Sunday, March 19, 2017

Review - Lake of the Springs TT - Oregon House, CA - March 16-20, 2017

We were here in mid March and there was only 3 of the 7 camping sections open. In the summer, there are 507 power and water sites and 33 full hoohup sites, Section X, the only section that has sewer hookups was closed due to the recent flooding in the area. One of the 2 sewer dump stations was open. They are also doing several improvements and upgrades here. They are pulling new power cables in, leveling the sites and adding gravel, new power peds and water connections too. There was still plenty of choices to camp as there aren't very many people here.

Marysville is the closet major city, 12,600 people but all of your shopping needs. There is a small market just 5 miles down the road that has a small inventory.

The road from Marysville, on Highway 20 is a nice 2 lane road for 11 miles.

Then a left onto Marysville Road another 11 miles. It is also a pretty nice 2 lane road but lots of hills. The park is 1200 feet above the elevation of Marysville at 1,530 feet.

The road turns right at an intersection and continues another 2.8 miles. Still a good 2 lane road.

Then you lurn left on French Town Road. It is only 1.2 miles to the park, but the 2 lane road is much narrower and there is no shoulder. You don't want to drop a tire off into the right ditch.

The entrance here where you check in and get your gate code. Cell/Internet service works here too.

After checking in, there is a slight uphill drive by the storage yard and upper sewer dump station, towards the I Section, 64 sites. The I Section is high enough to get cell/internet service. Good spacing with vegetation between sites.

Then it's down, down, down.  The next section is the D Section. A pretty big section with 162 sites. Good spacing with vegetation between sites, 30 amp and water.

Further down you lose cell service and the trees get thicker. Many deer here. Just beyond the lower dump station, Section G, 124 sites, and H, 51 sites, on the left. Lots of trees and a little harder to find your TV sattelight in some spots.

The trail to the playgrounds, pool, lodge, lake.

There was a country store. It was only open 1 day of the week at this time of the year.

Section X, 33 sites, the only full hookup section, was closed for sewer repairs. It is a little hilly, with cabins and yurts too.

The pool was closed while we were there. It has a 9 foot deep section too.

Fishing/swimming area by their lake. Nice area.

Trails around the lake.

The boat house where you can fish off the dock or rent a variety of watercraft.

A great mini golf course.

The lodge, containing adult section, kids/game room, common area, and dining room. There is wifi here.

A couple more shots of the country store.

This is section A, 40 sites, just off the lodge/store parking lot. Closed while we were there, but has a lot of nice looking campsites in there.

Section B, 59 sites, was where we were parked. The site had a new 30 amp power ped, fresh gravel, and a new water spigot. Nice and secluded, and not far from the dumpsters and bath house. And lots of deer.

This is a good park. They are really doing a lot of maintenance and improvements. During the busy season, there are many activities.

We would be back here.

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