Friday, August 29, 2014

Elkhart Fairgrounds Goshen, Indiana and on into Ohio - August 27-29, 2014

Moving East again. 258 miles along I-80 and into Indiana.

We pulled into the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen, IN.

We checked out the fairgrounds where the RV Dreams rally will be held next month. We parked in a 30 amp/water site just for the night.

This will be a good place for the rally, and to explore this area. We paid for 3 more nights before the rally and 1 after.

And Donna had the honors...

The next morning, off we go and into Ohio.

We didn't want to drive all the way to Kenisee Lake RV Resort, a Thousand Trails park, all in one shot. So we broke the trip up with a stop at the Vermillion Valley Service Plaza along the toll road I-80 East. It was a 202 mile drive and we parked out with the trucks.

It wasn't too bad. the trucks next to us had their engines shut off and no refrigeration units running, so we had a good sleep. There was a nice rest /info area there along with a food court. Diesel was $3.90 a gallon. Way too high. Must have to pay for the Service Plaza somehow.

We still had a half of a tank, so we decided to refuel at our next destination, just 93 miles further East.

We left the Service Plaza around 8:45 AM and had a good trip the rest of the way. Even through Cleveland, with the traffic and construction, wasn't bad at all. Cleveland has a pretty skyline view and we even saw Progressive Field, home of the Browns.

Kenisee Lake RV Resort

Has 4 lakes on the property.

There is a nice big activity center, pool, mini-golf, and lots to do.

They have parking in a wooded section, or the regular side by side open area. We opted for the more open area for good Sat TV reception while we are here.

My turn!

We are probably doing 6 nights here and from here, go visit Niagara Falls!

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