Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review - Whalers Rest Resort - South Beach, OR - April 4 - 7, 2017

Just a few miles south of Newport is Whalers Rest Resort, along the east side of Highway 101.

There are2 sections of the park on each side of 123rd Street. The south side is the Ranger Station where you check in.

In the same area as the Ranger Station, is the South Club house, offices, Internet Room, and country store. Inside is the pool and hot tub.

On this side of 123rd Street, is one big camping loop containing RV and tenting areas. All the RV spots are full hookup sites. The park has 149 RV sites.

Many sites look like this, concrete pad, table & fire ring.

There are many trees in this area. Good separation. Not real good for satellite TV reception.

The loop winds back to 123rd Street, where you can cross over to the north section of the park.

In the north side, there is a camping loop just east and up the hill as you enter.

This is where we parked, space 113. We even had a view of the ocean here.

This loop also has a rental cabin on it.

Across from the upper loop, is the rental cabin area.

Then down the hill,

is the Adult Lodge and dining kitchen.

On this north side is the mini golf.

There are some Getaway Cabins, Frisbee golf, and tent areas.

And another RV camping loop. There are fewer trees on this side.

There are quite a few amenities and activities at this park. Lots to see in the area, lighthouses, Old Town Newport, and the beaches (just across Highway 101).

This is one of the good ones. We will be back to this one.

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