Monday, February 11, 2019

Visiting Friends, Yard Sales, and Back to Q - February 11, 2019

After getting back to our place in Yuma, we participated in the annual block yard sale. Karen & Cliff, Bev & Tim all came over and we all sold some stuff that we have been saving up all year for this event.

Here we are all set up. And yes, the submarine is accross the street again this year too.

All of 47th Drive (our street) was packed with parked cars and walkers partaking in the yard sales.

We actually did pretty well.

I think we made about $320.00.  Cool!

After our 1st outing in the RV, which went really well, I flushed out the hot water heater and changed the anode. That was something I had forgotten. We had a slight odor from the hot water and this took care of it. Just in time to head back to the desert and try it out. On the 28th of Jan, the RV Dreamers in Quartzsite were all going to get together and have a happy hour.

We pulled into La Posa South, paid for 2 weeks, got parked, and headed over to Les & Sue's (Popo's) place. We had a great time. Donna made cinnamon rolls to take, and there was lots of other goodies to feast on. There were 13 of us there. Here is our picture, all of us around Popo. Les took the picture. What a bunch of great friends.

We had a good parking spot in the desert.

The weather was good. I did lots of walking around the area. Just before this trip out, I had ordered an tonneau cover for my truck. I was able to get it installed in time for this trip. It is nice to be able to carry stuff in the back of the truck and keep is secure and out of the weather. Here is some pictures of it.

Our solar kept us all charged up and worked great ....except for one issue. The bottom right Inverter On/Off button had been giving me trouble lately. I had to push it in really far to turn the inverter on and off. I figured I just needed to open her up and clean the contacts under the rubber button strip.

Well, I goobered it up. I thought the round knob should just pull off like round knobs should do. But no! As I pulled it apart, the potentiometer split apart. Well that's not good. After I put it all back together, the on/off button worked great. But nothing else did. I couldn't access all the features of the inverter, like battery level and usage.

Donna found one on Amazon for $125.00. It was $185.00 locally at Solar Bill's. She ordered it and in 2 days, we took a quick trip home and picked it up. Back to Q, 4 screws later....back to normal again. Yea!

Had to get a desert boondocking picture with our gnome.

Had another good trip to Q. Once back home,

We cleaned out the rig, and I started planning the next trips out.

Last Saturday, we drove into Blythe to visit Scott (Donna's son). Brock & Mia were there and we all had a good visit.

After church Sunday, we had visiters stop by. Nancy & Steve (from our Christian Fellowship group) are in town for awhile. We BBQ'ed brats and watched a movie.

Life is good!

The Fergs out .......