Monday, August 13, 2018

Full-time to Part-time to ???? - Yuma, AZ - August 13, 2018

After spending the first 6 days of August at the Thousand Trails park in San Benito, CA, we had a long travel day to Menifee, CA. It was a little over 400 miles to the Thousand Trails park in Menifee.

We checked in and were glad to have electric hook ups for our AC. It was over 100 degrees on the trip here.

We were going to stay several days here, then head down towards San Diego, but we recieved some news we were waiting for and now we had a chance to unload the RV. So we were off to Yuma after just spending one night here.

We arrived home (in Yuma) on the 8th.

We regret trading our old rig for this motorhome. It drives nice, gets better gas mileage, but that's about it! The list of things wrong with it is pretty long now that we have lived in it for awhile. If we were keeping it, it would be back at the dealer getting a lot of warranty work done to it. But we recently had received some pretty serious financial news that was devestating. We have some hoops to jump through and we will get by. Life will go on. The RV though, had to go. We will survive. We have a plan and everything will be OK.

I did remove all 6 solar panels, Inverter, Charge Controller, and all the goodies I put on it. They sure came off faster than it all went on.

Today, August 13, the new owner picked it up.

It has been a great 6 years. This lifesytle has allowed us to meet some wonderful people. We are hoping to save some $$$ and purchace a small travel trailer as soon as we can, and head out again (as part timers). We still want to travel the East coast and go to Alaska.

So here we are, at our place in Yuma. We don't have a RV, but a ton of good memories. Life is still good!

Fergs .... out!...   for now....

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Finishing Up Our Time In Washington - Heading Home Early - August 6, 2018

Early July, I got to watch Roman & Ryker while Tim & Shannon went to Hawaii for their 10th Anniversary. Donna was still with Kim and our new grand daughter, Ally, in Yakima. The boys and I had lots of fun. We went to Snoqualmie Falls and took a little hike through the woods.

We also played mini golf at the course at Tall Chief RV Park.

And a visit to a fish hatchery. Prwtty cool!

Then I moved the RV to the Thunderbird Thousand Trails park in Monroe.

Donna came back to me on July 10th. Kim and Ally are doing great!

Tim brought the boys over to use the pool.

Donna and I travelled into the Seattle area and found Ruth & Dale at their booth at one of the craft fairs going on.

It was good seeing them again.

Candy came to stay with us for awhile while we were at Monroe. Here she is with Roman & Ryker.

We even picked up Oli (our Great-Grandson) for a couple of days and we had all 3 boys overnight in the RV.

It wa a fun, but busy time!

Then Candy and us headed to the Elks Lodge in Yakima for 6 nights, to spend some more time with Kim, Chris, and Ally.

Lots of pictures were taken.

Then it was time to head south. Our plans changed again... and we are heading home, to Yuma. There are many reasons for our decisions, but we are now set on going home and selling the RV, take some time off, and re-coup, rest, and recover.

We dropped Candy off in Vancouver, WA and continued on to Florence, OR. We stayed 2 nights at the Thousand Trails there.

We went out with Gene to celebrate his birthday.

Then down to the Elks Lodge in Eureka, CA.

One night there. We seem to be missing all the forest fires along the way .. and that's OK!

Next stop was at the Russian River Thousand Trails near Cloverdale, CA in wine country.

One night there, and the first of August, we continued south, 200 miles,  to San Benito Thousand Trails near Paicines, CA. We parked it here for 6 nights, and just relaxed a bit.

I saw a bobcat while we were there. Cool!

And that's what's happening with us this last month or so.

Fergs .... out!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

35 Days Without Posting The Blog - Fall City, WA - July 5, 2018

Yep. May 30 till today, July 5th. I bet you thought we fell off the face of the Earth. Nope! Still here.

From the Thunderbird RV Park in Monroe, WA, after 20 days there, we headed East into Central Washington, to Crescent Bar RV Park near Quincy, WA.

We stayed there for 21 days while waiting for our daughter Kimberley's baby to be born. We made several trips to their house in Yakima. We attended her baby shower at her In Laws house there.

Here Donna and I pose with Kim and Candy.

All this baby waiting makes my beard grow.

Oh, and a new addition to the household.

On June 21, we were going to move over to Leavenworth Thousand Trail and keep commuting to Yakima till the baby came, but Kim's husband Chris, said that his parents were heading off on a trip to Sweden and said we cound stay at their house while thet were gone and watch the place and water their plants. Cool!!!

They live up on a hill overlooking the Yakima valley. We even get full hookups too.

Great location. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Baby time!  June 25th, Kim went into the hospital to get her labor induced.

Baby Allison Rey was stubborn though. The next day, Kim was dialated to a 9 and getting close, when the baby's heart beat dropped and things got a little scary. They rushed her in for an emergency C section .... and Allison Rey Reider was born and everyone is doing good. Another miracle.

Tim & Roman came over to meet Allison Rey.

Pretty cool times. Except that Donna's brother, Roy, had a heart attack the day Tim came over. We all went to the hosptial to see him.

He's doing much better now after 3 stents, and they let him go home.

Then after 13 days moochdocking in Yakima, I took the RV back accross the mountains to Tall Chief RV Park in Fall City. Donna is still staying with Kim helping out with the new baby. We will be here for a week.

And that's what's happening with us this last month or so.

Fergs .... out!