Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas & On To Quartzsite - December 30, 2014

Donna finally got to decorate the RV with our Christmas decorations. Here it was Christmas Eve and now our tree is up. Next year, we are hoping to be set up somewhere to enjoy the holidays without moving in the middle of them.

But, Donna did a good job and our home looks nice.

Rumble Bunny getting into the Christmas spirit.

A photo bomb.

We have been at Gene's house just about every evening. We all went out to the Aquarius Casino for Christmas buffet this year. It was good! And no cooking, or mess to clean up. Of course, I ate too much, as always.
Santa even brought Rumble Bunny some Christmas goodies.

Christmas grass!

Furry creatures too.

Us guys (Mitch, Gene, and I) went over to the Avi Casino to watch the Seahawk game on Sunday. They didn't televise down here for some reason. We won too!

Had to throw in another gorgeous Arizona sunrise. Ahhhhh....

Tuesday, December 30th, we packed up and headed the 140 miles to Quartzsite. This time we are staying in the Dome Rock area. I think we will be here at this location for 9 days. We have an awesome view.

And while here, we met up with Jim and Barb. They have the blog Jim & Barb's RV Adventures.

 This is their rig in the distance.

It's gonna get cold tonight, but we are ready. Propane tanks are full and we have old Mr. Heater - Big Buddy ready too.

There are more RV Dreamers in or coming to Q. Tomorrow we explore some more.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Some Family Christmas Time At The RAT - December 23, 2014

Sunday, Decmember 21st - We took Candy back to the San Diego airport for her flight back to Vancouver, WA. Her flight out was at 8:30PM. San Diego traffic... at night...sucks. We were glad to get back to out RV park. But it was a great time we had with the family.

On the way back, I topped off our truck at a Circle K Mobile gas station. Diesel was $2.89 per gallon. Nice!

Just before we entered the 'no cell' zone, as we left the city, Donna saw on Facebook that my Aunt Ruth in North Bend, OR had passed away. She was my favorite Aunt. I sure am glad we stopped to visit her on the way back up to Washington this last Spring. Here she is visiting us in our RV .

She is with her Husband, my Uncle Dale, who left us first. She was a wonderful, caring person who will be missed greatly.

This December, our RV friend Loretta lost her husband Bill. Our Sister-in-law Cyndi, my Aunt Ruth, and now too Joe Cocker. A sad season for lots of folks.

Bright and early on Monday, we left Pio Pico and the 'no cell' zone. We drove up, up, and up, 4000 feet to get back on I-8 to head East. We saw lots of pretty country, and the sand desert just west of Yuma. I'm keeping track of all the boondocking opportunities we see along the way. We had planed to stop for the night around Quartzsite because I made reservations for the RAT (Riverside Adventure Trails RV Park) for Tuesday, but the drive was nice and easy and we just kept going. 364 miles of driving is way over a normal move day, but it was a good day. The weather was great and Christmas music was playing on XM/Sirius radio.

We pulled into the Avi Casino boondocking area at 5PM. This is a nice spot and only 4 miles away from the RAT.

While Donna got into her jammies and started to watch some Hallmark Channel Christmas movies that I had DVR'ed, I went over to the casino. Mitch (Cyndi's brother) always went to the Avi for the Monday night football game. Mitch and Gene were there. Cool. I sat with them and watched the game. It was fun, even though Denver lost. The casino had lots of drawings and giveaways that nght. Mitch won a cooler and Gene won two free buffet tickets.

The next morning we moved on over to the RAT. 4 miles....big move day :)

Found a good spot. We are using our RPI membership this time, $77.00 for the week.

After we were settled, Donna made a big lasagna and we headed over to Gene's house. We shared a good meal together and did a lot of reminiscing.

Mitch and Gene are doing ok. Just need some time to pass. We all miss her, but life goes on.

Quartzsite is in our future. Maybe the whole month of January.

God, thank you for this life we live.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pio Pico RV Park, A New Marine, A Family Loss - December 21, 2014

Wednesday, Decmember 17th - We picked up our daughter, Candy, from the San Diego airport and made it back to the RV park in time to get packed up for our move today. We were out of there right at noon for our 31 mile drive south to the Thousand Trails Pio Pico RV Park.

Pio Pico is a pretty nice park. Over 500 spaces. Lots of activities too.

The entrance.

We chose a good spot with full hookups.

Here are some of the shots around the park.

OK, thanks for the heads up!

The only BIG downside to the park.... no cell service....no internet. They do have an internet service you can purchase for a week at a time, but we will wait till we go into town and use our phones.

Then we discovered the secret spot here. There, up above the Youth Center, on the hill by a tower, is the spot, with a lawn chair, where a person will have cell service. How cool is that?

Some pics from up there.

The next day was family day at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. We shopped in the MCX store and bought our 'Marine souvenirs.

They marched in and Chase was released to the family for about 5 hours.

Here is Chase with Mom (Candy).
And another with his girl friend.

A photo op moment that we couldn't pass up. Chase and Mom.

After many hugs and pictures, he returned to his barracks. Tomorrow is his graduation day. We all noticed a change in him. 'Honor, Courage and Commitment' radiates around him. We are so very proud of him.

Friday, December 19th - As we headed out of the 'no cell zone' area and into San Diego, we received the phone call. Our Sister-in-law, Cyndi had just passed an hour ago. What a bittersweet day this will be. It was a long time coming. No more pain. Peace at last.

A picture from our visit last Christmas.

RIP Cyndi.

After arriving to the depot and after our security search, we all gathered at the parade field and waited for the big event to begin.

Here is (L-R), Donna, Candy, Nikeyea (the girl friend), Grandma Chris, Bella, Jenn and Rick (Chase's Dad).

Here they come.

His platoon was right in front of us. Fourth from the right, front row.

Is was a great graduation. Such discipline. Really cool!

Then the command - Dismissed!

Ohh Rah! ... two steps back.... disperse .......

To the waiting family.  Happy, happy, happy!

Then lots of pictures.

PFC Chase A Pitt

Chase and Candy

Donna, Chase, Candy, and I

Chase and Nikeyea

Chase and Grandma Chris

Chase with Dad and Mom, (Rick and Candy)

Here is Chase talking to our son Tim. Now fellow Marines.

We are taking Candy to the airport for her flight back to Vancouver, WA. We have decided to leave Pio Pico early and go back to Fort Mohave, AZ to be with Gene.

It has been a crazy last couple of days.