Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bay Landing RV Campground, Bridgeport, TX - March 16, 2016

It was a fairly short travel day Tuesday, only 106 miles. It wasn't one of the more enjoyable ones, that's for sure. It started as we were leaving Lake Whitney TT. As we were hooking up the Jeep, I noticed that the Check Engine light was on. The Jeep seemed to run ok and we got her hooked up. So off we went. Now, while I was thinking about the error light in the Jeep, the wind kicked up. Crap! Seems to be happening every travel day. It was a pretty good side wind and even a head wind for half the drive. And those gas prices.... yep...going up again. The last time I gassed up in Livingston, it was $1.35/gal. We left Conroe and saw $1.49, then $1.59, and just about to Bridgeport, TX, it was $1.99. Booo! Only 2400 miles to go till we reach Washington. Then as we almost took the wrong turn (Donna's IPhone vs my Rand McNally GPS), my Tire Pressure Monitor starts beeping. It seems that my right rear Jeep tire was a little low. It read 36 pounds. Just enough down to set it off. Donna watched it to see if it was moving downward. It wasn't, so we continued on the remaining 25 miles to our destination. I will top it off there. So..not the most 'care free' travel day.

But we made it to Bay Landing RV Campground, our last Thousand Trails park till we get into Washington.

Here we are.

There is a long (2 mile) road after you check in until you get into the camping areas.

We headed into Section 1,

by the fishing pond

This area is wide and open. Lots of space between sites with a few trees.

And we chose this spot.

After a quick walk-about, we found the Activity Center, mini golf, pool, and Adult Lodge.

The park is right on Lake Bridgeport.

The water is still pretty high from all the rains last week.

Just two nights here, and we are off again.

Jeep update ... After researching on the Internet, I discovered that when you turn the ignition key on 3 times in a row, it will display any error code. It that cool, or what? I had a P0138 code. Again via the 'net', I found out that I have a fault in the driver's side rear O2 sensor. No big deal at this time. It will not effect engine performance. It will just not report if the catlytic converter is not being efficient or not. I will crawl around and under the Jeep to see if a lead is off or broken. Yep...later.

Also, I thought I might post our travels map from RVilliage.

Yep .... I still use it.