Saturday, April 11, 2015

Northward - Lake Walker, Donner Pass, Snowflower - April 9 - April 11, 2015

Lifted jacks and pulled out of the Las Vegas Thousand Trails at 9:20 AM. Just before we left LV, we stopped at Walmart and stocked up on food and stuff. We are Toad-less so we have to take advantage of stops like this. Then next door to Walmart, was Sam's Club. We topped off the gas tank there.

Off we went. Not a lot to see on this drive. We took Highway 95 north. The cacti slowly changed into sage-brush as we moved northward.

Topped the gas tank in Hawthorne. 303 miles so far. We planned to stop 15 miles up the road at Sportsman Beach in the Lake Walker Rec Area.

There was no one there. Cool! We chose a nice site overlooking the lake. Never saw a Host, or camping instructions, or an Iron Ranger.

Must be free.

What a nice relaxing end of a driving day. Too bad we planned on just one night here. I did take lots of pictures.

Great shot of our rig.

Yep, snow on them thar hills.

And it only got down to 34 degrees during the night.

Bright and early in the morning, we hit the road at 8:00 AM. As we passed through Fernley, I took a few shots of the Amazon fulfillment center that so many RVer's work for during the busy season. A big place.

It was at Fernley, we jumped on Interstate 80 West. 

Through Sparks.

And Reno.

Into California, and up, up, up. Donner Pass! Beautiful (and the RV ran great).

Mountains, trees, snow. Haven't seen this kinda terrain in a while.

Crested the top at 7,329 feet and continued a ways down to Snowflower Thousand Trails park by Emigrant Gap, CA.

Most of the park is closed (due to snow) and found out there was just 2 of us in the whole place. A little snow along the roads, but not bad. Very pretty though. The only parking area available was the 'Cliffs' area. Just asphalt, but right by the cool looking cliffs. We just have 30 amp here. We will take on water and dump on the way out. It will be two nights here for us.

Snow, snow, snow.

Fergizmo, the gnome, had to get outside.

Yep, just two of us in the whole place.

Donna did a lot of sewing here, and I measured, plotted, and planned my up and coming solar panel install.

Then tomorrow, on to Yuba City for an Escapees Rally.

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  1. Lots of miles and a couple really nice places to day. I always enjoy traveling in areas like that during the "off season" when no one else is around. It is always a bonus when you have a place like that to yourself.

    Enjoy the rally!