Saturday, January 22, 2022

Quartzsite and Rally Time, Quartzsite, AZ - January 22, 2022

 January 11th, we moved north 77 miles and checked into La Posa South LTVA, and paid our $40 to the BLM folks for a 2 week stay. We are happy to pay instead of just parking for free in some of the BLM areas because we have access to the trash dumpsters, water, and a dump station. And we will be using them all at least 3 times during our 2 week stay. 

As we arrived, I dumped the black tank, and filled our fresh water tank 1/4 full. We had just 3 or 4 days of 'stuff in the black tank, so the stirring up while driving helped to clean the tank, if you can call it clean. Well it emptied well. And just a bit of water as we were just going to be at this location a couple of days. Our spot.

Then on the 13th, I made sure our black & grey tanks were empty and fresh water tank full, and up the road 14 miles to our Christian Fellowship rally a couple of miles just off Plomosa Road. We got parked along with the other 18 RVs that had gotten there early. The rally was officially

January 15 - 21. Our spot.

We had a great time at the rally. We ended up having 29 rigs, and 51 people. Here are a few pictures from the rally.

Here is our final group picture.

January 21st, we said our goodbyes and moved back to the LTVA at La Posa South. There are sure a lot more RVers around here now. The big tent show opens tomorrow. We got inline for the dump station. There were 14 RVs waiting inline to use the 2 dumps. After that, we got settled and setup again.

After a couple of days here, we will be going back into Yuma. Our Florida trip is coming up soon.

The Fergs out .......

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Statistics, 2021 Recap, & New Floor - Foothill Village RV Resort, Yuma, AZ - January 6, 2022

 2021, what a strange year. We haven't got Covid ...yet, but several family members and friends have. Even thou we are vaxed & boosted, I think it is just a matter of time. 

The numbers for 2021:

We have set up camp 51 different times throughout 7 western states. 

Nights camped at:

Thousand Trails - 116 nights - $0.00 (after yearly maintenance dues of $673.12)

TT Trails Collection - 78 nights - $0.00 (after yearly membership cost of $315.00)

Elks - 7 nights - $120.00 - (after yearly fee of $103.50)

Moochdocked - 80 nights - $0.00

Casino Parking - 2 nights - $0.00

Fairgrounds - 3 nights - $81.00

RPI - 3 nights - $30.00 - (after yearly $160.00 membership fee)

BLM land - 39 nights - $40.00 (Quartzsite, AZ LTVA)

Boondocked - 121 nights

Parked at Yuma house - 37 nights (lived in RV while selling of house) 

Other memberships we have but never used this year:

Escapees - $47.45 per year

Good Sam - $0.00 (lifetime members)

Passport America - $44.00 per year

Harvest Hosts - $79.00 per year

So our membership fees for the year was $1,422.07. And we paid out $271.00 during the year at the various campgrounds. So for the year, we paid out $1,693.07. making the nightly rate right at $4.64 for the year. 

More numbers:

Solar equipment we bought this year for our current RV:

two additional 200 watt panels (800 watts total) - $479.19

lifting brackets - $76.32

Victron charge controller - $333.74

Victron battery monitor - $226.95

Battle Born Batteries (3) - $3,147.00 (Yikes!)

60 Amp breaker - $20.65

Wires & Connectors - $79.44

For a total of $4,363.29 this year. We also got a tax credit this year of $1,090.82, and we had all the comforts of home while boondocking 121 nights. This makes it all worthwhile to us. While paying nothing per night for boondocking, the cost for solar comes to $27.05 per night, and that number will just get better every year. 

More 2021 numbers:

We had National General for insurance on our truck and RV for 2021 and paid $1,790 for the year for both. Then I had an accident (first one ever) back in April. So our insurance premium was due again in January, and because of the incident, it increased from $1,790.00 to $3,449.00!!!

So it was time to shop around. We ended up with Progressive (we have had them before) and ended up paying $2,009.00 for 2022 (same coverage as before). 

OK, enough of the numbers. We moved from Yuma Lakes RV Resort Jan. 3rd, and am now at Foothill Village RV Resort in Yuma. This is a Thousand Trails Collection park and we will be here for 8 nights. 

My big flooring project is coming along pretty good. I got all the planks glued down.

We have some rugs that we put down and it is looking pretty nice now.

All I have left to do is some trim. I just got done with the staining 

and I will be done with this project pretty soon.

And also, we just completed our 48th year married together. We celebrated by going out to the Texas Roadhouse, our favorite. Happy anniversary Baby. It has been awesome!

The Fergs out .......

Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year! Yuma Lakes RV Resort, Yuma, AZ - December 31, 2021

 Well, Happy New Year's Eve anyhow. This is my last post of the year.

Lucy, our latest family member, is working out great. She has explored every nook & cranny (everywhere in the RV) and seems to approve of our lifestyle. She has now officially survived 3 'moving days'. She travels in the back seat of the truck in her very own pet carrier.

Donna and I had a good Christmas. 

We contacted our kids via phone/Facetime. Santa even found us down here in Yuma.

With our 2 weeks up in our Thousand Trails Collection membership, we  headed just out of Yuma to the Pilot Knob BLM area across the California border. 

The temps were dropping (into the mid 40s at night) and the wind pretty much blew steady. I goofed up and realized that this is actually a BLM LTVA area and really isn't 'free' camping. We were suppose to pay $40.00 for a permit good for 14 consecutive days. We were planning to be here for just 7 days, and all they had here for services, was dumpsters. Now I don't mind paying $40.00 for 2 weeks and access to water, dumpsters, and a dump station, like Quartzsite, but I am too cheap to pay for what they had to offer right now. So we moved after 2 nights, out to Yuma Lakes RV Resort. This is an RPI (Resort Parks International) park. We have this membership because we are Thousand Trails members. Works great when we are away from any Thousand Trails parks. We pay only $10.00 a night. So we got a good 30 Amp FHU site for $50.00 for the next 5 days. Then we will go back into a Yuma park till rally time in Quartzsite.

Some pictures of this park.

Lots of these Alien dudes around here!

I did pick up my table saw, jig saw, and chop saw from our mini-storage and have proceeded to re-do our floor. I completed all the epoxy injections into the soft spots of the floor and have started laying laminate planks. I am gluing each one down with Liquid Nail Adhesive to make it nice and solid. Three rows completed and so far, it is looking like it will work out good.

The Fergs out .......