There were close to 100 tents set up with upwards of 18-20 individuals staying at each site. All you could hear was the Russian language being spoken by the many children, teens, parents and grandparents living there. Some sites had 2 tents and 3 cars with blankets covering the windows of the vehicles because people were sleeping in them. The restrooms/showers were filthy and un-usable due to the number of people there. The pool and hut tub were filled to over-flowing with all the kiddies. The adult clubhouse we reserved for our Good Sam Chapter potluck was surprisingly clean and in good repair.

We do not recommend this campground. We won't be back.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8 to July 19, 2012 - Crescent Bar Resort - Thousand Trails Preserve, Quincy, WA

In the midst of moving out of our house, it was finally time to move the 5th wheel. We got reservations at Crescent Bar Resort, a Thousand Trails preserve, site number 71. It is good to finally start using our TT membership.

From here:
Donna went to watch Rome (Our Grandson) while our Son Tim, and his wife Shannon went on a little vacation, and I moved the rig and got it set up. The 23 mile trip went smoothly.
To here:

For the 12 days we will be at Crescent Bar, I will commute to work. Donna will finish cleaning out the house for closing, and she also will be helping some friends of ours with their apricot orchard. She will pick a little, and sort/pack also.

Crescent Bar Resort is pretty nice. We have used the Hot Tub a few evenings. They have good clean showers, swimming pool, and a nice community center.

Just down the road is a great place to eat. It's called Tower Pizza. They have gourmet pizzas that are very good. They also have Mac & Jacks Amber Ale on tap. Great atmosphere too.

I guess you could say that we are full-time RVers now. Just not full-time travelers yet. It's all coming together.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July, 2012 - We have our house SOLD!!

Since the housing market isn't in the best shape right now, we decided to put the house on the market this year. If we had waited till spring of 2013, and it didn't sell, we would have to postpone our retirement plans. So we put our house on the market May 7th.

We had several viewings, and 1 month later, we had an offer! We countered and they accepted it. The home inspection was completed and the buyers signed off on the results and I didn't have any repairs to make. The pest inspection went and appraisal went well also. A closing date was set and after a few delays, we finally closed in mid July .

We had rented a 10 X 10 storaged unit and started our massive downsizing project in June. We gave away much to friends, family, Goodwill, and had a big yard sale. And the storage unit is pretty full too.
We filled our 5th wheel and moved it to a close by Thousand Trails preserve at Crescent Bar.

I will continue to work and will commute to work from where ever we are living. I quess we are semi full timers now. We still have much organizing to do in the 5th wheel, and have a year to weed out our storage unit.

It's all comming together!!!