Saturday, April 28, 2018

Review - Turtle Beach Resort - Manteca, CA - April 21 - April 28, 2018

This Thousand Trails park is located just south of Manteca, CA between Interstate 5 and Highway 99, along the San Joaquin River. This park is also called Turtle Beach Fish Camp.

You will drive through an area with new homes and then along a narrow road lined with trees and older homes.

Good signage, no problems at all.

Welcome Center and Lodge on the right, the park entrance on the left. You must go left, stop at the gate and use the call box. A Ranger will come and check you in.

A few photos of the Lodge.

Photos of the park.

This place is known for fishing, there is a boat launch, fish cleaning station, and fishing available in the river from along the banks. There is a large area along the river for tenters and dry camping.

This is the Loop (Area D) that we are camped in.

The park has 39 FHU sites with 50 Amp, and 17 water & 30 Amp power. There is a dump station here as well. If you need a sewer site, you can get on a waiting list and move when one becomes available. There are quite a few annual sites here and some long term tenants, but not too bad. Still plenty of spaces for travelers. Good power and water pressure. Our Verizon cell service was fine. Satellite TV is available through the trees. It is a clean park and anything you need is available in Manteca just a few miles away.

Another good park.

We will gladly come back to this one.

Turtle Beach Resort - Manteca, CA - April 28, 2018

After spending 3 days with Louise, it was moving day. We had a good visit with her and she insisted on feeding us. She is a wonderful cook and I am sure we gained some weight while we were there. Donna and Louise solved all the world problems in 3 days.

But it was time to head out. It was to be about a 170 mile move. West on highway 198, then north on Interstate 5. The I-5 sure had a lot of potholes. But the trip was uneventful, just a little windy.
We stopped at another Thousand Trails campground, Turtle Beach Resort. It is on the San Joaquin River at Manteca.

Not a bad place, my review is coming soon.

We are just doing 2 nights here. This is one of the parks where they let you wash your rigs. I cleaned all the road dirt and bugs off of our RV and car. I used a new hose that I bought.

It is a 50 foot Pocket hose. I connected it up and when I turned the water on, it grew! After I finished, and disconnected it, it shrunk back down. Pretty cool! Easy storage too. I will use it, not only for rig washing, but for black tank rinsing. It is perfect for RVers, takes such little room.

Nice to have clean rigs.

Tomorrow, we go on to our last stop in California.

Donna and I also recieved our phone call from the Beet Harvest folks. It seems I will be working in the Red River Valley of Eastern North Dakota. And Donna will be camp hosting at our RV park, Lindenwood RV Park in Fargo, ND. We will have to be there September 20th. Looking forward to working ... and a few $$$.

Fergs .... out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Visalia Elks Lodge #1298 - April 25, 2018

Tuesday, April 24th was moving day. We were packed up by 9 AM and on our way. I sure was glad to get out of this 'Cell phone dead zone'. We just pulled out of the campground and my cell phone rang. It was from North Dakota, and I couldn't answer it. We weren't quite into good cell phone range. But I did listen to the voice mail. It was the 2018 beet harvest folks!

As soon as we got good service, I returned the call and got confirmed that I will be working the harvest. And Donna may get to do some camp hosting while I work. Awesome! Can't wait for October.

We headed north on highway 138/14 to Mojave. It was a good travel day and the road gradually climbed till we were over 4000 ft elevation. Then west on highway 58 towards Tehachapi and down, down, down into Bakersfield. We decided to stop at the Camping World store there and Donna bought some sheets for our kingsize short bed. I also bought a Surge Guard 30 amp portable protector. This is the first portable type I have ever had. The other two were hardwired 50 amp type from Progressive Industries. Glad to get one though. Every RVer needs to know what kind of power is coming in.

Just 70 more miles up highway 99, and we pulled into the Visalia Elks lodge. It is the fourth time we have been at this Elks. Twenty bucks a night for power & water. There is a dump station on site too.

We are staying 3 nights here while we get to visit with Donna's most favorite cousin, Louise. That night, Louise made us a great dinner, BBQ ribs, Macaroni salad, potato salad, cornbread, beans, and banana pudding. OMG! Wonderful!

Having a great time here with Louise.

Fergs .... out!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Review - Soledad Canyon - Acton, CA - April 21 - April 24, 2018

This Thousand Trails park is located along Highway 14, just 10 miles west of the Palmdale/Landcaster area.

This park has 477 full hookup RV sites, and 376 power and water only. It also has 59 rental trailers and 8 getaway cabins. All located in 7 camping areas.

The entrance is off Crown Valley Road just a few miles south of Acton, CA.

A nice place to pull in and stop. Then walk into the welcome center to check in.

Then on into the park and enter the code to get through the gate.

To the right, is camping area A.

With RV spots and cabin rentals.

Then on to the Family Lodge and pool, also the laundry, country store, and mini golf.

If you go left after entering the park, you will see Area C on your right. This is mostly water & electric sites and tents.

On your left, is Area B, where we parked.

This is us.

Then on to Area K. The Adult Lodge and Adult pool in here, along with another laundry room.

Then across a wash bridge that was currently washed out from previous rains. There is another temporary way into this area for now.

Area P. Lots of rentals.

Then Area Q.

Up the hill towards Area N. The only place where you have a good cell signal! This is our favorite camping spot!

Down a little hill and into Area M. Used for group camping.

This is a big park. Lots of activities and kept up real well. Palmdale/Landcaster with over 300,000 people is just 10 miles away and has everything you may need. Satelite TV reception is doable throughout the park and cell service is only good in Area N. WiFi is available in both lodges. There is a Metro train that goes by everyday and blows the horns, but I haven't heard it at night. Power is good in the sites we have been in, N and B.

Yep, this is a good one.

We will gladly come back to this one.