Sunday, October 21, 2018

Working Around the House & Equipping the 5th Wheel - October 21, 2018

It just took 4 days, and I finished the solar/inverter install. I installed the batteries, charge controller, and inverter in the large basement compartment.

First time hanging the inverter.

A little smaller compartment, but perfect for the equipment and our stuff. We are no longer full time, so it works great.

Batteries in the center.

I brought down the cable that goes between the combiner box on the roof, and the charge controller in the basement, in our bedroom and enclosed it in wire molding.

The solar and inverter monitor displays.

And the panels on the roof.

This roof has been recently re-done, and looks great.


My home made combiner box.

And everything works great!

Here are some inside pictures.

We have since replaced the 'heater' with a 32 inch Visio TV.

Nice big closet.

The 2 chairs are fairly new too!

We are very happy with it.

It was a bear to back it in beside the house. There is an awning overhang, gate, and brick wall to look out for. And you know how the truck has to swing around to get the 5th wheel to maneuver. So I removed a section of my brick wall. I plan on re-installing the metal gate so that it is re-moveable. So much easier now.

A nice little spot to park right beside our house.

It was pretty tricky with the brick wall, gate, and awning overhang.

Now it is much easier!

And I have been enclosing our patio, turning it into an Arizona room. It is going to be nice when I get it done.

That's what's been going on here. Yuma is finally cooling down, and all the winter visitors are arriving back here for the winter. I have been planning some trips. We will head for So.Cal in January to meet up with my son's family at Disneyland. The Grandsons are going to have a blast ... and Donna & I too! We also want to take trips to Tucson and Apache Junction this winter too.

Done for now.

The Fergs out .......

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  1. Great job with the solar install, it looks a little tight in there. I just posted a picture of part of our install in our blog, our equipment looks vey similar. We have the same controller and battery monitor as well.