Friday, April 28, 2017

Enjoying Family Time - Thunderbird Resort - Monroe, WA - April 28, 2017

For the last couple of weeks, we have been spending a lot of time with my Son Tim and his family.

One day, I met Tim during his lunch time at an indoor firing range in Redmond. I brought my 9mm and Tim brought his 9mm and his AR-15. We spent the next half hour shooting targets.

It had been a while since I shot mine, and the first time with an AR-15. It is similar to the M-16 I used in the service many years ago. It was fun. 

Another day, Donna and I drove north to Mount Vernon to the annual Tulip festival there. It was a Friday, beautiful weather, and really crowded. But we saw all the colorful tulips.

Quite a line to get up close and walk in the fields.


We did quite a bit of hanging out with the Grandsons, Roman & Ryker. We even got to have our Great Grandson, Oli, over for a night with us in the RV. Roman, Ryker, and Oli had a great time together.

An early birthday for Oli.

Pokémon cards.

They love dressing up.

Oli spent the night in our RV.

Rome is playing T Ball again this year. Donna and I enjoy going to watch him play. (even though it rained both times we went) :)

There is a small cafe close by, the Maltby Cafe. It was featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

It was famous for their giant, yummy cinnamon roll. So we got one.

It didn't disappoint!

We will be moving on in a couple of days. We will go do a quick Good Sam rally along the Canadian border. Then we will be back here again.

Fergs .... out!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Review - Thunderbird RV Park & Campground - Monroe, WA - April 11 - May 1, 2017

This Thousand Trails park is located near Monroe, WA. From Monroe, it is 5 miles along the Skykomish River on Ben Howard Road. The road is a 2 lane road through farm country and forested areas. There are sections where there is no shoulder and the telephone poles are very close to the road. There is also a pretty steep little hill half way to the park.

There are 55 FHU and 40 power & water sites here. The park has 2 sections on the north side of the road along the river (no sewer connections), and the main section (full hook ups) along with the Ranger station and check in is on the south side.

After the check in station, you pass by the overflow/storage area and the Family Lodge/pool area.

The pool area, spa, adult pool, family pool, and kiddie wading pool. All closed this time of the year.

The Red Barn - the Family Lodge.

There is a little walking bridge over to the main RV FHU area, playground and mini golf.

There are three north/south streets, where the FHU RV camping is located. Each street is pretty steep close to the top. They are one way streets, one down, and two up.

The 'down' street. Besides the cabins, the spaces are almost all taken up by 'annual lease' sites. Very little available to the RV traveler.

The middle 'up' street. You can only get satelite tv signal fron one side of this street, and they are all 'annual lease' sites.

The 'up' street on the end is also loaded up with 'annual lease' sites.

There are many rvs (and tents) here for 3 weeks at a time, with small children. Home schooled I guess. Three weeks in and one week out. We were amazed the number of campers here. All the other parks we have been to this time of year were pretty much empty. We are closer to the metropolitan areas here though. I even saw a travel trailer being set up by a U-Haul rental pickup truck.

The 1st section across the road from the check in turnoff.

This section is power and water only, right along the river.

A small foot bridge connects to the other river section.

There is an adult lodge in this section.

This is the best section IMO. It is a little more open, nice river views, and a little more quieter.

And here we are.

We were in the FHU section, the only open site, and had to use a step ladder to get into and out of our rig. And no satelite TV. We moved across the road.

We had good Verizon cell service here. They also have good wifi at both lodges and laundry room. No over-the-air tv reception. There is some train horns at night.

But....this park has the location. The closest one to the Seattle/Everett areas. Our Son and family lives close by. So... we will be back - if we can get a reservation. Not a lot of availability at this park.