Monday, March 14, 2016

Lake Whitney RV Campground, Whitney, TX - March 14, 2016

It was a good start of the travel day. Just a little over 200 miles to go. Blue skies and no rain for a change. But about half way to our destination, the wind kicked up. I was a side wind of about 30 mph. Other than that, it was a good move.

We travelled through Huntsville. There was a great big statue of Sam Houston as we entered town.

We saw the big prison there, and close by was the Texas Prison Museum. That would be an interesting stop for another time.

As we were getting close to our park, we turned left at the big old courthouse. Yep, it was big, and old!

We arrived at our Thousand Trails park around 1 PM.

Lake Whitney RV Campground is our 36th TT campground, out of our 60 parks, that we have stayed in. We have stayed with them in 7 states so far. It is a bucket list item to stay in all of our TT membership parks.

They always seem to have good big signs to show you the way to their parks.

Down the little driveway,

to the check in shack.

We chose the 'B' section. Full hookups, lots of trees, but still Sat TV reception.

Our 'street'

And our spot for the next 2 days.

Checking out the park, we have the Family Lodge, Family Pool, Fillin' Station (Dining area), and mini golf.

We have already played golf once. A close game it was... I edged Donna by 2.

Here is the Adult Lodge & Pool area.

And this park is right on Lake Whitney.

No real beach access here though.

And the Texas Bluebonnets are springing up everywhere.

We are on our way north to Washington now. Most stops will be 2 nights. This makes it not so hard to make a long distance trip fairly quickly. That one day off, of just kickin back, is nice. There will be a couple of 'bump & runs' (one night stops) planned between here and WA. These will be at an Interstate rest area in Wyoming, and a casino in Oregon.

It's gonna be a good trip.

And ... today is our anniversary, of us buying our motorhome. One year ago today, at the Escapade in Tucson, AZ, we traded in our Bighorn fifth wheel and got our Fleetwood Southwind motorhome. It was a good move for us. We are very happy with our rig.

Later .....


  1. Looks like a nice place. Is it the Wild Horse Casino you're stopping at ? We are later this month. Safe travels!

    1. It looks like we will be there March 27th. It is a good stopping spot.

    2. Oh...looks like we'll just miss you. We should be there on the 28th