Sunday, April 26, 2015

Long Beach Thousand Trails, Seaview, WA - April 23 - April 26, 2015

Some water was falling out of the sky as we were leaving Vancouver. Oh yea, rain. We hadn't experienced rain in quite a while. The new motorhome didn't leak anywhere. That is a good thing! And on this trip, no bugs to clean off the front end!

On our way to our next stop, we curved back into Oregon and passed through Astoria. We stopped at the Colunbia River Maritime Museum. There was a big parking lot, and a geocache was here that we wanted to find. For some reason, we didn't get any geocaches in Oregon the last time through.
There was one here at the museum.

Our parking spot beside this old guide boat.

Hey, there is the Astoria Column. We were up there last year.

This is a neat museum.   

The Lightship Columbia and a paddle wheeler.

Lots of cool stuff here

But we were here for this

This is a virtual geocache. We had to look at it close-up.

After this find (our 108th one), we got the Oregon State souvenir.

That makes 19 states we have found geocaches in. Cool!

After a 122 mile day, we arrived at the Long Beach Thousand Trails RV Park. One of our 'bucket list' items, is to stay in each of the Thousand Trail parks. This is our 22nd TT park we have stayed in.

This is our site we chose.

This is not much of an RV 'Resort', but it is in a great location.

Good space between sites, and they have a pool area, but not open yet.

There is a trail to the beach that is pretty close to our site.

After just 300 yards or so, I came upon a paved walking/biking trail.

It is called the Discovery Trial.

I checked out the ocean here.

And had to do a selfie for Facebook too!

I had to get my bike out!

The next day, the sky was blue, sun was out, gorgeous, and definitely a biking day!

The Discovery Trail is 8.5 miles in length. I headed out on the trail from Seaview where our RV park is,

and rode down to a Gray Whale skeleton site beside Long Beach.

Gray Whale sculptures, bones, and a selfie.

Then I cruised around the town of Long Beach.

Typical tourist town. Cool wood sculptures.

Even a giant Gooey Duck and frying pan.

And a cool museum too!

I did 6.5 miles of the 8.5 miles of the trail.

This Thousand Trail parks is good because of this location. Some we have been to, we wouldn't go back. This one...we just might.

Next up is Oceana TT near Ocean City, WA.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Daughter Candy, Solar Stuff, Vancouver, WA - April 20 - April 23, 2015

It was a good stay at the TT in Bend, a little chilly, but good.

We headed over to Springfield, OR and stopped at AM Solar. I had two things to pick up for my solar panel install.

AM Solar

They were really nice and professional. Their waiting room had a wall all setup with their products. I had to get some pics

This is what I picked up. A combiner box and 30 feet of 4/2 cable. ($230.00)

Then up Interstate 5 and into Washington! Yes, those are bugs on the windshield.

We parked at the Vancouver Elks Lodge #823.

They only charge $15.00 a night for 30 Amp and water. What a deal! It will be three nights for us.

It is a great place to stay when in this area. There were only 3 other rigs here.

Candy, our oldest daughter came and stayed with us while we were here. She even cooked us dinner each night!

Here we are.

While here, we went to Costco, Walmart, and Home Depot, where I picked up another pile of stuff for my solar/inverter install coming up soon.

Here is the goodies I got from Home Depot.

It was time to get my back board put in so I can start mounting stuff.

3/4 inch plywood is installed.

This was my working area.

Time to start hanging equipment.

I changed out a couple of breakers and did a little re-arranging so I now have a 30 Amp breaker dedicated to my inverter.

And I installed some wire molding to hide the wires that feed my two remotes.

It is starting to come along.

Today is moving day.

Time to go see the Pacific Ocean!