Thursday, March 23, 2017

Review - South Jetty Resort - Florence, OR - March 19 - April 4, 2017

We are here at this Thousand Trails park early in the season. It is located just off Highway 101, about a mile south of Florence. The park is very wooded and green. At this time of the year, pretty wet too. The park has 202 campsites, 40 are full hookup sites. It takes a bit to find a site that has good access to satellite TV.

The turn to the park on Highway 101.

A short distance to the park entrance.

The entrance and gate.

The welcome center and country store. You will check in here.

There are 5 camping areas. Some sewer sites are in A, C, and E. B is a tent section, and C was closed for repairs while we were here.

Section A, 30 sites, had the most occupancy while we were here.

Section B, 12 sites for tenters.

Several sites were closed due to water/mud.

Seation D, 23 sites, goes towards the adult lodge.

The adult lodge.

Section E, 98 sites, has some 30/50 amp sites, 30 only, and some sewer.

The activity center.

The pool.

Two hot tubs.

Our spot, number A20.

A pretty good park. We will be back to this one.


  1. We were contimplating doing the Oregon coast on our way north but heard there was lots of storm damage and road construction causing many delays.
    How have you found it so far?

    1. We have only travelled on Highway 101 between Reedsport and Florence. The only construction was bridge work by Reedsport. Pretty rainy though.