Wednesday, June 15, 2022

An Extended Stay - Yakima RV Park, Yakima, WA - June 15, 2022

 June 6th, we headed to Yakima and checked into the Yakima RV Park. It was just a 93 mile drive. Thank goodness! Did I mention that gas prices suck? We did manage to find a cheap gas station in Quincy. Paid just $5.59 a gallon for diesel. It is over $6.00 now. Did I mention that gas prices suck?

Our extended camping spot.

This will do us just fine. 50 amp FHU for $525 per month, and we pay for our electric.

It rained several days here, and during a 3 day dry spell, I worked on our solar panels.

Just about done with them.

Being just 5 or 6 miles away from our daughter in Selah, we have been able to spend quite a bit of time with our grand daughters Ally & Jessie.

Here are a few pictures of the Yakima RV Park. They do have a inside pool, laundry, and rec room.

The entrance..

There are some huge trees here. Not good for sattelite TV reception, but great for shade.

Pictures of the older, more tight part of the park. ($450.00 per month). The 'Super Sites' are on the other side of the fence. 

Another big ole tree.

An empty spot in the front part of the park.

The 'Super Sites' area. Much more room.

Many folks here have huge propane tanks for surviving the winter here.

Here we are.

A look at our solar panels.

We even have a small shed to use.

We will probably be here while I work the fire camps, till maybe mid October. Then it may be a winter in southern Texas... did I mention that gas prices suck?

The Fergs out .......

Saturday, June 4, 2022

 While at Crescent Bar, we worked on getting our new RV organized and livable. We moved lots of stuff to our storage unit in Quincy, WA and packed and re-packed drawers and cabinets, and hung pictures. It is looking alot like our home now.

While here, we did have our 2 grand-daughters over to spend the night. That was exciting! But fun!

I worked on re-installing my RV stuff. I have the batteries in, circuit breakers, fuse, battery monitoring shunt, and solar controller in. I mounted our 3 inside control panels, the inverter remote, battery monitor, and EMS display. I have to wait for non-rainy days before I can wire to the roof and install panels. It is coming along ... no rush!

Our new RV has 2 sewer connections. This is a first for us. I had to buy some more hose and a Y connector.

At our daughter's house in Yakima, we visited and all went to a parade and carnival. This is a first for our 2 grand-daughters. They had a great time.

After 2 weeks at Crescent Bar Thousand Trails RV Campground it was time to head back across the mountains to the Thunderbird Thousand Trails again. This time for just 9 days.

It just wouldn't stop raining for 2 days in a row, so no work on my solar install. We did attend a couple of our Grandson's baseball games though.

Then it was back across the mountains to Crescent Bar again. 

This time I had reservations for 2 weeks, but I think that will change. We have made arrangements to park our RV in a Park in Yakima with monthly rates. This extended stay there would enable me to go to work at the California wildfires that will be happening soon. The plan is for me to go to work again this summer, re-stock our coffers, while Donna holds down the fort (RV) and takes care of Lucy. She will be just a couple of miles from our daughter Kim's.

That it for now....

The Fergs out .......