Thursday, February 25, 2021

Hello to the Phoenix Area - Countryside RV Resort, Apache Junction, AZ - February 25, 2021

 February 22nd was moving day. We just completed 4 days at the Foothill Village RV Resort getting last minute house selling details completed. After packing up, we had an easy 190 mile trip to Apache Junction where we checked into Countryside RV Resort. We will be here 13 days.

Early in January, I added the Trails Connection to our Thousand Trails membership. This adds over 100 Encore RV parks to our Thousand Trails membership. It cost us $315.00 for the year. We did this mainly because we wanted to visit our daughter in Phoenix and the Trails Connection gave us 8 new parks in the Phoenix area that we could stay in free for 2 weeks at a time. It works for us. 

I always is only worth it if you use it. The last park in Yuma was one, 4 days, this one, 13 days, and we are going to be back in Mesa at another park for 14 days, yep, it works for us.

Now our parks and memberships include,

Thousand Trails

Trails Connection

Resort Parks International (RPI)



Passport America

Good Sam discount

AARP discount

Veteran discount

and I just signed up for Harvest Hosts. These are our go-to parks, along with COE, Fairgrounds, City/County Parks, and boondocking.

Pics of Countryside RV Resort

This is where they wanted to park us when we arrived.


No way. The spot is right of the palm tree. We have slides for goodness sakes!

They were nice to give us another spot.

Our spot

Look how close the 'neighbor is to my truck. I have to pull forward to get Donna in. It was fun getting in, and I am sure it will be getting out too.

Like I said ... It works for us.

The Fergs out .......

Friday, February 19, 2021

RVing with the Fergs 2.0 - Full Timers Again! - February 19, 2021

 Up until closing, scheduled for February 19th, I was busy getting our RV setup and equipped with all the goodies needed to be on the road full time.

I ordered my Goodyear G614 tires, had new metal valve stems installed, and put them on. 

My EEZ TPMS gets to watch 110 psi now instead of just 80.

I decided to add 2 more 200 watt solar panels up top. That makes 4 panels, 800 watts. I installed these last two on brackets that I could raise if needed. Lots of Dicor. Haven't had any leaks yet...and don't ever plan to!

For my truck, I ordered 6 more EEZ TPMS sensors and inner dually valve extensions. 

Since we now have a 50 Amp rig, I got a new Surge Guard, and 50 Amp extension cable.

I had to have a couple of X blocks for the tires, I never trusted just a chock block.

It was time to replace my old water pressure regulator. I now have an adjustable one.

I picked up a few nice quick connect water couplers.

Also a new Oxygenics shower head.

I had to replace a Max Air II vent cover. I broke it while on the roof. (It was very brittle).

Also on the roof, I installed a spinning sewer vent.

I bought some waterless RV and truck cleaner. We will see how that goes.

And finally, a couple of new chairs.

I think we are ready to go now!

Our oldest Daughter, Candy, came to visit us for a week. She lives in Coeur d'Alene, ID. She was glad to get out of the cold and enjoy our Arizona winter. We took her to Quartzsite, Lake Havasu, Oatman, and along with Daughter Kim and family, Sedona.

We had a wonderful visit.

Then yesterday, February 18th, we pulled out of the Yuma house we have had for the last 3 years.

We checked into Foothill Village RV Resort, just about 2 miles from the house. I did swing by the CAT scales on the way. Even with the new heavier tires and two more panels on the roof, we purged enough to lighten our load by 180 pounds. And decrease the pin weight by 160 pounds.

Foothill Village RV Resort,

Now today is the 19th. We just received the call. The buyers have signed all the papers and now they are the new owners. 

It is over!

We are truly full timers, on the road!

The Fergs out .......

Monday, January 25, 2021

First Outing in 5th Wheel, and the House Sale - January 25, 2021

 We received an offer on our house. We countered and they accepted. We are now on to a closing on February 19th. The agreed price ended up being 2K over the listing price. Pretty cool!

With the RV all ready to go, we headed out toward Quartzsite. But before leaving town, we stopped at the Flying J to use their CAT scales.

The results:

Truck only: Steer Axle - 5,080 lb,  Drive Axle - 4,220 lb,  total - 9,300 lb

So far so good. Well within limits for our 1 ton dually.

Truck & RV: Steer Axle - 5,120 lb,  Drive Axle - 7,240 lb,  Trailer Axle - 10,400 lb,  total - 22,760 lb

Not too bad. Truck is OK. 3,020 pin weight is a little high. RV is rated for 12,353 lbs GVWR and we are 12,320 lbs.

Our tires are rated for 5,200 lbs and we are at 10,400 on the axles.

So...we lightened our load again, shifted our load from front to back, and I ordered new tires. That should do it. 

Our tires are original. They look good and the date code is 4516. Getting close to 5 years old and E rated. The tires I ordered are Goodyear G614, G rated.

We will weigh again when the new tires are installed.

On to Quartzsite. We stopped at La Posa South, BLM LTVA, and spent a few nights there. 

This first trip out will be a test of how well the new solar/inverter setup will work. I discovered that our batteries are not charging up to 100 percent each day like the old system did. We used to have 6 panels (760 watts) feeding our 450 ah battery bank. We have 2 panels (400 watts) right now.

I ordered another panel. And will be looking for a good deal on a Honda generator.

After emptying tanks and taking on fresh water, we moved on up to Plomosa Road to attend a rally with our Christian Fellowship group. We spent 6 nights with them. 

We had a great time, even though Donna and I were doing KETO and had to pass up some good stuff at some of our potlucks.

Had an issue when our Portable Buddy, it died and I had to buy a new propane heater at Lifesyle RV. The new one worked great, keeping us warm in the 40 degree mornings.

The little old and broken one.

The nice new one.

After the rally, we moved back to La Posa South. 

We went to the big tent show on opening morning, but just looked. The RV is doing fine on this maiden trip. Our batteries never got below 76 percent, but the new panel will take care of that, I am sure.

We were going to spent 5 more days here, but we received a call, informing us that our house inspection was to be done Wednesday. So we packed up and headed back home.

We parked back beside our house. 

We live in the RV and only use the washer/dryer and shower in the house. The inspection was done and I am correcting some things that were discovered. Nothing serious. It is all coming along. Can't wait till February 19th is over.

I made it to Mexico a couple of days to get some dental work done. We are also keeping our eyes open for Covid vaccination opportunities. Our time in Yuma is winding down. Still planning where we will be taking off to. I guess...where ever we want to!

The Fergs out .......

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Full Time RVers....soon - December 26, 2020

 As we work towards our goal of selling the house and getting back out on the road, we are getting our truck and RV ready. We also got a mini storage here in Yuma. I figure that we will get back down to Arizona every year since our daughter lives in Phoenix and we have get togethers every year in Quartzsite. 

We are carrying quite a bit of stuff in the back of our truck,

 so I picked up a Gator roll-up Tonneau cover. 

It is working out great.

I have our two 200 watt solar panels installed on the roof,

and we finally received our inverter. UPS had lost the first one and had to send us another one. We now have an AIMS 2500 watt pure sine wave inverter.

I got behind the breaker panel and heated up all out electrical outlets through the inverter.

Finished up the install

along with the remote for the inverter and battery monitor.

Donna and I worked hard cleaning out the house, getting it ready to put up for sale. Our 10 x 10 storage unit was filling up, and we are leaving a ton of stuff in the house. We will list it as 'furnished'. 

But we had a big pile of 'yard sale' stuff. Our daughter Kim, came over from Phoenix with a bunch of her stuff, and we did a two day yard sale.

We did OK, but what was left went to the Goodwill or back into the house.

We were now ready to sell. We are living in the RV on the property, using the house washer & dryer. We got ahold of Century 21 and met with a realtor. She did all her work and set an asking price of $112,000.00. 

Not bad. It is a seller's market right now. We paid 68K just 3 years ago. She installed the lock box

and soon the 'for sale' sign was out front.

Our house is listed on Zillow. Just search for 13348 E 47th Drive, Yuma, AZ and you can see all the inside pictures too. Our realtor expects it to sell soon. 

That would be nice!

with the house just listed for 1 day, we headed to Phoenix to spend Christmas day with our daughter. 

had a great time

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

The day after Christmas, I received a couple of things from Amazon for our RV. The first was a new little motor for our electric fireplace. It started making quite a racket all of a sudden. I determined it was the motor that turned the shiny gizmo that made the fire like display. Luckily I found a replacement on Amazon for only about 33 bucks. It was a pretty straight forward replacement.

And by works now, without all the grinding noise.

The other issue we have been having with our RV, was that our RV refrigerator was too cold and freezing our food. We have a Norcold N811VF and it is an automatic type. No temp adjustment. I tried moving the thermistor to different fins, and sliding it up and down, No change. I ordered another one

and it made no difference.

So I just ordered a new updated Optical display board. The old one

was strictly automatic. Nothing but an on/off button. The new updated one

will give us the ability to adjust the temp. According to the manual, a too cold fridge is either the thermistor, or the optical display board. It should be here in a few days.

Well, we just had a realtor show our house. We stayed in the RV (and peeked out the windows just a little bit). Our realtor sent us a message and said the prospective buyers are keeping our house on their short list.

we shall see....

The Fergs out .......