Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Medina Lake RV Resort - February 1-2, 2016

We gassed up as we left Fort Stockton. Regular gas was $1.69 (Shell station) and I ran the numbers from our last fill-up and I got 7.61 MPG. That's the best yet. I guess the tail wind helped.

We traveled Interstate 10 for 300 miles. First half, no problem. The last half, the wind kicked up. It gusted from the side of us. I white-knuckled it to our destination park.

We are now in the Medina Lake RV Resort, a Thousand Trails park just southwest of San Antonio.
We arrived around 2 PM.

And got parked and setup.

Here are some pics of this place. We are going to be here for a week.

The pool area .. and it's open too!

Nice big Activity Center.

Mini golf.

Medina Lake

And lots of these guys all over the place.

This is the 32nd Thousand Trails parks we have stayed at so far, out of 60 parks that belong to our membership. This is a good one. It ranks as one of the top 2 so far.

We will be exploring the area soon...

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