Sunday, May 13, 2018

Thunderbird RV Park - Monroe, WA - May 13, 2018

Before leaving Crescent Bar, we went into Wenatchee and Donna got to see her Counseler and had her prescriptions re-newed. Since Donna has a catastrophic insurance plan now, she can go see any doctor, anywhere. We just have to pay for it! We are saving a couple of hundred dollars each month and don't have to travel to Texas to get insured medical care like last year. We will see how this fairs out.

While in Wenatchee, we visited with my step brother Randi and his wife Andrea (and their 4 pugs). We went out for pizza at Abby's Pizza. Good food and better company. Really enjoyed our visit.

Friday, we packed up, lifted jacks and headed over Stevens Pass on Highway 2. I am really happy with how our new motorhome is running. Last check, we got 8.5 mpg. It also handled the mountain passes really well.

One hundred thirty miles, and we pulled into the Thousand Trails park in Monroe.

That evening, we met our Son, Tim & Shannon, along with our grandsons Roman & Ryker, at Red Robin in Bothell. We will be seeing them off & on during our 20 day stay in this area.

The next day, we met them all at the Snohomish Little league ball fields and watched both boys play baseball. Tim is the coach for Ryker's team, and he also helps out on Roman's team too.

Ryker's game

Roman's game.

Enjoying some family time in Washington.

Fergs .... out!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Oregon and Into Washington - Quincy, WA - May 9, 2018

After a nice 120 mile drive, we arrived at the Thousand Trails campground in Florence, OR. It is amazing that we haven't been rained on since we left Arizona. And the Oregon coast here is beautiful.

We got set up

and headed over to Donna's brother Gene's house. On the 3 days we spent with Gene, we had lunch downtown in the historic district at the Beachcomber Pub. My fish tacos weren't that great, but the beer was! The next day, we treated Gene to clam chowder at Mo's.

Always a great place to eat. Later we hit Surfside on the beach.

We really enjoy hanging out on the beach.

After saying our 'goodbyes', we headed north 200 miles and checked into the Vancouver Elks. We got 30 Amp and water for just $20.00 a night.

We were just going to do 1 night here though. Our oldest daughter Candy came over, spent the night,

and the next day, we all headed out for a long drive to Spokane. Interstate 84, to 82, and on to 90, 340 miles. A long day for us. We arrived at the Ponderosa Falls RV Resort in Cheney, WA. We hadn't been here since our youngest daughter Kim was going to Eastern Washington University 5 years ago.

This is a nice RPI park. Full hookups for #28.69 for 2 nights.

We are here because Candy's eldest son, Erik, and his girlfriend Elizabeth live in nearby Coeur d'Alene, ID and her other son, Chase, who is home on leave from the Marines, is visiting also. So our 2 grandsons, and Elizabeth, cane to our place to visit and have dinner with Candy and us. We had a great time.

The next day, Donna and I headed into Coeur d'Alene, to Erik & Elizabeth's house, where Chase and Candy are staying. We all went down to the lake and did the Tubb's Hill hiking trail. It was such a pretty area, and the weather couldn't have been better.

It was a great visit. And today, the 9th, Donna and I headed west another 140 miles to our old stomping grounds, Crescent Bar Thousand Trails RV Resort where we worked the last 2 years.

We are just going to be here 2 nights and then we will head further west and see more family.

And Donna recieved another call from the Beet people. It seems she will be camp hosting at a campground in Warren, MN while I work the beet harvest in Crookston, MN. Looking forward to the experience.

Fergs .... out!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Elks to Casino - Canyonville, OR - May 3, 2018

From Turtle Beach, we headed up I-5 another 195 miles. I topped off our gas tank in Manteca before we left. This will be our last gas-up in California. Paid $3.25 a gallon. Also checked our gas mileage, we got 8.3 mpg on this last leg. Cool!

We stopped in Red Bluff at the Elks.

We have been here once before. They charge $15.00 a night for 30 Amp & water. We choose this place because the next leg would be a longer drive over the mountains and into Oregon.

During our 3 nights here, we didn't do alot, but got our laundry done, explored the streets of Red Bluff, and visited a brewpub in nearby Redding. It was called Woody's. Donna had a really good Woody's burger and I had the Taco special, four different types. The food was great, brew too!

Wednesday was moving day. After hitting the dump station there, we were off again. It was a beautiful 250 mile drive over the mountains north on I-5. Mount Shasta was beautiful against the blue sky. The RV handled the climb great. Better than our last 3 rigs.

Seven Feathers Casino was our destination.

We arrived about 2 PM and got parked. Just a few rigs were there.

This morning, we will head west to Highway 101 and head towards Florence.

Fergs .... out!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Review - Turtle Beach Resort - Manteca, CA - April 21 - April 28, 2018

This Thousand Trails park is located just south of Manteca, CA between Interstate 5 and Highway 99, along the San Joaquin River. This park is also called Turtle Beach Fish Camp.

You will drive through an area with new homes and then along a narrow road lined with trees and older homes.

Good signage, no problems at all.

Welcome Center and Lodge on the right, the park entrance on the left. You must go left, stop at the gate and use the call box. A Ranger will come and check you in.

A few photos of the Lodge.

Photos of the park.

This place is known for fishing, there is a boat launch, fish cleaning station, and fishing available in the river from along the banks. There is a large area along the river for tenters and dry camping.

This is the Loop (Area D) that we are camped in.

The park has 39 FHU sites with 50 Amp, and 17 water & 30 Amp power. There is a dump station here as well. If you need a sewer site, you can get on a waiting list and move when one becomes available. There are quite a few annual sites here and some long term tenants, but not too bad. Still plenty of spaces for travelers. Good power and water pressure. Our Verizon cell service was fine. Satellite TV is available through the trees. It is a clean park and anything you need is available in Manteca just a few miles away.

Another good park.

We will gladly come back to this one.