Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WA State Good Sam Samboree

A short trip today. Only 13 miles to the Fairgrounds at Moses Lake, WA for the Washington State Good Sam Samboree. There are 3 outings that the Washington State chapter does each year.

There are over 250 rigs here this year.


We have a spot beside my brother Jim.

Our chapter, the Appleland Sams, had a table so we could raffle some baskets full of goodies. All proceeds go to Dogs For The Deaf, Ronald McDonald House, and Fisher House. At the same time, Donna set up a table and sewed patches on peoples Good Sam chapter vests.

We made over $250 on our table, and Donna brought in $150 by herself. All went to our charities.

Then Donna set up her crafts table to show off all her sewing, knitting, and crocheting stuff. I got a pretty busy little woman. Here is Eileen and Donna.

We also took pictures of all our chapter members in front of their rigs.

Here we are.


And here is our group picture. The Appleland Sams.

Had a great time at this 4 day event. I did volunteer to do the Washington State Good Sam webpage. So by becoming the webmaster for them, Donna and I just became members of the staff. We get new vests too.  Watch for all the changes.

Fun times.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Pier 4

Before moving from Crescent Bar to Pier 4, I washed and waxed my truck. I used a product called Bullet Polish & Protectant. My brother Jim uses this on his cars and swears by it. You just pour the bottle into a gallon of distilled water and then fill a squirt bottle. Just spray a light coat on, wipe it around, buff it off...ta da...shiny rig!

Worked pretty good.

You can get it online at the Bullet Polish website.

We moved on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Crescent Bar was filling up with some crazy, LOUD, party animals. Time to move on. 43 miles later we were at Pier 4 RV Resort. This is a member of RPI and so it was only 10 bucks per night. We will be here 3 nights.

There is a big grassy area and a smaller gravel area. We opted for the gravel site. We are all but alone here (after the holiday), and close to Moses Lake.

The park has a common area with a game room, adult lounge, and washer/dryer area.

Nice and clean, but I am glad to have our own washer/dryer combo.

They have a little pool too.

Along with a community fire pit fairly close to us.

Interstate 90 is right next to the park, but we are on the far side and can hardly hear it.

There is a pedestrian bridge from the park that goes over I90 and into the Blue Heron Park. Clean and green place.

This is a great place to kick back and get used to retirement.

The Washington State Good Sam Samboree starts next Wednesday at the Moses Lake Fairgrounds just 5 miles away.

Good Times!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Last Working Day

I woke up again at 4:45 AM. This has been my Monday through Thursday daily routine. I made the 28 mile trip to the Support Center in Wenatchee where I have been working for Frontier Communications for the last 15 years. My last working day!

I pulled in the support more time.

I parked in my parking more time.

And into our office area.

To my desk home away from home for such a long time.

I felt a little strange today. Kind of excited about the future, and yet a weird feeling that I am going to miss the work. This has been the best job in Frontier.

But I am ready to kick back for a while.

I had to empty everything out of my work van.

I cleaned it out of all the tools, pieces and parts.

I loaded up 3 pallets of 'stuff'.

Here is our......their, work board showing all the jobs they have coming up. They will just have to do without me now....he he.

I would like to have put 30 years into this company, but, (hind sight is 20/20) since I put 10 years in the US Army, and 14 more at another phone company, it is what it is.

No regrets. My life story here.

It has been quite a run. Starting out with GTE, bought out by Verizon, then becoming Frontier.

Same truck, different paint job!

I do have to go in on June 3rd to turn in my ID Card, keys, etc. Then it will be over and I will join the 'retirement' crowd. A few things to get done in this area, then hitting the road the first week of September.

But now, back to our RV at Crescent Bar and so begins the process of relaxing and slowing down, and the start of our 'new' life. Donna and I have each other and now have all the time in the world to enjoy each other, and see the 'world' with new eyes.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Retirement Soon!

Just a few more days to work. Then retirement time. My last day at work will be May 23rd. Then I will be off till June 3rd, when I go in to turn my ID and keys.

It's getting pretty exciting.

We are staying at Crescent Bar till May 26th.

And the weather has been just great too.

We did have a bit of a problem. During the hot days, our refrigerator stopped working. 

We had to throw out quite a bit of food. The temp inside got up to 52 degrees and wouldn't cool.

We picked up a small 3.3 cu fridge and used our big ice chest with lots of ice.

While making arrangements to have it looked at, we defrosted it and I checked it out pretty good for and sign of trouble or loose connections. It looked like it just died.

After 4 days, it started working again. Crap! I quess I won't be taking it in till it quits again. If it is currently working, they are not going to find any problems. We will be keeping an eye on it.

On Sunday, May 12th, we attended out Great Grandson's 1st birthday party. He was born last year on Cinco de Mayo.

Oli with Daddy Erik.

Sara helping Oli open gifts.

We took lots of pictures.

The party had a pirate theme.

Erik taking on the kids.

Donna with Oli.

Oli's 1st birthday cake.

Yum Yum.

Fun times!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Donna's Sewing Creations

Donna loves to sew, crochet, knit and make all kinds of cool stuff. At the Lynden Campout, She set up a table during the 'Crafts' event. She showed off and sold a bunch of her 'wares'. There was quite a bit of interest and had lots of compliments. She sold quite a few too.

Her table.

There are a variety of purses and bags she had made.

Those pear looking things are pin cushions.

More pin cushions, and booties too.

Hats, and pot holders.

 Little pot holders too.

Donna showing one of her bags.

There are the pears...I mean pin cushions.

  Oh, and scarfs too.

My little woman is quite crafty....