Saturday, September 17, 2016

The End is in Sight (Workamping), Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - September 17, 2016

Donna's last day of work is the 24th, and mine is the 25th. The end is in sight! The hot tub and pool are winterized and no longer my morning 'job'. For these last two weeks, we just have to do a little work in the Welcome Center, checking folks in and out. Donna will do it 3 days a week, and me only once. We are soo ready to move on.

I've pretty much finished up the RV floor re-model work. Here are the last few pictures I took.

The front area

Entry area

Our Splendide washer/dryer combo unit died and we ran to Camping World in Spokane to buy another. This time we bought a Ariston washer only.

 Maybe we will get a matching stackable dryer later.

It fit right in where the old one was.

I have been getting our rigs ready to travel. The oil is changed in the Jeep and motorhome, as well as the K&N air filters cleaned. Tires are all aired up and wheel lug nuts torqued. I even tested the slides to make sure they go in and out over the new floor. I don't want any surprises on moving day!

Now as for the Jeep.... I heard a clunk noise the other day while backing out from a parking place from around the left front wheel area. Felt like something broke. U-joint maybe? Then it seemed to be ok. So I took it into the Jeep dealer in Wenatchee and asked for the transfer case to be serviced, and had them investigate the clunk noise I had heard. It was due for a checkup.

Boy was I surprised. They found a leaky power stearing pump, hoses, cooling unit, hood struts were bad, and a bad front left propeller shaft driveline. Nice!

Just over $2,500.00 bucks later, we got her back. OK, now we are ready to go. It is good to find and fix now, than be broken down along side the road somewhere. Like I always say ... It's only money!

Another good reason that we workamped this year.

Donna and I continue to eat according to the Whole 30 eating plan. Donna is down 20 pounds and it is 38 for me. We bought fitbits and have been walking everyday. Here is one of my favorite walking routes.

It is a 5 mile walking route.

The views at the top are awesome.

Our park, way down there.

This is a new housing area.

They are building a model home, and an office.

After my walk around the top, it is down..



and through all the condos.

A great daily walk.

Hitch Itch!!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Three Years On the Road, Starting Year Four, Crescent Bar TT Resort - Quincy, WA - September 5, 2016

Even though we sold the house and moved into our 5th wheel in 2012, September 5th, 2013 was the date we hit the road, the 'anniversary' of our full time gypsy RV lifestyle.

Heading out"

(Yep, our old setup)

Our first year travels:

The second year:

and now year three is in the books:

Here is the Year 3 Recap.

We began year 3 at Crescent Bar TT Resort and headed south after we had some motorhome jacks repaired. We stopped at the Vancouver Elks to visit our daughter, Candy, as we left Washington.

Two stops in Oregon, a Thousand Trails park near Newport, and the Coquille Valley Elks near Coos Bay. Most of our southward trip was down Highway 101 this year.

After stopping at another Elks lodge in Eureka, CA, we then hit 5 new, to us, Thousand Trail parks in central California. We got to see wine country, gold country, and Yosemite.

We met up with our Christian Fellowship group in Visalia and travelled with them on to Death Valley NP for the Death Valley 49'ers annual encampment.

Then on into Arizona, stopping at Ft Mohave to say hi to Donna's brother, Gene. While there, we rented a car and boogied on to Livingston, TX for our doctor's checkups. After we got back, we went to spend Christmas near Yuma with my sister Karen & Cliff.

Then it was boondocking time. Quartzsite for most of January. We attended a Christan Fellowship rally and several RV Dreams mini reunions and get togethers. Great times!

Then the doctor called and wanted to see Donna again... Rats!. OK, we go to Texas!

It was a good trip. We got to see some new areas. We stayed at 5 different Thousand Trails parks and even got to visit my old Army buddy, OJ. What a surprise. Fun times! And the doctor visit went good too.

We decided to workkamp at the Crescent Bar TT park in Washington, so we headed that way in mid March. That was way too early. We drove through some snow in Utah. Utah was beautiful and we really wanted to stop and spend time at all the National Parks. Next time.

We returned to Washington in time to visit our kids in Mill Creek, Pasco, and Vancouver before reporting to work. And we are still working. I believe we are leaving October 1st. We have been here since April 14th.

Where we have stayed in year 3 (days):

Thousand Trail parks - 220
RPI parks - 14
Elks Lodges - 18
SKP parks - 7
Passport America parks - 4
Good Sam parks - 1
State Parks -1
National Parks - 7
Moochdocked - 5
Casinos - 13
Walmart - 2
Misc RV parks - 50
Desert camping - 23

49 days we boondocked

And some year 3 stats:

Miles traveled  -  7,802
States visited  -  10    New States  - 2
Number of times camped  -  48
Average days camped per stop  -  7.63

Campground fees for the year  -  $1258.38   $3.44 per night

Highest average camping fees Month  -  $12.05 per night for December
Lowest average camping fees Month  -  $1.14 per night for May-August

Highlights  -  Workamping, RV Dreams get togethers

Lowlights  -  Too early northward move

As we enter year 4, we feel blessed to be able to live this lifestyle. Looking forward to new and exciting travels.