Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Back in Washington - July 25, 2017

Gene has been doing really good. So good that we decided it was time to go. It is amazing how fast he has bounced back. We have really enjoyed our time here.

Just before we headed out, my cousins from North Bend/Coos Bay came to visit. Cathy and her husband Dennis, and Butch.

It was a good visit.

In all my walks around the Old Town Bayfront, I finally got to see the drawbridge open up.

Pretty neat!

On Wednesday, the 19th, we said our goodbyes, and headed out. East on Highway 126, then north on Interstate 5. It was a good travel day, anf 200 miles later, we pulled into the Vancouver Elks Lodge. We have stayed here several times. Twenty bucks for E/W. A good stopping point. We did one night here.

Thursday morning, we continued north another 200 miles on I-5, through Olympia, Tacoma, and after a short detour around Seattle on I-405, we pulled into the Thunderbird Thousand Trails in Monroe. We would have liked to stayed here for a while, but we could just get 1 night.

But that's ok, we got setup and headed over to my Son's house in Mill Creek. He is in China for 10 days for business and we wanted to give Shannon a little break and play with our Grandsons Roman & Ryker. We had a fun evening.

After only 1 day here, we moved 30 miles north to the Tulalip Casino to boondock. Another place we have stayed at many times. This time for 4 nights.

Then we can get back into the Thunderbird for another 3 nights.

Our Daughter Candy is here in the Everett area and is spending the time with us. While there, I did go play the slots a little and ended up $30 to the good.

From there, we also went to play with Romam & Ryker some too.

Monday, the 24th, we drove 180 miles to Yakima to visit our Daughter Kim. It was a quick visit because she had to go to work and we were there to pick up an old family member, KC (aka Kitty Cat). We got her 14 years ago. Kim took her after college. Now she is married and KC just wasn't working out in the new household. We said we would gladly take her back. She now has her step sisters, Rumble Bunny and Tinkerbell Gemstone to play with. Kim said her goodbyes, and we headed back to the RV at the Tulalip.

KC is 14 years old and has lost a lot of weight. She is loveable as can be, just skin and bones. Today, we took her to a Vet in Monroe. It looks like she has some thyroid problems. They took a blood and urine sample and we will know more in a few days. The Doc seems to think it all can be taken care of.

We moved back to the Thunderbird. We have gotten 3 nights here. It is a good site, FHU, just too many trees for any TV. That's ok, we have power, and AC. It has been pretty warm in these parts lately.

If we can't extend here, we will have to head back to the Tulalip for 4 more nights. Then we have some reservations in La Conner.

OK ... gotta go play with my cats!

Fergs .... out!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Florence, OR - July 15, 2017

We have been here for 19 days, and it hasn't rained once. This time of year, the Oregon coast is perfect. While the rest of the west is having a heat wave, it has been mid 60s to middle 70s here. Nothing but blue skies!

Gene continues to improve daily. Maybe another week or so and we will head back to central/Western Washington.

One day, Donna and I went exploring the Jetty. It is where the Pacific Ocean ansd the Siuslaw River meet up.

There are alot of sand dunes around Florence. The ORV folks have a ball around here. Quite a few sand boarders too.

Rumble Bunny says hi!

One day, we went with Gene to Izzys Pizza and Buffet in Newport. I didn't get pictures, but the place is up on a hill with a great view of the beach. The food was good too.

After lunch, we drove to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. One of the prettiest ones on the coast.

We stopped at Walmart on the way home. I saw this Jackfruit.

I never have seen one this big. Crazy..

We had company come visit. Nell & JP came along with Nancy. Gene's wife Cyndi worked with these ladies at JC Penny in Washington a long time ago.

We all went out for dinner to the Surfside Restaurant in Heceta Beach.

Good company and food too!

The next morning, we all went out to the Three Rivers Casino for breakfast and to try our luck on the slots. It was a good breakfast, and I donated $10 to the machines.Donna was the big winner. She came away with an extra $20.

Life is Good!

Fergs .... out!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Moochdocking in Florence, OR - July 5, 2017

South Jetty Thousand Trails isn't too bad ... but space A-15 pretty well sucks - bad power! In the mornings, the power would pop off. Not the 30 amp breaker outside, but my Magnum inverter would detect low voltage and shut down. My Progressive Industries EMS did not turn off the power, but the voltage reading was 106 VAC. So I turned off the 30 amp breaker and we just used out inverter from then on. One evening, I checked to see if the power was still bad. I turned it on because the voltage was 109. Then Donna made a cup of coffee in our Kuerig one cup coffee maker and the voltage plummeted to 102 volts. OK, the park is full so we will do without park power. No biggie, we will be moving on the 4th of July.

Gene is improving slowly. We take him to the doctor and phsical therapy a couple of times a week. Our old friends Don & Don came over to visit. We had met them years ago in Newport, OR when they all were still RVing.

At the Florence airport, there was a 'Wings & Wheels' event. I went and saw cool classic cars, old planes and RC planes.


Only $99.00 for a ride in the sky.

Crazy turbocharger!

It was pretty neat!

The weekend before the 4th, the Old Town Bayfront was gearing up for the holiday crowd.

There was even this patriotic contraption floating in the bay.

Right outside of Gene's Pysical Therapy office is this cool sea lion statute. There are a bunch of these all over Florence, but this one is covered with lighthouses. Cool!

We are enjoying our time here and so are Rumble Bunny and Tinker Belle. Here they are with their 'cat woman'.

On the 4th, we packed her up and headed over to our new parking spot. As Donna followed me in the Jeep, we drove 1.9 miles to park (moochdock) in Gene's driveway.

I strunge my big extension cord to one of his 15 amp outlets, and voltage, 121 volts. This is working out great.

That evening, we set up chairs behind our RV and waited for the fireworks. Little Don showed to to watch too.

We are just a block and a half from the Bay where the fireworks were going to go off. We had an excellant spot to watch from. The area down by the docks were packed.

There is a barge in the bay that will be setting them off.

And here we go....

Happy 4th of July!!

Fergs .... out!