Sunday, May 13, 2018

Thunderbird RV Park - Monroe, WA - May 13, 2018

Before leaving Crescent Bar, we went into Wenatchee and Donna got to see her Counseler and had her prescriptions re-newed. Since Donna has a catastrophic insurance plan now, she can go see any doctor, anywhere. We just have to pay for it! We are saving a couple of hundred dollars each month and don't have to travel to Texas to get insured medical care like last year. We will see how this fairs out.

While in Wenatchee, we visited with my step brother Randi and his wife Andrea (and their 4 pugs). We went out for pizza at Abby's Pizza. Good food and better company. Really enjoyed our visit.

Friday, we packed up, lifted jacks and headed over Stevens Pass on Highway 2. I am really happy with how our new motorhome is running. Last check, we got 8.5 mpg. It also handled the mountain passes really well.

One hundred thirty miles, and we pulled into the Thousand Trails park in Monroe.

That evening, we met our Son, Tim & Shannon, along with our grandsons Roman & Ryker, at Red Robin in Bothell. We will be seeing them off & on during our 20 day stay in this area.

The next day, we met them all at the Snohomish Little league ball fields and watched both boys play baseball. Tim is the coach for Ryker's team, and he also helps out on Roman's team too.

Ryker's game

Roman's game.

Enjoying some family time in Washington.

Fergs .... out!

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