Saturday, August 19, 2017

Elks Lodge #318, Yakima, WA - August 19, 2017

We left western Washington on the 16th. Over the mountains on Interstate 90 and into the much hotter central Washington. We are parked in the Elks Lodge #318 in Yakima. The temps will be in the 90s for the 4 days we will be here.

The Elks Lodge is right on the golf course. For $30.00 a night, we get 50 amps and water also a dump station on the premises that we will use when we depart Sunday.

Here we are.

We are here to visit with our daughter Kim and her husband Chris. The first couple of days, we cruised all over Yakima and played Pokemon Go. We met up with groups of other players and participated in Gym Raid battles, capturing Legendary Pokemon. Some of the groups we met up with had over 20 players. Pretty popular game around here.

Chris works at the nearby Legends Casino and his 35th birthday was yesterday. We all went to the casino and enjoyed the seafood buffet. Donna and I signed up for their players card and used the coupon book they gave us. We played Pai Gow poker, with advice from Chris, and Donna and I each won $8.75. Then we each put $10.00 in the slot machines. Donna pushed one button and won 39 free spins. She cashed out $65.50. My machine was a good one also. I played 5 minutes and cashed out for $50.40. Quite a good day. We even stopped for a photo op.

We had a great visit with Kim & Chris

and will head out tomorrow morning to get closer to the big eclipse.

Fergs .... out!

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