Thursday, October 15, 2015

Yosemite to Morgan Hill Thousand Trails RV Park - October 15, 2015

After 5 days without cell service and limited WiFi, it was time to head back to civilization.
We were packed up and rolling by 10 AM, heading through the woods and towards the 'HILL'.

Down, down, down we went. The 5 miles down the curvy Highway 120 wasn't as bad as I expected. We really couldn't get going too fast because of all the tight curves.

We are going to end up way down there.

As we leveled out at the bottom, I could smell my brakes. Glad that was over. Onward we go.

We crossed some bridges.

And saw that the water was very low. Quite a drought California has been having.

It was a 183 mile driving day today, and as we passed through Morgan Hill, CA on our way to the park, we saw that we were right on the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail.

We passed several wineries and reached the Morgan Hill Thousand Trails RV Park.

After an easy check-in,

we went to find a site.

This TT park is just a bunch of RVs parked in rows. We prefer the parks that look like State Parks, wooded with lots of space and privacy. This wasn't it.

Typical rows.

There are quite a few 'homeless' folks here. Some poor families that just live in RVs just for the $$$s they save. We had to look pretty hard just to find a suitable site, that had good power and was big enough. This close to San Jose, probably is the reason for the many 'long term' residents.
We found a corner site that would do us good for the next 5 days.

This park does have the typical TT amenities, such as a family lodge, adult lodge, mini-golf, and pool (closed for the season).

For our trip south from Washington to Arizona this year, will have included 3 elks lodges and 5 Thousand Trials parks. We have intentionally slowed down our pace this year and increased the length of time at each stop. No one night 'bump & runs' so far in our 3rd year of full time travels. We are also doing some 'thrifty' camping. The Elks parking has been $12.00 to $25.00 a night, and TT parking is free. This will make up for the extra gas purchaces as we continue oue travels south.

We now have 5 days to explore this area.


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