Monday, October 28, 2013

A Fast Week

Another week gone. Time really flies (when your having fun).

Here is what we have been doing this past week.

We are at Ridgeview RV Resort in Bullhead City for another week. Every evening we sit on out patio and enjoy the starry night. There is never a cloud in the sky it seems. Temps everyday have been in the low 90s upper 80s, and cooling down into the 60s for good sleeping weather.

Here is a view of the Laughlin casinos from our patio at night.

There was an event at the Avi Casino last weekend. It was called The Rumble On The River. There were several 'Rockabilly' bands playing, a Pin-Up girl contest, venders, and a car show.

Seems there is always a car show on around here. These cars were...different though.

Nice seats....

Lots of 'Low Riders'.

They must drag these cars here.

What a 'bug' rod!

And the Pin-Up girls.

We made some good friends while here. Jeff & Liz were our neighbors all week. They just left today. We will see them again in Needles next week. He is an avid metal detector. I got ours out and he gave me a class and many helpful hints.

We also have been spending time visiting the yard sales around the area. We picked up a few goodies. Donna found something special.

Yep. We are getting married.....again.

This Jan 5th is our 40th wedding anniversary. We want to renew our vows when we get back up to Washington probably in May. Beautiful dress. It is NEW also. What a steal at $25.00! I quess that means I will have to dress up too.

Looking forward to the big event.

We also have been going for walks around our park each morning.

There are these concrete river beds all over. When it rains....lookout they say.

We also have discovered a new hobby. Geocaching! I downloaded an app that works pretty good. It uses and there are many little treasures around us to discover.

Here is Donna when she found our first one.

Fun! Fun!

There is a free buffet in Laughlin at the Tropicana every 4th Wednesday of the month for veterans and a guest. We went with Gene and Cyndi. There were lots of people there. We ate too much as usual, but it sure was good.

We had a get together at Gene & Cyndi's house and met another couple. JP & Nell were RVer who bought a house here in Bullhead City.

Gene BBQ'ed us some burgers and we had a nice afternoon.

I'll close this post with some pics of Fergizmo in the desert.

Lovin every minute of it...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Native American Petroglyphs

Just 10 miles outside of Laughlin, NV is a canyon that an unknown tribe of native Americans once lived. They left many signs behind, including petroglyphs.

A short trip North on Highway 163, and a right turn on Christmas Tree Pass road, we made it to Grapevine Canyon. The site of the petroglyphs.

We are getting used to the desert landscape and climate. Beautiful country.

Love the variety of cactus.

We parked at the trailhead. Not many people here today.

Off we went back into the past.

Following an old river bed, we arrived at what was once the settlement of some long ago peoples.

A bunch of rock artists?

I can't imagine what they were trying to capture in their rock etchings.

Why didn't they hang around the Colorado River? Why here? They say it is Sacred ground.

And what kinda pictures are they trying to express?


 We got our exercise that day and had fun doing it.

Fun, Fun!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ridgeview RV Resort - Bullhead City, AZ

We left the RAT (Riverside Adventure Trails) and made  the 13 mile drive to our new park for two weeks.

We are at Ridgeview RV Resort.

Just at the North end of Bullhead City, AZ. Laughlin is just across the bridge in Nevada with all the casinos.

A nice driveway into the park.

Here is the check in office. We are using our RPI membership and are paying $11.00 a night (plus some misc. taxes).

This park has over 300 sites.

The clubhouse had a fire a few weeks ago. It is closed, but it looked like a great place to hang out.

Nice pool area.

Too bad it is closed for repairs. They are working on it and will bring in a portable building next week so all the park activities can continue.

We had a great view of Laughlin and the casinos from our site. At night they are all lit up with purple, green, red, and blue lights.

We are right on the edge of the desert.

We have a good site.

And have met some great people here. Our neighbor even gave me a class on using our metal detector. We are going to explore this area and all the parks and river fronts later this week.

The weather is in the mid 80s during the day, and low 50s at night. A little windy some days, but always blue skies....Nice!

We are killing time in this area until we fly back up to Washington in early November for the birth of our Grandson, Ryker Nash Ferguson.

Life is Good!