Monday, July 27, 2015

Crescent Bar - Quincy, WA & High School Reunion - July 16 - July 27, 2015

On the 116 mile drive from Hood Park to Crescent Bar, we encountered 15 miles of freshly graveled roadway. Actually they were still applying it. I just commented that we were lucky to not get a rock chip in the windshield, and, you guessed it, we did. Rats! A nice honkin chip the size of a quarter.

Donna googled windshield repair shops in Moses Lake, WA and we stopped there and got her fixed. Thank goodness a crack didn't just take off. It was pretty hot out.

As we arrived at Crescent Bar TT park, we were unhooking the Jeep and heard someone call my name. Hey! It's my sister Karen and her husband Cliff. They were here and, were just hired to to some work camping here. Cool!

We parked next to them.

One day, our grandson, Erik, and great grandson Oli came over to visit. My brother, Jim and his wife Eileen came to visit also.

Donna got to give Oli the animals she had crocheted him a Dog, kitty, Elmer, Turtle, and a Duck. We had a real good visit.

Jim & Eileen, along with Karen & Cliff and I, we played a game called Pegs & Jokers. I had heard of it but never played it till now. Even though I lost all 3 games, it was a lot of fun.

Cliff  BBQed chicken and we had a good get together.

I been doing a lot of walking while we are here. Up the road and back. It is 4.5 mile trip and lots of uphill. The views are beautiful.

We made it to church twice since we have been here. It is good to see everyone again.

We went out to lunch with Randi & Andrea. He is my step-brother. I love the Cobb Salad at Red Robin.

I have been working on a 'Memories' board display for our 45th high school reunion. It has all the info on the 52 classmates that have passed since we graduated.

Then the big event.

Friday night we all met at the Wenatchee Golf & Country Club for a 'meet & greet'. It was a wonderful time. We have the best class. We are all very close. Love these guys.

Then Saturday night was the main dinner and activities. We helped set up.

Got my display ready.

And here they come.

Lots of catching up.

Food & drinks.

Music and dancing.

And fun people.

We brought our friend.

What a time we had!

Right now we are parked in the parking lot of A's RV to get a few things repaired on the rig. I have a left-front jack not working,

and they are looking at our refrigerator and toilet. The fridge is not working as good as it should. It is 48 degrees in there, and the toilet bowl seal doesn't hold water. Might as well get everything looked at while using our extended warranty.

We will see how it goes.