Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Colorado River RV Campground, Columbus, TX - February 9-10, 2016

Tuesday, Feb 9th, was our daughter Candy's birthday. Fourty two years ago, Donna delivered her in Wenatchee, Washington while I was going to college. I was getting my AAA in Forestry Technology, living on my GI Bill as our only income.

Tough times ... but good times. So many years ago.

Fast forward to today.

 Living the good life traveling where ever the winds blows. Good times indeed!

We are at Colorado River RV Campground, a Thousand Trails park along the Colorado River just west of Houston. This is another really nice TT park. Some are really run down, or set up like parking lots. Not this one. We plan on doing 6 days here. This is the second one we have visited in Texas and we have another good one.

Here are my pictures of this place.

The entrance and guard shack.

A nice big activity center.

Pool and enclosed hot tub ... yes!

Wide open spaces. Lots of pecan trees here.

A nice mini golf. No rotten wood here. Outdoor carpet on concrete. Last place I shot a 48. So far I have a 49. I need more practice..LOL.

Hey! There is our 'street'.

There we are.

Buzzards, looking for something dear I guess.

The Colorado River.

So far, we have seen deer, squirrels, & buzzards. There is supposed to be armadillos here also. Maybe we will catch one of those later.

Stay tuned....


  1. The White's, , are also there right now. Maybe you will run into them.

  2. Thanks Bill. I met them and they are a couple of real nice folks. He sure reminds me of Nick Russell.