Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pacific City RV Resort, Cloverdale, OR - March 25, 2014

Wednesday, Mar 26th, we got packed up for our 58 mile trip northward on Hwy 101. It really rained last night, but the rain stopped while we worked on the move, and all during our trip and set up at Pacific Trails.

Pacific City RV Resort is a Thousand Trails Preserve.

We are right along the ocean pretty close to Pacific City, a neat little tourist town.

After checking in, we found out that it is pretty wooded and there are lots of hills. Good thing we didn't meet another RV heading out.

We found a good spot just before the hills got too crazy. Some of these hills, I wouldn't want to be pulling the rig.

Our spot

Looking out our back window, is the 'jungle', and you can just make out the ocean.

There is a little trail to the beach. It is about an 1/8 mile and opens out to a rugged coastline.

You can see sand dunes in the distance, and Haystack Rock (not the one by Cannon Beach).

While hiking back up. I saw where a person could drive their vehicle down onto the beach.

So I did.

Here are some more shots of Pacific City RV Resort
Mini Golf and playground.

Donna at her computer. Internet is only at the clubhouse.

An observation deck at one end of the clubhouse. It is whale watching time...haven't seen any yet though.

The clubhouse is really nice even through it is way up on top of a hill... steep, narrow hill.

And a little store with all sorts of goodies.

Indoor swimming pool and hot tub.

Donna at work.

Me at work.

Down the road at Pacific City, cool beaches, sand dunes, Haystack Rock.

And the Pelican Brewery.

Looks like a nice place to  We will see...