Friday, March 2, 2018

Enjoying Winter in Yuma, and a Purchase! - February, 2018

In February, we have been busy organizing our two storage buildings and fixing up our house. The pictures are all hung and it seems like home sweet home now.

I also have been planning our trip northward to Washington too. We plan on leaving Yuma on April 15th, heading west to Interstate 5, then north into Oregon where we will head on over to the coast. This year, our youngest daughter, Kim, will be having a baby in June. It will be my first granddaughter. Pretty awesome!

Our trip planning can always be found online at

A couple of weeks ago, with our friends Tim & Bev, we headed over to El Centro, CA to hit the Costco there. Since we were so close, we decided to show them Slab City. They have heard of the place but have not seen it before. I told them about the place and about Salvation Mountain. We got there and drove through the .... RV area. Well, they have seen it now! What a dump! But then we stopped at Salvation Mountain.

They agreed that it was an 'out of this world' place. Definately strange. OK. Been there, done that, back to Yuma.

Besides riding bikes, hiking up Telegraph Pass, and exploring the shops in the Historic downtown district of Yuma, we went to RV World here in Yuma and checked out their inventory. We had talked about maybe downsizing the RV since we no longer had to carry everything we own.

We met with Nick, the Internet salesman for RV World.

He was really helpful and together, we looked at quite a few rigs. We didn't want a towable, because I didn't want to have to get a truck. There were some really nice travel trailers there. We looked close at Class C motorhomes. But nothing really called out to us.

Hey, maybe a shorter Class A. OK, we will look.

And found one!

We traded in the Southwind and picked up our new rig March 1st. We bought a used 2018 Thor Hurricane 29M Class A. It only had 4468 miles on it and looks like a new unit. It is 30 feet 8 inches long and has just one slide, a full length slide. It has the same engine that our Southwind had, a Ford V10 gas engine.

After we negotiated a price and our trade in. I asked if I could take off my solar panels, inverter and batteries. He said .. yes!

What a job that was. I removed my 4-six volt Lifeline AGM batteries, Magmum MS2012 inverter, Solar Charge Controller and all 6 panels. I also removed the conduits, romex, distribution breaker box, solar and inverter monitor panels, and all the other wiring. It was a lot of work! I did leave the combiner box and the solar panel feet on the roof, so I only had to 'Dicor' a few holes. All this equipment has now been installed on a Cameo fifth wheel, Bighorn fifth wheel, and a Southwind motorhome. And I will soon install it on our new Hurricane.

Time for some pictures.

The inside.

It did come with 1 solar panel and 30 amp charge controller, inverter, and 2 12 volt batteries, which I will be pulling out.

It is just a 1000 watt inverter (modified sine wave) and the only 110 volt outlets that worked off the inverter was the TV and DVD player. The wiring was only 10 and 12 gauge wire too. Not nearly enough for my 2000 watt inverter.

It is ironic that in a few days, we will be taking the new RV to a RV Dreams Boondocking rally in Quartzsite. We will struggle with what we have, then when we get back to Yuma, the 'good stuff' will get installed.

It has been a heck of a winter this year. A new house, car, and RV.

I think we are done now.

Fergs .... out!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Yuma to Q to Yuma - January, 2018

The weather is incredible this winter .... in Arizona. This is the warmest winter season we have ever been in.

After tinkering around the house, organizing, painting, and just enjoying the 'roomyness', we started packing up the motorhome for a trip to Quartzsite. We wanted to do a little boondocking and were looking forward to meeting up with our 'RV Dreamer' friends. There was also the annual Christian Fellowship rally, and the 'big tent' event happening in January also.

It was kinda strange packing stuff back into the RV. We don't have to carry everything we own anymore. We had lots of room in the storage compartments, and the Jeep wasn't totally packed for once.

Off we went to La Posa South, a BLM area just a few miles south of Q. We were going to stop here for just one night and then fill our fresh water tank in preparation for our Christian Fellowship rally.
Our spot in the desert.

After filling our fresh water tank, we headed out to the rally on Plomosa Road. We were going to be there 6 days.

After getting set up, 14 more group members started showing up in their RVs.

We had a great time at the rally. Lots of fellowship, worship, and food!

While there, we went into Q and checked out the vendor area. The big tent wasn't open yet, but there were lots of people about.

We looked at what's new in the RV world.

And found friends Steve & Dianne at Beer Belly's Adult Daycare.

We also went up Plomosa Road a little ways to the annual Escapees Happy Hour.

More rally pics.

It cooled off pretty good at night in the desert, and our Big Buddy propane heater stopped working. After reading on Google, I believe it was clogged because I never installed the inline filter that they suggest when you use an external propane tank. The You Tube videos showed how to disassemble and possibly repair it, so I gave it a try. Man, will I ever get it back together again?

After figuring out the 'puzzle' ..... it worked!

After a succsesful rally, we moved back to La Posa South.

Where we met up with friends Bev & Tim.

Together, we explored the vendors and the opening day in the big tent. Man, was it crowded!

Brock & Nathalie (fellow RV Dreamers) stopped at our spot in the desert and visited us for awhile. It was great, as always, to catch up.

We just did 3 more days in La Posa South, then headed back to our place in Yuma.

Then on Wednesday, the 24th, we drove back to Q just for the day, and a RV Dreamers get together. It sure is good to see everyone again.

Fun, fun, fun!

Back in Yuma, I went down to the AZ DMV and registered the motorhome in Arizona. It was actually pretty easy. The cost in Texas was $229.00, in Arizona, it is $353.00. Oh well...

One day, there was a huge yard sale on our block. There had to be 30 houses participate. It was crazy.

Our house.

Up and down the block. Lots of traffic that day.

This was across the street from us.

Yes, that is a submarine.

It was on display by the Veterans of some submarine unit. No it wasn't for sale.

And finally, I noticed that our poor little Jeep was starting to feel it's age. It is a 2003, has 2 'idiot' lights that just don't want to be fixed. I noticed after returning from Q that both front tires were wearing pretty bad on the insides. Alignment?? The tires were getting down there anyhow. But the biggest issue was it just turned over 191 thousand miles. It was time to go shopping.

And we did. We found a good deal and started talking. I was floored when they offered only $417.00 trade-in value! It was a high mileage issue. Who would dump lots of repair $$$ into a $417.00 car? 

Not us!

So ... we are happy owners of a Nissan Sentra.

Now to get it setup for towing.

Fergs .... out!