Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ponderosa TT, Lotus, CA - October 10 - October 11, 2015

Our move to Yosemite Lakes TT was on Highway 49 and Highway 120. Both were mostly 2 lane, no shoulder, some 15 MPH curves, and hilly. The crazy part was on Highway 120 between Groveland and our park at Yosemite Lakes TT. We had a 5 mile stretch of super steep 2 lane up, up, up. I never got over 20 mph, not because of the steepness, but the twisty curvy crazy road.

Here is the 5 mile climb.

These are from Microsoft Streets and Trips, which I use quite a bit. I would have gotten the camera out and taken some scary pictures, but I was busy concentrating, and Donna was busy praying and holding on!

Glad that part was over. The climax of our 125 mile day.

Passed by the 'Rim of the World', just a few miles from our park.

It would have been a much better view, if it wasn't all burned up.

This Thousand Trails park is just 5 miles from the entrance to Yosemite National Park. Pretty wooded and surprisingly pretty empty.

Their own country store and gas station. Expensive gas!

Welcome center


Pretty empty place

I got my tailgator working ... with 200 feet of coax.

Our spot

A walking bridge to the tent area

No cell service here, but internet (barely) at the lodge.

This is the 29th Thousand Trails park out of the 60 we have in our membership, that we have stayed in. On this trip, we have done 'wine country', 'gold country', and now the 'high woods' country'. in a few days, we head back to the central California coast area and our 30th TT park.

Time for crocheting, reading, hiking, biking, and relaxing.

Here is Donna, a reclining cat perch.

High 80s during the day, cool 50s at night.

Perfect weather here in the woods.

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