Sunday, April 15, 2018

On the Road Again, Palm Desert, CA - April 15, 2018

We were busy getting ready to head north and preparing our house to be vacated for 6 months. I turned the water off to the house, made sure the auto irrigation system still worked. I installed insulation screens and locks on all the windows. I switched off all the AC breakers except the one for our alarm system. We set all our expected mail to be paperless or forwarded to Texas, where our mail forwarding service still is. We turned off our Centurylink internet, and our garbage service.

The hardest part of this preparing, was equipping our RV to go. Now that we don't have to carry everything we own, we did have to stock it up to live in for 6 months. We wanted to take anything of importance to us in case our house was broken into or there was a fire or something.

Finally, we were ready to go. Our Hitch Itch was going to get scratched. As a matter of fact, we were planning on going on the 15th, but since we were ready, I changed our reservations in Palm Springs to 3 days earlier - to Thursday, April 12th.

Finally, Thursday morning came and we were off. We almost postponed another day because it was supposed to be very windy. It wasn't bad at 9 AM, so off we went. Heading out of Yuma, we stopped and topped off the gas tank with our last Arizona gas for awhile. We paid $2.64 a gallon. Prices are going up, but that was better than gassing up in California. I expect we will be filling up in CA twice as we pass through.

166 miles and fighting the increasing wind later, we arrived at the Palm Springs RV Thousand Trails park in Palm Desert. Now the wind is really kickin up. The rig really handled the head and side winds pretty good. Much better than our old rig. No problems. Looking forward to checking the gas mileage at the next fuel up.

Our site (#74)

We are here for the start of the Coachella Music festival, this weekend and next. Lots of crazy people around here. The weather is beautiful. In the low 90s, blue sky, and no more wind. In the few days we have been here, we have been to Walmart and Costco, cruised down El Paseo Drive several times, had lunch at Burgers & Beer, and hit the pool and hot tub here at the park. 

We also took part in the Pokemon Go Community Day at the Civic Center Park. We spent a couple of days with fellow gamers there. Had a lot of fun.

Some pics we took.

We have been to this park several times and really enjoy this area. I am also going to do a review on this Thousand Trails park. My reviews on all the TT parks we have been to are online on my website at

Three days down and six more to go here. Feels good to be out and about in the RV again.

Fergs .... out!

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