Sunday, April 8, 2018

RV Dreams Rally, Winding Up Our Time in Yuma - March, 2018

On the 4th of March, Donna's birthday, we headed to Quartzsite in our new motorhome. It was a good trip. This rig has plenty more power (it seems) and the wind didn't really bother us a bit. We pulled into the boondocking rally site on Plomosa Road.

There were about 6 other rigs there already. They are expecting 43 rigs to attend the rally.

It was really good to get together with all of our old RV Dreamer friends, and meet many more too!

The rally had some good boondocking seminars, potlucks, and activities. We really enjoyed the campfires every night. Our 1 measly solar panel was just OK. Each morning, the 2 12 volt batteries were down about 50 percent. Not good for them, but I will be installing my solar goodies when we get back to Yuma.

Some of my rally pictures. A great time with friends.


Back home in Yuma.

It took 6 days to install 6 more solar panels, switch out the two 12 volt batteries for my four 6 volt AGMs, inverter, charge controller, monitor displays and stuff. The hardest part was figuring out which AC breaker fed which outlet. The panel was not labeled correctly. Everything is now in a space below our bed. Pretty cool that I don't need to use one of our storage compartments for the electronics. We are ready now!

Some pictures.

Four of these panels.

Two of these panels.

With the one that was aleady up on the roof, I have seven panels now. 880 watts of solar!

All installed in a cubby hole under the bed.

And it all works too!

Spring has sprung. Our friends Tim & Bev headed out March 23rd. They are heading up to Washington also. We will see them there sometime this summer. It is getting hot out and the Yuma snowbirds are starting to migrate north. One of our cactus plants is flowering.

We are getting our house ready to be vacated, and our RV packed up for a 6 month trip up north. We are heading to Palm Springs next Thursday. It will be good to hit the road again.

Life is good!

Fergs .... out!


  1. Reading the blogs from the rallies it sounds like we missed a great time. I bet it will be good to have the panels and batteries on board now!

    1. It was a good rally. The solar is done and it is all working great. How can anyone RV without it?

  2. So great to see you at the potluck, hope to see you in WA this summer, if not watch out we're looking at Yuma and the bike trails in November

    1. We will watch your Art schedules and find you somewhere up there. Looking forward to the bike trails next winter too!