Thursday, May 19, 2016

Working & Dinking Around at Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - May 19, 2016

Time is going by pretty fast here at our Thousand Trails workamping spot. We are both working now. Donna and I both man the Welcome Center, checking folks in and stuff. She also does cleaning while I will be taking care of the pool and hot tub. They have finished the work on them and are filling up now.

Since the last time I posted, we have done a few things.

Here is Donna with her friend Carol at a yard sale. That is Wenatchee in the background, our old hometown.

Some of my projects:

I picked up 2 of these.

Two of our old RV doorknobs don't work all that good anymore,

so I changed them out to the lever style.

Much better now.

I removed our old water filter that was located in the compartment that housed the Solar Controller and Inverter. I was always worried about a leak of something.

Now it is an external filter.

Easier to change the filter out now too.

We have 30 amp service here. On occasion, I want to run both air condtioners at the same time. I monitor our current usage all the time using the indoor monitor panel..

With the front AC running, we are useing 15 amps with everything running and 1 AC. I turn the rear AC on in the Fan-Hi mode. Our usage goes up to 18-19 amps. Then I set it to Cool and when the commprssor kicks in, it may spike up to 32 amps, just for a monemt, then settle down to 28 amps. That's cutting it pretty close to a breaker trip.

So I bought an electrical 'cheater' cord.

It puts the 30 amp circuit on L1 of our 50 amp cord, and a 15/20 amp circuit on the L2.

Because the two 125 VAC circuits are not 'out of phase' with each other, my inside monitor panel still thinks I have only a 30 amp connection. But that's OK. I checked the true reading outside with our Progressive Industries EMS,

and I can see the RV loads split up on both legs of our 50 amp cord. Our second AC unit now will run on the L2 leg by itself and not threaten to trip the park 30 amp breaker. Cool. As the summer heats up, I'll post if I have any issues come up.

We drove accross the mountains to visit our son. The boys, Rome had a T Ball game.

Rome & Ry getting ready to go.

Tim, Rome & Ry. Typical Western Washington weather, just about to start to drizzle.

Ryker is a good spectator and fan.

Tim is the Coach. Here he is giving batter pointers to Roman.

It's a hit! He had a fun game.

Good game, good game, good game.

Thats about it for this update. I'm thinking the blog updates may be spread out to monthly updates.

Unless something special happens, then I'll do one sooner. We'll see....

Working .... working .... working....

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day - Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - May 8, 2016

It's Mothers Day today. We wish all the Mamas out there a happy Mothers Day. Our Moms are gone now. I lost mine to cancer when I was just 15.

This is my Mom & Dad when they were just dating.
Donna lost her Mom back in 1994.

We cherish our early memories.

Our 3 kids are scattered all across Washington, and Donna has one in Southern California. She will always be 'Mommy', and now Grandma (Nana) and Great Grandma too!

Time is really going by fairly quickly while we are workamping here. We have been here 3 1/2 weeks now. Ranger Donna is enjoying her work and is doing a good job.

Our daughter, Kim, came to visit us this weekend. She (and KC her cat) have spent the last two nights with us. This also has been Apple Blossom weekend in Wenatchee. Our hometown of Wenatchee has been known as the Apple Capital of the World for as long as I can remember. Lots happening in town at this time, the Chassis Classy parade, the kiddies parade, the big parade, car shows, the carnival in town, and the Arts & Crafts show, and lots more.

We headed into town Saturday before Donna had to report to work. The big Grand Parade was going to start soon, and we wanted to walk around and check out the Arts & Craft area.

We crossed the parade route before it got too crazy.

Lots of booths are set up.

And 'Fair' food.

Here is a big corn dog.

And even a Giant one too!

The girls spent quite awhile browsing.

We had to have our 'carnival' food fix. I had a Philly Cheesesteak, Donna had a Bratwurst, Kim had a Meat & Cheese pocket thingy.

I took a couple of pictures when the Pre-parade started. There were lots of runners in the Apple Blossom 2, 3, 5, and 10 K Races.

Then came the Corvette Club, Antique Car Club, Car Show winners, a hydroplane, the military, and Fire & Law enforcement.

We didn't have time to stay for the parade, with all the marching bands and floats and stuff. We headed out with our loot - a T shirt, Elephant Ear, Funnel Cake, and Cotton Candy.

On the way home, we hit Costco and renewed our membership. We also stocked up on paper towels, toilet paper, coffee, and other staples.

After hearing all the 'scuttlebutt' on the blogs I follow, and on Facebook, we have purchased an Instant Pot. No, not that green leafy stuff that is legal here in Washington, a real cooking appliance pot.

So far, we have made Ziti Meatballs, Potato Bacon Chowder, Chicken Vegetable Stew, and IP Mac & Cheese twice. It is living up to all the hype we have heard. It is fast and makes good food pretty easy.

What else have we been up to? Well, in the last week or so, our Splendide washer/dryer has been making crazy loud sounds when spinning. Sounded like something had come loose in there. I pulled it out and opened it up. Hoping to see something out of the ordinary.

I found this big bolt laying in the bottom.

Now where did it come from? Come to find out, this was one of the packing bolts that were removed prior to use.

With nothing obvious that I could fix, I re-installed it. And Whaa-la!! It works nice and quieter now.
Now I'm sure I didn't really fix anything. I think I just got it in there a little more level than it was.

But I am glad it is working better now, that's for sure.

We also want to replace out motorhome carpet with some nice tile, maybe vinyl or something. So I decided to check out what is really under the old carpet and see what the floor in looking like.

I chose to remove a small section in the bath area.

I tore this section out. Now I can see what it will take to get the floor leveled and prepped for a new floor covering. There is some old vinyl tile there matching what is in the toilet area and in front of the sink. Of course there is nail and staple holes there now too.

It is a start. It will be nice to get this project going and done.

But, hey, what's the rush? We're going to be here for awhile.

Till next time ......