Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bryce Canyon N.P. - Bear Valley RV Campground, Panguitch, UT - September 21, 2017

Tim & Bev and us, we packed up and left the campground by 8:30 AM. We stopped at the Maverick gas station in Moab and topped the tanks off. Gas was $2.69 a gallon.

It was a windy day. We had a tailwind as we headed north towards Interstate 70. Then on I-70 West, I had to fight the wind.

Our trip on the Interstate started out fairly flat.

Then we had some pretty good climbs. We crossed 2 summits that were over 8000 feet.

Finally turned south on highway 89 towards Panguitch.

We chose Bear Valley RV Campground, just 10 miles north on Panguitch, because it was centrally located in the area we wanted to explore, and the price was good. Full hookups at $27.94 a day (weekly rate).

Tim & Bev parked right next to us.

The next morning, we all headed out towards Capital Reef National Park. After taking a wrong turn, we arrived at .... Bryce Canyon NP. Whatever..

We stopped at the sign for pics, then on to the visitor center for stamps, maps, and the movie.

They had this huge solar panel here. I had to get a pic of it.

I also took a photo of the hiking trails so we could refer to it later on in the park.

The first stop along the rim, was Sunrise Point. And the trail we chose was the Queens Garden Trail.

We stopped at several view points on our drive through the park. Each vista was incredible. But the real treat was when you hike down into the canyon and get close to the hoodoos and other cool rock formations.

It was a great day. Now this park tops the other two we have done so far. Now it is Bryce, Arches, then Canyonlands.

Two more to go.

Fergs .... out!

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  1. An awesome park. I found it very hard to edit all the photos I took there as they were all incredible. Enjoy and safe travels!