Saturday, November 4, 2017

Yuma, AZ - November 4, 2017

We have been here in Yuma, moochdocking at our friends Bev & Tim, for two week now. Time seems to be flying by lately. The weather has cooled a bit, from the mid 90s to now in the mid to lower 80s. Much nicer. We are fortunate to have such good friends. Their hospitality is wonderful.

And the sunrise and sunsets are typical Arizona awesome!

They bought a nice winter home last winter. They have a 14 x 65 mobile home, with a cool Arizona room on one side along with 2 RV spaces with hookups. A nice covered carport for their car. They have some cool Arizona cacti, including a saguaro. I have been helping Tim fixing the place up.

They got a great deal on their place. And since we are always down here in Arizona each winter ... we started looking for a winter place for ourselves. There are many places for sale down here, at really good prices too. Tim & Bev are really helpful and we have seen quite a few places so far. We will see what happens...

Besides going to flea markets and yard sales, we all went down to Los Algodones. We found a great place to have lunch, and had some killer shrimp tacos.

And Donna had some dental work done there. Can't even come close to US dentist prices.

We all also took off on a mini getaway to Laughlin, NV. We stayed in the Colorado Belle one night (for $24.74!!) and had a great time. Didn't win anything, but had fun trying.

And that's about it for now....

Fergs .... out!