Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Carpets, Magnets, and Mini Golf, Lake Conroe RV Resort, Willis, TX - February 14-17, 2016

Here we are at our 3rd Thousand Trails park in Texas. I think we will do a week here. The drive here was only 122 mile, mostly on Interstate 10. That is a nice easy move, except there was a pretty strong crosswind. That makes for sore hands (white knuckles). We took Hwy 6, a bypass around Houston, and it seemed like we were driving through a busy town forever. Then we finally arrived at our destination.

Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, entryway and guard shack.

A little overcast today, but nice temperature wise, and dry. There is a vehicle washing station by the dump station. First time I have seen that.

They have a nice Activity Center, pool area, and mini golf course.

They have pretty much rewired the whole place for 50 amp. That means we had to pay a $3.00 a day surcharge for the 'upgraded power' site. That's not too bad, only $21.00 for our week here.
And we have a pretty good spot here too.

We are right on Lake Conroe. If it was just a tad warmer, I would be thinking about taking the Sea Eagle out.

And here are just a few shots of the parking areas through out the park.

And the sun comes out.

I have golfed here 3 times so far. A 50, 48, and a 44. The last one included 3 'holes in one'. Donna went once so far, and she even got one 'ace'. She ended up with a 53. We are going to be working on those scores while we are here.

We did a little 'home improvement' while we have been here. Donna picked out some carpet to lay over our old factory stuff. We want to remove the old carpet and lay down some fake tile looking stuff. But in the mean time, this is what we will have for a while.

Looks pretty good.

And I put up a couple of magnetic boards above the 2 chairs up front. We collect, as souviniers, little magnets from some of the cool places we have visited during our travels. Our old refrigerator was 'magnet friendly' and the one in our motorhome isn't, so these magnetic boards are working out prett well.

Ah... memories.

Smellin' the roses!


  1. You're becoming a regular Jordan Spieth! Cool idea with the magnet boards.

    1. And Donna beat me on a 18 round one day. What's up with that?

  2. I wondered what Lake conroe looked like. Were heading that way next year. great shots!

    1. I try to take lots of pictures of these parks. Hard to remember all of them after a while. :)