Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, Tacna, AZ - November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are at the Copper Mountain RV Park in Tacna, AZ, 40 miles east of Yuma along Interestate 8.

The 260 mile trip from Cottonwood was uneventful, even through Phoenix. We did have one issue though. When we got all packed up and ready to leave, the motorhome wouldn't start. The battery was too low. The voltage read 9.9 volts. I even tried the 'Aux Start' button that was suppose to link the house batteries into the circuit. Nothing.

No jumper cables, no battery charger. hmmmm. We had hookups for 4 days, after 19 days of boondocking, and now this happens?  So ... I fired up our generator and the battery voltage jumps up to 14.4 Vdc. Then I started the motorhome, and turned off the generator. Battery was reading 14.4. Seems to be charging ok. I learned 3 things. The 'Aux Start' doesn't work, the house batteries are the ones that start the generator, and the generator will charge the house batteries and motorhome battery.

After driving all the way to Tacna, the battery stayed fully charged. I did check the fluid level and it was a little low, and one cell was really low. I topped it off with distilled water, and I will keep my eye on it before we have to leave here.

Here at Copper Mountain RV Park, we got all set up behind my Sister, Karen.

Karen & Clifford are assistant managers here. We haven't seen them since workamping with them at Crescent Bar TT.

Enjoying the new fire pit with them.

Today, we had a nice Thanksgiving potluck.

Getting ready.

The desert table.

A pretty good turnout.

Time to eat!

Much to be thankful for. We are blessed!

Time for a nap!

Monday, November 21, 2016

National Monuments, Sedona, and Jerome, Cottonwood, AZ - November 21, 2016

Besides wanting to pick up another Thousand Trails park on our list, we wanted to see this area and visit with Sherry Collins, a RV Dreamer we met at a rally in Harrisburg, OR back in 2012. Unfortuantly, she was under the weather so our meet up will have to wait till next time. Get well soon Sherry, and happy birthday today!

We did spend the day, Saturday, doing the 'tourist' thing.

First, we headed for Montezuma Castle N.M.

Pretty awesome looking at the ancient ruins. The weather was perfect today, and of course we played Pokemon Go on our phones all day long too.

Then on to another N.M., Montezuma's Well.

People even lived in the caves above the water.

Ancient cliff dwellers.

An amazing watering hole here in the desert.

The third N.M. for the day was at Tuzigoot N.M.

On top of the hill,

It sure is neat that this place has been made a National Monument. What a history lesson we have had today.

Then we drove through Sedona. This is such a beautiful area. A camera just can't capture what our eyes see.

The scenery here is awesome in all directions. Many resorts, good hiking, cool shops, we definately will spend more time here, and visit Sherry, next time through.

The next day, we drove up to Jerome. At first, I thought it was just an old mining town.

Then in the middle of town, there were the neat little shops and all the 'ghost' town placards. A lot of history here, and a fun little town too.

Scooter Trash - An Eclectic Mix of Random Objects.  A cool name or what!

Some of the old building ruins.

This old bank is accepting deposits. If you look close, there are many coins down there.

The 'Ghost 'town theme abounds.

The Haunted Hamburger.

Then we hit Walmart in Cottonwood on the way back home. Donna did some laundry and some sewing this day, and I am watched the Seahawks win their football game. And rain is coming.

Today, we had thought about leaving and heading to the Yuma area, but the storm is here. There is rain, thunder & lightning too! A good day to chill, catch up on my blogs, and tinker around the RV.

Maybe I will work on the annual Ferguson Christmas newsletter and get ready to get our Christmas cards ready to go out. Yep, we do that.

Our next move will be tomorrow, when the weather improves. We will be taking the 101 Loop around Pheonix. Another new route for us.

Stay tuned....

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Verde Valley RV Resort, Cottonwood, AZ - November 19, 2016

We have driven all over the western part of the US, and we enjoy trying out a new route and seeing some new sights. Upon leaving the Lake Mead area, we headed towards Kingman, AZ on highway 93. After passing by Hoover Dam, we were on a new road for us. It was a good road, just typical Arizona mountains and desert.

Once on Interstate 40, it was up, up, and up. Quite a climb. At Ash Fork, we headed south on highway 89, a new route for us too. Through Prescott and north on Interstate 17, and we were at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails resort just outside of Cottonwood. It was a 269 mile drive day. This is our 42nd (our of 59) Thousand Trails park we have camped at. This completes WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, and MI. We have half of Ohio and most of Texas completed also.

Here is my walkabout of the park.

The entrance and check in station.

Down the road to one of the 4 camping areas.

This is Section B, kinda of a 'park' setting.

The Pool Lodge and pool.

And the mini golf.

The Main Lodge, by us in Section H.

This is some shots of Section H where we landed.

Here we are, in Space H 79.

This is our new fire pit.

Beautiful scenery in the area. Temps are around 75 during the day, and down to 30 at night. Glad we have hookups here.

Time to explore the area tomorrow.