Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter2017 - Thunderbird Resort - Monroe, WA - April 17, 2017

Thunderbird Thousand Trails Resort. We have been here many times. It is the closest TT park to where our son lives in Mill Creek. Definately not the greatest place, but it will do.

 Location, location, location.

Our daughter Candy came from Vancouver with us. We are going to do 19 days here. I will be doing a review of this place soon. It won't be pretty.

Our neighbor has one of those cheapie sewer hoses. The thin walled ones that goes bananas when you open the valve.

I thought that was a cool picture. I hope his black tank valve isn't open.

Easter Sunday

Our grandson, Candy's son, Erik came and spent a few days with us too. We all headed over to Tim's for Easter. Shannon's dad Scott, and his girlfriend Roxanne were there also. Tim made a great ham. We also had all the fixins. It was quite a feast. After the blessing, we all stuffed ourselves.

Here are the Easter pics.


Ryker and Candy. Ry likes to be a knight.

Romam & Ryker

Tim showing Erik his new guitar

Donna and Candy

Roman and his Easter peeps

Easter and all the food.

Candy and Shannon

Roman and Scott

Watching Moana, with Roxanne and Scott

The next day, Candy and Erik headed for home. Now for a couple of quiet days.

Fergs .... out!

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